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Are the professionals up to it? 01/08/2004 NST

Penduduk tunggu 34 tahun belum dapat CF 02/08/2004 HM

City Hall to repair, upgrade fire fighting equipment 02/08/2004 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. - City Hall will be spending RM8 million to repair and upgrade reel hoses and other fire fighting equipment in all of the 105 Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) flats here. Federal Territories Minister Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad said the repair works would be carried out in stages from next year.

Cave-in gives residents sleepless nights 02/08/2004 NST

RM8m for additional fire-fighting equipment for flats 02/08/2004 MM
KUALA LUMPUR: The Government has allocated RM8 million to install new hose reels and protection grilles in flats in the Federal Territory to upgrade the existing equipment in those premises. Federal Territory Minister Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad said the new equipment will help flat dwellers fight fires efficiently.

Serviced apartment boom in Klang Valley 02/08/2004 The Star

Condo residents in the dark over unsettled electricity bill 03/08/2004 NST

Squatters to buy units at reduced price 03/08/2004 NST-CITY
THREE-hundred-odd squatter residents at Danau Kota, Setapak have finally been assured of a low price for the low-cost units which are expected to be ready by middle of next year by the new developer, Furqan Business Organisation Bhd. Instead of the normal price of RM42,000, the purchasers will be able to buy the units at RM33,000.

Residents protest over authorities' refusal to issue land titles 04/08/2004 NST

Belum terima geran selepas 16 tahun 05/08/2004 BH
BAPA angkat saya menandatangani perjanjian jual-beli flet PKNS di Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur pada 12 Ogos 1988. Kini selepas 16 tahun beliau belum lagi menerima geran. Saya sudah berhubung dengan pejabat tanah wilayah. Mereka memberitahu nombor lot dan pelbagai urusan mengenainya sudah dibuat tetapi pejabat tanah masih belum menerima permohonan mengeluarkan geran daripada pemaju iaitu PKNS sendiri.

Tak ikut pelan 05/08/2004 HM
BALAKONG: Pemilik sebuah rumah teres dua tingkat di Jalan Daisy, Taman Bukit Belimbing, di sini, didapati mengubah suai rumahnya tanpa mengikut pelan yang diluluskan Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKj). Rumah terbabit di lot tepi didapati menganjak longkang asal dan memindahkan saliran itu di jalan awam.

Pay up or no sale of house, owners warned 06/08/2004 The Star

Buyers want action from authorities 09/08/2004 MM
JOHOR BARU: The Indra Wangsa flats in Larkin were to be the perfect home for more than 600 families. Instead, they have been turned into the perfect `home' for dadah addicts after the developer, Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor, stopped the project in October last year.

Carry out repair work at Batu Caves flats, developer told 10/8/2004 The Star

Flet retak ancam 200 pemilik 10/08/2004 BH-TGH
GOMBAK: Kira-kira 200 pemilik unit rumah pangsa di Blok D, E dan F di Taman Pinggiran Batu Caves dekat sini, menyuarakan rasa bimbang dengan keretakan di kediaman mereka dan meminta pihak pemaju bertindak segera membaiki kerosakan itu. Berikutan itu, mereka meminta pemaju yang menguruskan penyeliaan lapan blok pangsa perumahan itu membaiki keretakan itu sebelum kejadian tidak diingini berlaku.

Residents worry about cracks 11/08/2004 The Sun

All it takes is RM1 to own a low cost house in Melaka 12/08/2004 Utusan

K'jaan Perkenalkan Sistem Pastikan Kepentingan Pembeli Rumah Terjaga 12/8/2004 Bernama

Work starts on Johor's biggest low-cost housing project 12/08/2004 BT
WORK has begun on Johor's single-biggest low-cost housing project, where 8,000 units will be built over the next five years on a 255ha site in Gelang Patah, about 25km from Johor Baru. Called Taman Nusantara, the housing project will eventually become a self-contained township with a full range of public amenities and services.

