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June 2008

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Flat buyers spurn RM900 offer for late delivery
02/06/2008 New Straits Times By Melissa Darlyne Chow
GEORGE TOWN: More than 150 buyers of the 487-unit Taman Sri Idaman apartments here are considering legal action against the developer due to the low late-delivery compensation offered.
Buyers to act against developer
02/06/2008 The Star
HOUSEBUYERS of the low medium-cost Taman Sri Idaman apartments in Air Itam, Penang are planning to complain to the Housing Tribunal against their developer for late delivery. The disgruntled buyers only received the keys to their respective units last month some four years after the promised date.
Govt has legal right to convert
03/06/2008 The Star
A senior lawyer in his 80s said all land matters came under the purview of the state government – including conversion. “Allowing conversion would ensure that property remained in the family,” he opined, adding that once converted to freehold status, the government could only compel the landowners to sell the property under the Land Acquisition Act if certain conditions were met.
Apply for conversion after June 15
03/06/2008 The Star
RESIDENTIAL leasehold landowners in Penang can start applying for their property to be converted to freehold status after June 15. Under a new land policy announced by the Penang Government last week, the state’s 30-year, 60-year or 99-year residential leasehold land can be converted to freehold land on a case-by-case basis.
Cracking up with a blame game
04/06/2008 NST By Azira Shaharuddin
SHAH ALAM: A home should be a haven but for residents in Impian 2 and 3 of Bandar Setia Alam, fears are growing that their new homes might instead pose a serious threat to their safety. Cases of widening of pre-existing hairline cracks and falling debris are provoking their fears. Concern has turned into alarm, as some residents fear that their dwellings may be structurally unsound. Furthermore, residents complain that water is seeping through the cracks during rainstorms and flooding their homes.

Council gets cracking on woes of residents  
04/06/2008 The Star By Derrick Vinesh
A Panel of professionals will look into allegations that construction work on an apartment project in Taman Sutera Prima, Seberang Jaya, had caused cracks on several double-storey houses nearby. Seberang Prai Municipal Council president Farizan Darus said the developer was slapped with a second stop-work order effective last Friday after the first order, issued in April, was lifted in May.

Penduduk resah kerja pembetungan terbengkalai
05/06/2008 Berita Harian
SEREMBAN: Penduduk Taman Marida Senawang Fasa 2, dekat sini, meminta kontraktor yang melaksanakan kerja membina saluran pembetungan di kawasan itu menyiapkan kerja berkenaan yang terbengkalai hampir setahun lalu hingga menyulitkan urusan harian mereka.
New contractor for abandoned Puchong schemes
05/06/2008 NST
KUALA LUMPUR: House buyers of three abandoned housing schemes in Puchong are relieved that a contractor has finally been appointed to revive their projects. The house buyers' representatives were informed, during a meeting at the Housing and Local Government Ministry on Thursday, that Isyoda Corporation Berhad had been appointed by the developer, Talam Corporation Berhad, to revive the abandoned projects at Taman Lestari Permai, Taman Lestari Puchong and Taman Lestari Perdana.
Lawyer charged with cheating over land auction
06/06/2008 The Star
MALACCA: A 41-year-old lawyer was charged in the Sessions Court here with cheating in connection with the auction of properties resulting in a company losing about RM4mil. Yap Bell Pung, from Ujong Pasir, claimed trial to the charge that he cheated Kemajuan Flora Sdn Bhd with regard to the auction of three pieces of land in Alor Gajah on June 26, 2000.
Malacca initiative saves 600 houses in five of 21 projects
06/06/2008 The Star By Chen Pelf Yeen
MALACCA: The state has revived more than 600 houses in five abandoned housing projects here. Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the five projects were among 21 abandoned projects in the state, adding that three other projects were being revived.
Landowners told to stop open burning or lose land titles
06/06/2008 The Star By Christina Tan
LANDOWNERS at Kampung Johan Setia will face court action or have their land titles revoked by the Selangor state government if they fail to take care of the land and avoid open burning.
White knight for abandoned projects
07/06/2008 NST By Chang Kim Loong
I refer to a recent news article in New Straits Times on the subject of a few housing projects in Puchong, Selangor, that were abandoned by their developer, Talam Corp Bhd. I am extremely excited by the assurance made by Minister of Housing and Local Government Datuk Ong Ka Chuan that the plight of the victims would soon be over and that he will be making "a favourable announcement" this month.
Disgruntled purchasers want housing project revived
09/06/2008 The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: Newly-married IT engineer Kamal Manaf withdrew most of his savings in 1998 to buy a house in Taman Kenanga, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, and hoped to start a family. But the developer went bust in 2003, shattering Kamal's dreams. Now, Kamal is paying hundreds of ringgit each month for a loan he took for a house that does not exist.