Yong: Two policies to protect condo owners 12/08/2004  Daily Express News

The lowdown on assessment rates 12/08/2004 The Star

Similar grouses at Taman Desaria 12/08/2004 MM
SHAH ALAM: The Taman Cempaka residents' grouses are similar to the issue raised by residents in Taman Desaria, Jalan Klang Lama. Last August, The Malay Mail reported on Taman Desaria residents' objection to the low-cost flats project on a former Tenaga Nasional reserved land in Jalan PJS 5/12A. They had claimed that it was too narrow for a high-density housing project.

Buyers of Rawang factory lots in a quandary over abandoned project 12/08/2004 NST-CITY
THE Consumer Association of Subang and Shah Alam, Selangor (Cassa) is calling on the Selangor Goverment, Housing and Local Government Ministry and Bank Negara to form a task force to look into the plight of more than 40 buyers of abandoned factory lots at the Rawang Industrial Park. The buyers had bought the one-and-a-half-storey terrace factory lots at RM298,000 and RM388,000 in 1997 and 1998.

New system being devised to replace CF 13/08/2004 NST

Pemaju mesti laksana perjanjian jual beli: Ong 13/08/2004 BH

Rehda: 'Build and sell' needs closer look13/08/2004 

Move to better protect buyers 13/08/2004 The Star

Interim injunction dismissed 13/08/2004 The Star

Ka Ting: Ministry will not compromise 13/08/2004 The Sun

Condo owners worried over cracks on walls The Star 13/8/2004

Build & sell concept the only solution? 14/08/2004 The Star

SPNB diberi 2 tahun pertingkat prestasi 15/08/2004 Berita Harian

Housing agency and ministry come under fire 15/08/2004 NSUNT
KUALA LUMPUR, Sat. - The National Housing Corporation (NHC) has been taken to task by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) for failing to meet the low-cost housing target. It also reprimanded the Housing and Local Government Ministry for poor maintenance of low-cost flats in the country.

Parliament panel gives SPNB two years to meet target 15/08/2004 Sunday Star

Taman terbengkalai 14 tahun dibaik pulih 17/08/2004  Berita Harian
SEREMBAN: Taman Pelangi Fasa 1 dan 2 di Sikamat, dekat sini yang terbengkalai sejak 14 tahun lalu dibaik pulih semula berikutan terdapat kontraktor yang berminat memulihkan projek berkenaan.

Below target 17/08/2004 NST
IT is always a shame when targets are not met and responsibilities not kept. When it concerns the poor, the shame is doubled. Rightly so, the National Housing Corporation (NHC) and the Housing and Local Government Ministry have been asked by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to explain their shortcomings - the NHC for failing to meet its target of building 36,000 low-cost houses under the Eighth Malaysia Plan, and the ministry for the abysmal maintenance of low-cost flats nationwide. Already the PAC has conceded that the acquisition of land for building low-cost houses and the shortage of funds would be setbacks for the NHC. However, setbacks should not be convenient excuses, and the NHC has been given two years to get back on track before another review of its performance is undertaken.

19 cases at first tribunal hearing in Penang 18/8/2004 The Star

KWSP tolak surat pengesahan 18/08/2004 Harian Metro

Ministry Tightens Rules On Permits For Housing Developers 19/8/2004 Bernama

Kilang terbengkalai, bank kejar pembeli 19/08/2004 HM
RAWANG: Tiga pasangan pembeli Taman Perindustrian Rawang, di sini, mengambil keputusan bercerai kerana mengalami masalah kewangan berikutan kilang yang dibeli di kawasan itu terbengkalai sejak enam tahun lalu walaupun bayaran pembelian sudah dibuat sepenuhnya. Mereka dikatakan bertindak demikian kerana sering berselisih faham mengenai kilang yang dibeli pada harga RM298,000 hingga RM388,000 masih belum siap sedangkan pembiayaan yang dibuat melalui pinjaman bank sudah dibayar kepada pemaju.

Buyers seek compensation for delay  19/08/2004 NST-LTIMES
IT seems that the problems faced by more than 100 buyers of low-cost apartments in Taman Saujana Puchong, Selangor are never-ending. The residents' plight was highlighted in several local dailies not too long ago when they were forced to move to their new premises without being supplied with water and electricity. The matter was resolved soon after. However, the buyers who are formerly from Kampung Michael Chen in Puchong, are in a quandary yet again.

Ministry tightening Housing Act 20/08/2004 The Sun

Erosion control plan for developers 20/08/2004 NST

Concern over gated housing projects 20/8/2004 The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: The Government will look into the social impact of gated housing projects, said Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

Neighbours on guard 20/8/2004 The Sun
BACK IN 1996, the residents of SD9 in Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, were shocked by the brutal gang-rape of a woman in her own home while on maternity leave.

Kuarters 20,000 anggota polis terbengkalai 20/08/2004 BH
KUALA LUMPUR: Lebih 20,000 pegawai dan anggota polis gagal ditempatkan di kuarters berikutan kegagalan pemaju menyiapkan projek berkenaan, yang mengakibatkan kerajaan terpaksa menanggung kerugian berjuta-juta ringgit membayar sewa rumah. Timbalan Menteri Keselamatan Dalam Negeri, Datuk Noh Omar, berkata setakat ini, empat projek perumahan Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) yang dibina mengikut konsep penswastaan gagal disiapkan dan terbengkalai sejak tiga atau empat tahun lalu.

Pengeluaran permit pemaju diperketat 20/08/2004 BH
KUALA LUMPUR: Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan akan memperketatkan proses pengeluaran permit kepada pemaju bagi memastikan setiap rumah disiap dan diserahkan kepada pembeli mengikut tempoh yang ditetapkan dalam perjanjian jual dan beli. Menterinya, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, berkata antara aduan sering diterima oleh kementerian daripada pengguna adalah kelewatan penghantaran rumah.

Blacklisted developers must prove financial strength 20/08/2004  BT
PROPERTY developers that have been associated with abandoned projects will be required to place deposit and prove their capital strength before they be allowed to undertake new projects. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said firms that have been blacklisted will be required to have sufficient capital before the licence to carry out new development be given.

Submit complaints on cracks, folks told 20/8/2004 The Star

Errant developers costing taxpayers RM50,000 a month 20/08/2004 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Thurs. - About RM50,000 a month - that is how much the Government is losing on just one abandoned housing project for police personnel in Teluk Intan. Multiply that by three (other abandoned projects in Kuantan, Kuala Kangsar and Setiu) and the losses amount to millions of ringgit each year. That amount comes from rent allowances of RM450 per month for each policeman to make up for the failure to provide them living quarters. Each abandoned housing project is for about 100 personnel.

Oct 1 hearing for proposal on `rescue' scheme for Bayan Bay project 20/08/2004 NST

PENANG, Thurs. - The High Court today fixed Oct 1 to hear an alternative proposal on a "rescue" scheme for the stalled Bayan Bay development project for the court's consideration. Judge Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah also granted a 42-day period to enable the petitioners, Bayan Bay Development Sdn Bhd and Bayan Bay Marina Yacht Club, to increase compensation offers.

Finance firm sued over loans 21/8/2004 NST
KUCHING, Fri. - Twelve house buyers of Taman Jihar, a stalled housing project in Semariang, Petra Jaya, are suing their financier Mayban Finance Berhad for negligently disbursing their housing loans to the developer.