Melaka tekad pulih projek terbengkalai
10/06/2008 Berita Harian Oleh Nasir Abd Wahab
Jawatankuasa khas dipengerusikan Adun Gedek tangani masalah MELAKA: Kerajaan negeri pimpinan Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam giat membantu memulihkan projek pembangunan terbengkalai di seluruh Melaka bagi memastikan rakyat, khususnya, pembeli menikmati semula pulangan setimpal selepas menanti dengan pelbagai emosi sejak sekian lama.

Palm Spring panel formed
10/06/2008 The Star By Tan Karr Wei
RESIDENTS of Palm Spring@Damansara in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, have set up a joint management body (JMB) and want the developer to hand over the management of the property to them. According to Palm Spring joint management committee (JMC) sub-committee member Richard Siew, 50, the commissioner of buildings (COB) had issued a certificate endorsing the setting up of the Palm Spring JMB.
`Keep community hall apolitical'
10/06/2008 NST By Halim Said
SUBANG JAYA: A community hall in Angsana Flats in USJ 1, meant to be for communal use, has been taken up by a political party, irking several quarters including Subang Jaya state assemblyman Hannah Yeoh. "I'm not against any party. As an assemblyman for this area I must set things right," said Hannah.
Left high and dry 
11/06/2008 NST By Nuradzimmah Daim
GOMBAK: The patience of Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) with some 1,000 residents of Desa View Tower has dried up. The utility company, on Monday, duly cut off water supply to the residents after they run up arrears of RM380,884.44 in water bills.
Council: Builders will make repairs
12/06/2008 NST By Naveen Mathew Menon
SUBANG JAYA: The Subang Jaya municipality has taken action on complaints by residents of Pusat Bandar Puchong on the impact of Setia Walk, a development close to their homes. The council's deputy president, Mohamad Yusoff Ghazali, said: "We had a discussion with the developer and member of parliament for the area.
Residents say management body indifferent to problems
13/06/2008 The Star By Geetha Krishnan
A small group of residents of Venice Hill Tower 10 near 9th Mile Cheras, Selangor, are in a dilemma as their problems are not being resolved by the condominium management. The group alleged that certain members of the joint management body (JMB) were indifferent and acting in a high-handed manner and had refused to entertain their complaints.
Five projects hit snag
14/06/2008 The Star By Ng Su-Ann
FIVE housing projects in Batu Ferringhi were issued a stop-work order by the Penang Municipal Council last month for failing to follow its regulations. Council president Datuk Zainal Rahim Seman said the notices were given after his officers found that the developers’ sedimentation ponds and perimeter earth drains were not following the council’s specifications.
New contractor appointed to revive stalled project at PJS 9
14/06/2008 The Star By Lim Chia Ying
THE four uncompleted blocks of the Lagoon Perdana Apartments at PJS 9 are being revived. Developer Tenaga Gagah Sdn Bhd has appointed IJM Construction Sdn Bhd as principal contractor for the project since early 2007, as well as two other sub-contractors to help with the revival.
Between hype and hope
14/06/2008 NST By Salleh Buang
WHEN a colleague told me recently that changes to the National Housing Policy will soon see the light of day, purportedly to "protect buyer's rights", I must say that my initial response was to ask, "What policy? I don't know that we ever had one!" If ever there is such a thing, that important document should almost certainly be available in the relevant ministry's website. There is none. I have been looking out for it over the last decade and I have been asking those who know more about these things than I do. Nada.
Aman Kiara getting its strata titles
14/06/2008 NST
AMAN Kiara can lay claim to being the first landed high-end, gated-and-guarded residential project in Kuala Lumpur to be receiving strata titles. And that should make the owners of its 19 bungalows and 12 condovillas near the acclaimed Mont' Kiara Integrated Village very happy.
Tackling abandoned housing woes
17/06/2008 New Straits Times
Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Hamzah Zainudin (centre) assuring the disgruntled house buyers of abandoned projects yesterday.
Penduduk Lestari Permai ucap terima kasih
17/06/2008 Utusan Online
PUCHONG 16 Jun - Jawatankuasa Pembeli Lestari Permai di sini bersyukur apabila masalah rumah terbengkalai membabitkan lima fasa di sini berjaya diselesaikan berikutan campur tangan kerajaan secara langsung.