Pemaju wajib guna pelan kawal hakisan 21/08/2004 BH-TGH
PUTRAJAYA: Mulai sekarang pemaju projek pembangunan di Kuala Lumpur dan tiga daerah sempadan dalam negeri Selangor wajib menggunakan Pelan Pengawalan Hakisan Tanah (PPHT) secara keseluruhan bagi mengelak kemungkinan hakisan teruk akibat kerja pembangunan. Syarat baru bagi kawasan Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL), Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS), Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya (MPAJ) dan Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MPPJ) itu diputuskan mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Bersama Penyelarasan Pembangunan Lembah Klang kelmarin.

Only as far as the contract goes ... 21/08/2004 NST-PROP
IT all depends on the terms of the contract. This is what the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) said when asked whether a contractor can be held liable for the safety and quality of a building, as are engineers and architects. The level of involvement of the contractor, said CIDB general manager for corporate affairs Abdul Latif Hitam, depends on the type of contract and the quality that is expected, as specified in a contract document.

An exclusive lifestyle is not without several costs 22/08/2004 Sunday Star
FOR some, the “gated community” is a symbol of pride and prestige, unless it refers to a prison compound. But market trends seem to see more demand for this segment aspiring uncritically to what is considered a posh lifestyle.

150 folks to drag builder to court 23/08/2004 The Star

Pemaju bertukar lagi 23/08/2004 BH-SENTRAL
SERI KEMBANGAN: Projek perumahan Serdang Perdana Seksyen Lima di Seri Kembangan, di sini, akan diambil alih pemaju baru bagi meneruskan pembinaannya yang terbengkalai sejak empat tahun lalu. Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Seri Kembangan, Datuk Liew Yuen Keong, berkata kawasan itu yang dibangunkan dengan pembangunan bercampur membabitkan 1,769 unit termasuk rumah kedai, kondominium, rumah pangsa dan rumah kos rendah.

Pemaju, pembeli, PBT perlu serasi 23/08/2004 HM
ORANG ramai berpendapat rundingan serta persefahaman antara pemaju, pembeli dan pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT) langkah penting untuk mencari jalan penyelesaian berhubung isu projek perumahan terbengkalai. Kakitangan awam, Mohd Anuar Idris, 45, berkata isu berkaitan perumahan paling kerap timbul berikutan permintaan orang ramai yang semakin meningkat.

172 projek nazak 23/08/2004 HM
SYARIKAT Perumahan Negara Bhd (SPNB) yang diberi tanggungjawab oleh kerajaan membina rumah kos rendah, kos sederhana rendah dan mengambil alih projek perumahan terbengkalai, berjaya memulih dan menyiapkan 23 projek perumahan terbengkalai yang lengkap dengan Sijil Layak Menduduki (CF) di seluruh negara sehingga 31 Mac lalu.

Silap pilih kontraktor, sistem pengurusan lemah punca utama 23/08/2004 HM
KESILAPAN pemaju memilih kontraktor dan kelemahan sistem pengurusan adalah antara faktor utama yang menyumbang kepada peningkatan projek perumahan terbengkalai. Sebagai langkah memastikan setiap projek itu dilaksanakan mengikut jadual, syarikat pemaju perlu menyelidik latar belakang kontraktor yang dipilih serta penyediaan Prosedur Operasi Seragam (SOP) yang baik.

Study needed to understand gated trend 23/08/2004 The Star
LET me comment on Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting's statement on gated communities, Concern over gated housing projects "The Star, Aug 20).

Kementerian pantau pemaju 23/08/2004 HM
KEMENTERIAN Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan menjalankan pemantauan lebih teliti bagi memastikan tiada lagi projek perumahan baru terbengkalai.

TTPR bantu pembeli teraniaya 23/08/2004 HM
PEMBELI rumah yang menjadi mangsa kepada kegagalan pemaju perumahan menyiapkan projek mereka hingga menyebabkan terbengkalai mempunyai beberapa saluran yang boleh digunakan untuk membantu menyelesaikan masalah yang dihadapi. Antara saluran itu ialah dengan membuat aduan kepada Tribunal Tuntutan Pembeli Rumah (TTPR), sebuah badan bebas yang ditubuhkan selepas Akta Pemaju Perumahan (Kawalan dan Pelesenan) 1966 dipinda mengikut Seksyen 16B, Bahagian VI Akta Pemaju Perumahan (Kawalan dan Pelesenan) (Pindaan) 2002 (Akta A1142), berkuatkuasa mulai 1 Disember 2002.

3 tahun hidu debu simen 23/08/2004 HM
SAYA mewakili penduduk Taman Datuk Harun, Petaling Jaya, Selangor tidak puas hati dengan sebuah projek perumahan yang dibangunkan berhampiran Jalan 15. Sudah hampir tiga tahun, kami terpaksa berdepan dengan debu simen, kereta terkena simen serta plastik dan pembungkus simen jatuh di bumbung kediaman.

Dilema rumah terbengkalai 23/08/2004 HM
PEMBELI rumah yang menjadi mangsa kepada kegagalan pemaju perumahan menyiapkan projek mereka hingga menyebabkan terbengkalai mempunyai beberapa saluran yang boleh digunakan untuk membantu menyelesaikan masalah yang dihadapi.

Condo prices still inexpensive despite many launches 23/08/2004 The Star

Pembeli putus harapan, mahu kembali wang pendahuluan 24/08/2004 Utusan
HULU SELANGOR 23 Ogos - `Kembalikan wang kami,'' itulah yang diharapkan oleh Norhiza Jaffar, 38, pemilik rumah terbengkalai di Lembah Beringin di sini.

Pembeli tidak boleh fail tuntutan kepada tribunal 24/08/2004 Utusan Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR 23 Ogos - Pembeli-pembeli rumah yang mengalami masalah rumah terbengkalai tidak boleh memfailkan tuntutan mereka kepada Tribunal Tuntutan Pembeli Rumah (TTPR). Jurucakap TTPR memberitahu, kes rumah terbengkalai bukan bidang kuasa tribunal tersebut, sebaliknya dirujuk kepada Bahagian Pengawasan dan Penguatkuasa, Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan.

Tribunal has no say over stalled housing projects 24/08/2004 MM
KUALA LUMPUR: The Housebuyers' Claims Tribunal has no jurisdiction over stalled housing projects, its spokesman said.

SPNB ambil alih empat fasa rumah terbengkalai di Lembah Beringin 24/08/2004 Utusan
KUALA LUMPUR 23 Ogos - Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB) akan mengambil alih empat fasa projek perumahan terbengkalai di Lembah Beringin, kira-kira 70 kilometer dari sini yang gagal disiapkan oleh pemaju, Lembah Beringin Sdn. Bhd. (LBSB).

How to protect the house buyer 24/08/2004
With all the talk about the build-and-sell concept as a means of protecting house buyers, over 50,000 of whom have bought units in abandoned projects since 1997, it's time to revive a proposal we made in these columns some one and a half years ago.

`Bank has no authority to meet housebuyers' 24/08/2004 MM
KUALA LUMPUR : As a financier, Affin Bank Berhad has no authority to meet property purchasers on the fate of Villaria Apartment in Taman Desaria, Jalan Klang Lama. Its recovery department manager, Tan Keng Tiong, said since the project is under receivership and manager (R&M), the bank cannot meet buyers of the apartment units because it is not the developer. 

FOMCA terima 31,700 aduan 24/08/2004 Utusan 
KUALA LUMPUR 23 Ogos - Gabungan Persatuan Pengguna Malaysia (FOMCA) menerima 31,700 aduan sepanjang tahun lalu melibatkan masalah perumahan terutama rumah terbengkalai, pemaju lewat menyerahkan rumah dan kualiti rumah yang rendah.