Tower of danger will go
17/06/2008 NST  By Noel Achariam
PETALING JAYA: A telecommunication tower that has cast a huge shadow of fear over Taman Subang residents will be removed. The telecommunication company that owns it has informed residents that the tower will be removed, as it failed to meet the guidelines set by the Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Residents vent fury on aides  
18/06/2008 NST By Naveen Mathew Menon
KUALA LUMPUR: The residents of Razak Mansion, in Jalan Sungei Besi, were disappointed they didn't get to speak to Deputy Minister of Federal Territories Datuk M. Saravanan on Sunday. So, his representatives bore the brunt of their dissatisfaction. The residents, of the low-cost apartment complex, complained about loitering drug addicts, tone-deaf singers waking up the neighbourhood, out-of-order fire extinguishers, problems with rubbish, snatch thefts and birds nesting in Tenaga National electricity switchboard rooms.

Woes of abandoned housing projects
19/06/2008 The Star Stories by Salina Khalid
TO have a home of one’s own is every person’s dream. But, for thousands of families in Selangor, their dreams have turned into nightmares after the houses they bought using big long-term bank loans were left incomplete and the developers disappeared.
Director charged with breach of trust
19/06/2008 The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: A company director was charged at a Sessions Court here with committing criminal breach of trust.
State in a bind over legal action on errant developers
19/06/2008 The Star
Iskandar: Under the Housing Developer Act (Enforcement and Licensing) 1966, the minister could order the developer to get advice from a third party on how to implement a project. THE Selangor government has no legal authority to take enforcement action against errant developers in the state.
Kondo sambung 3 paip haram
19/06/2008 HM
KUALA LUMPUR: Tindakan syarikat pemaju sebuah kondominium di Jalan Tun Razak di sini, menutup beberapa paip haram dengan kanvas untuk mengelak dihidu pihak berkuasa tidak berhasil apabila diserbu Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas), semalam. Dalam operasi dilakukan Syabas Putrajaya kira-kira jam 12.30 tengah hari, pemeriksaan paip utama itu mendapati tiga paip haram berukuran 0.1 dan 0.15 meter dipasang.
Penghuni kesal kerja baik pulih dihenti tiba-tiba
20/06/2008 Utusan Online Oleh A. Jailani Abdullah
RAWANG 18 Jun - Pelik! Memang pelik. Inilah yang dirasakan oleh penduduk-penduduk Pangsapuri Sri Cempaka, Bukit Sentosa dekat sini gara-gara tindakan pemaju memberhentikan kerja-kerja membaik pulih bumbung rumah pangsa berkenaan.
10 tahun tunggu CFO
20/06/2008 Utusan Online Oleh Ainol Amriz Ismail
REMBAU 19 Jun – Benarlah kata peribahasa, rumah sudah siap, pahat masih berbunyi.Inilah yang dihadapi oleh penduduk Taman Rembau Utama di sini yang terpaksa mendiami rumah tanpa Sijil Layak Menduduki (CFO) selepas pemaju gagal menyediakan infrastruktur yang disyaratkan.
Pemilik rumah berhak mendapat kediaman selesa – MB
20/06/2008 Utusan Online
REMBAU 19 Jun – Kerajaan negeri menjelaskan kelewatan memperoleh Sijil Layak Menduduki (CFO) disebabkan adanya sistem pembentungan yang dibina tanpa kelulusan Jabatan Pembentungan oleh pemaju di Taman Rembau Utama di sini.