Vibrant and safe gated community 24/08/2004 The Star
I REFER to the various opinions raised in the discussion relating to the development of gated communities. I

Residents form action group 24/08/2004 The Star

Allegation by MP puzzles buyers 24/08/2004 MM
PETALING JAYA: What political motive? - Buyers of the abandoned Villaria Apartments in Jalan Klang Lama are puzzled over Taman Medan State Assemblywoman Datin Paduka Seripah Noli's allegation that they were politically motivated in seeking her help. "We just want our apartments to be completed. It has been abandoned for more than three years and we don't see any effort being taken by the authority to revive the project. What's so political about that?" asked Amir Harjit Abdullah, the chairman of Villaria Housebuyers Committee.

Developers want more incentives 24/08/2004 BT
PROPERTY developers want the Government to give more priority to the sector by providing greater incentives under the coming Budget 2005. MK Land Holdings Bhd executive chairman Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal Abu Bakar said the Government must take good care of the sector because its health has a direct impact on the country's overall economic performance.

Pemaju tidak 'gentar' kewujudan tribunal punca pembeli teraniaya 25/08/2004 Utusan

DBKL tak untung pindahkan setinggan Kampung Delima 25/08/2004 BH
KAMI merujuk kepada surat bertajuk `Penduduk Kampung Delima hadapi dilema berpindah' pada 17 Ogos 2004. Kampung Delima adalah perkampungan setinggan di atas tanah kerajaan yang diduduki 322 keluarga mengikut bancian Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) pada Mei 2004 yang lalu. Sesi dialog di antara penduduk dengan DBKL berhubung soal pemindahan diadakan pada 11 Ogos 2004 pada jam 4.30 petang yang turut dihadiri Ketua Cawangan Umno kampung berkenaan.

Kembalikan wang atau hadapi tindakan undang-undang 25/08/2004 Utusan
KUALA LUMPUR 24 Ogos - Pembeli rumah terbengkalai di Lembah Beringin, Norhiza Jaffar, 38, memberi kata dua kepada Lembah Beringin Sdn. Bhd., (LBSB) iaitu mengembalikan wangnya atau beliau akan mengembalikan wangnya atau beliau akan mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap anak syarikat Land & General itu.

Minta FOMCA, Suhakam bela rumah 14 tahun terbengkalai 25/08/2004 Utusan
Saudara Pengarang, Apabila terbaca kes Norhiza Jaafar yang menyaksikan rumah impiannya di Lembah Beringin terbengkalai lebih tujuh tahun ,ia lantas mengingatkan saya kepada projek perumahan saya.

Housebuyers seek solution to abandoned project 25/08/2004 NST
UTUSAN Malaysia yesterday front-paged the plight of those who bought houses in Lembah Beringin, Hulu Selangor.The housing project, involving the building of houses called "Jasmine", valued at RM111,888, was supposed to have been completed in 1999. The project, however, has been abandoned.

Noh: Probe abandoned police housing projects 25/08/2004  NST
SETIU, Tues. - The Anti-Corruption Agency has been urged to investigate all cases of abandoned police housing projects nationwide which has caused the Government to suffer major losses, said Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Noh Omar. He cited as an example the abandoned RM12.6 million Setiu Police District Headquarters project which was supposed to have been completed in December 2000.

Penduduk bimbang rumah dilelong 26/08/2004 BH-SENTRAL

52 projek rumah terbengkalai di NS 26/8/2004 Utusan
SEREMBAN 25 Ogos – Sebanyak 52 projek perumahan membabitkan lebih 3,000 unit rumah terbengkalai di seluruh negeri ini dan ada yang lebih 20 tahun.

Rumah terbengkalai tidak boleh diatasi segera 26/8/2004 Utusan
KUALA LUMPUR 26 Ogos-Kementerian Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan hari ini menjejaskan bahawa penyelesaian kepada masalah projek rumah terbengkalai bukan sesuatu yang boleh dilakukan dalam jangka masa pendek.

Rumah terbengkalai jejas imej negara 26/8/2004 Utusan
KUALA LUMPUR 26 Ogos -Projek perumahan terbengkalai yang banyak berlaku di ibu negara boleh memberikan kesan negatif kepada sektor perumahan dan hartanah tempatan.

MCSB sedia siapkan projek tertangguh 26/8/2004 Utusan
KUALA LUMPUR 26 Ogos - Sebuah syarikat pemaju perumahan bumiputera, Matrix CIV Sdn. Bhd. (MCSB) hari ini menyatakan kesediaan untuk mengambilalih sebarang projek perumahan terbengkalai dan menyiapkan kerja-kerja yang ter-tangguh sehingga selesai sepenuhnya.

Penguatkuasaan lemah punca banyak aduan rumah gagal diselesaikan 26/8/2004 Utusan
KUALA LUMPUR 25 Ogos - Kelemahan Bahagian Penguatkuasaan Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan dalam menangani masalah perumahan menjadi punca banyak aduan tidak dapat diselesaikan dengan segera. Setiausaha Agung Persatuan Kebangsaan Pembeli Rumah, Chang Kim Loong berkata, bahagian itu tidak berkemampuan dan lambat bertindak untuk menyelesaikan masalah yang berbangkit.

Kerajaan digesa amal konsep bina dan jual rumah 26/8/2004 Utusan

Buying a house? 27/8/2005 The Star

Yap: Review revised tariffs for apartments and condos 27/08/2004 MM
KUALA LUMPUR: RM1 is all right, but not RM1.20. Serdang MP Datuk Yap Pian Hon yesterday urged that the recently revised water tariffs for apartments and condominiums in Selangor be reviewed by the State Government.

Pengalaman pahit PM, MB -- Masalah projek rumah terbengkalai bukan sekadar menghantui rakyat biasa
27/08/2004 Utusan

Khir waiting 10 years for construction of apartment 27/08/2004 The Star

Khir: I was angry and disappointed 27/08/2004 MM

Kisah mangsa beli rumah secara tunai 27/08/2004 Utusan

Rumah terbengkalai jejas imej negara 27/08/2004 UTUSAN
KUALA LUMPUR 26 Ogos -Projek perumahan terbengkalai yang banyak berlaku di ibu negara boleh memberikan kesan negatif kepada sektor perumahan dan hartanah tempatan.

Beri peluang laksana konsep baru perumahan 28/08/2004 Utusan

Kerajaan digesa pinda Akta Pemaju Perumahan 2002 28/8/2004 Utusan

Errant developers to be blacklisted 28/08/2004 The Star

Debate continues on gated community 28/08/2004 The Star
MUCH has been said about the pros and cons of gated communities recently. Although some people view such neighbourhoods as “elitist” or a form of social apartheid, to some others, particularly those who can afford it, the rising crime rate has made it a necessity of sorts.

Buyers can now sue developers: Yong 28/08/2004 Daily Express
Kota Kinabalu: Measures have been taken by the State Government to protect the interest of housebuyers, Assistant Minister of Local Government and Housing Edward Yong assured Friday.

Lembah Beringin :SPNB tunggu 174 pembeli 29/08/2004 Mingguan Malaysia

Lim: Water depts must not cut supply 29/8/2004 Sunday Star

PM Mahu Pemaju Bina Rumah Untuk Semua Golongan Rakyat 29/08/2004 Bernama

Rumah terbengkalai satu masalah 29/08/2004 Mingguan Malaysia

Cracks in beams giving residents the jitters 30/08/2004 MM
SUBANG JAYA: Fear is the word as residents of Lagoon Perdana Apartments claim unsafe conditions at their apartment blocks. They said that most of the main beams at the lower ground level which supported the apartment blocks had big cracks in them.

Builder to hire independent engineers to study complaints 30/08/2004 MM
KUALA LUMPUR: The developer of Lagoon Perdana apartments in Bandar Sunway is engaging independent engineers to check out the complaints by residents on cracks which have appeared in some of its blocks. Once the report by the engineers is completed, the developer's architects will be notified, and the contractor would be instructed to carry out the remedial works, said Talam Corporation Bhd vice-president (customer service centre) Michael Khor

Housing Developer Supports Abdullah's Build-And-Sell Call 30/08/2004 Bernama

600 penduduk tanggung beban lapan tahun 30/08/2004 Utusan

Penduduk bantah taman tema 30/08/2004 BH-SENTRAL
KLANG: Penduduk di sekitar bandar ini akan kehilangan tempat beriadah dan berjoging jika Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) meneruskan cadangannya membina taman tema air di kawasan berkenaan. Projek yang dipertanggungjawab MPK kepada Syarikat Intact Express Sdn Bhd itu bercadang membina taman tema air seluas 3.2 hektar (8 ekar), meliputi sebahagian kompleks renang awam sedia ada dan kawasan tempat letak kereta yang berdekatan padang permainan.

Bantah bina bangunan 30/08/2004 HM
DAMANSARA: Penduduk kawasan Bukit Damansara membantah cadangan pemaju membina bangunan di kawasan itu apabila ia melanggar perjanjian sebelum ini kerana kawasan berkenaan hanya dikhaskan untuk lot banglo. Malah, mereka khuatir pembinaan itu akan mencemarkan alam sekitar yang sudah sekian lama dikekalkan di kawasan berkenaan.

286 pembeli setuju SPNB pulihkan projek rumah terbengkalai 30/08/2004 Utusan 

Jangan tangguh laksana konsep bina dan jual 30/08/2004 Utusan

Illegal to install filter near meter 30/8/2004 The Star

Formula Baru Beli Rumah Boleh Ditimbangkan, Kata Abdullah 30/8/2004 Bernama

Half of Selangor's squatters relocated 30/08/2004 NST
KAJANG, Sun. - The Selangor Government has relocated almost half of the State's squatter families to low-cost housing. Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Khir Toyo said as of July this year, of the 46,994 squatter families identified, 22,972 or 49 per cent had moved to housing projects developed by the State Government.

Rumah terbengkalai: Selangor minta kementerian bertindak 30/08/2004 Utusan Malaysia
SHAH ALAM 29 Ogos - Kerajaan Selangor tidak mahu menyalahkan mana-mana pihak tetapi meminta Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan 'tepuk dada, tanyalah selera' berhubung isu projek perumahan terbengkalai yang hangat diperkatakan kini.

SPNB Rehabilitates RM4 Billion Worth Of Houses Since 1990 31/08/2004 Bernama

49 peratus setinggan pindah rumah baru 31/08/2004 BH-SENTRAL
SERI KEMBANGAN: Kerajaan Selangor memindahkan 22,972 keluarga setinggan atau 49 peratus daripada jumlah keseluruhan 46,994 keluarga setinggan ke projek perumahan baru yang disediakan sehingga Julai lalu. Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo (gambar), berkata selebihnya 51 peratus keluarga setinggan itu dipindahkan selepas projek perumahan bagi penempatan semula dijangka siap sepenuhnya sebelum 2005.

Akaun syarikat perumahan dipantau 31/08/2004 BH-SENTRAL
SHAH ALAM: Kerajaan Selangor mula memantau akaun syarikat perumahan yang memohon untuk memajukan sesebuah kawasan di negeri itu sejak setahun lalu bagi mengelakkan projek terbengkalai akibat masalah kewangan pemaju. Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo, berkata sehingga kini kerajaan negeri berjaya menyelesaikan masalah projek perumahan terbengkalai yang dihadapi 20 daripada 56 syarikat pemaju perumahan bermasalah di negeri itu.

Pemaju lepas tangan (Tindakan tegas perlu diambil) 31/08/2004 Harian Metro PEMBELI KECEWA, Rawang
SEJAK kebelakangan ini, kita sering dipaparkan pelbagai isu berkaitan masalah rumah terbengkalai sehingga mendapat perhatian Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.


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