New contractor for abandoned Puchong schemes  
20/06/2008 New Straits Times
K.P Leong, who represents the house buyers of Taman Lestari Puchong, showing diagrams of the abandoned housing project. KUALA LUMPUR: House buyers of three abandoned housing schemes in Puchong are relieved that a contractor has finally been appointed to revive their projects.
Six break-ins in three weeks
23/06/2008 The Star By Lim Chia Ying
SIX break-ins in less than three weeks in their gated and guarded community led residents of Wangsa Baiduri Subang Jaya to seek an immediate meeting and dialogue with the police.
New home turns into nightmare
23/06/2008 The Star By Chelsea L. Y. Ng
KUALA LUMPUR: Housewife Chong Siew Har thought her dream of owning a vacation home by the beach had finally come true when she bought a bungalow lot in Sepang nine years ago. Her hope turned into a nightmare when half way through its construction she noticed severe defects on the building located just a five-minute drive away from the Bagan Lalang beach.
Residents threaten street protests
23/06/2008 NST By Sheila Sri Priya
BUKIT BERUNTUNG: While they have seen some improvement, the residents here blasted the Hulu Selangor District Council for not tackling many of their major complaints. During a meeting with the council, the president of the residents association said they might take to the streets if their grouses were not looked into.
RM1.9m from errant water users
24/06/2008 NST By V. Vasudevan; Eileen Ng; Joseph Sipalan; Ili Liyana Mokhtar
SYABAS (Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor) has disconnected water supply to 54,033 households in the Klang Valley in the first five months of this year for failing to settle their bills. Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said as a result, Syabas earned RM1.9 million from the disconnection and reconnection charges.
Perumahan Kopetra terbengkalai
26/06/2008 Utusan Online
SIMPANG EMPAT 25 Jun - Isu rumah terbengkalai, kediaman tidak selesa dan masalah kekurangan kemudahan awam di perumahan kos rendah dan projek perumahan rakyat sering kali disiarkan di media massa.
Dream houses no more for 29 owners
27/06/2008 NST  By J.P Shah Alam
A ROW of terrace houses in Bukit Kemuning, Shah Alam will remain a shattered dream for 29 homeowners as the homes will demolished to make way for the Project Lebuhraya Kemuning-Shah Alam (LKSA). No amount of compensation can makeup for the heartache of not being able to move into their dream homes for which they have been waiting for two long years.
SPNB alih projek terbengkalai Taman Sejahtera Indah
26/06/2008 Utusan Online
SEBERANG JAYA 25 Jun - Setelah hampir lapan tahun terbengkalai, akhirnya projek perumahan Taman Sejahtera Indah di Telok Air Tawar di sini berjaya disiapkan setelah ia diambil alih oleh Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB).

Peace of mind comes at a price
27/06/2008  NST By Halim Said
PETALING JAYA: Concerned over rising crime rates, residents of many housing estates are taking security into their own hands and installing security gates and hiring guards to patrol the streets. But it does not come cheap, and the worse part is they are actually breaking the law. Under the Street, Drainage and Building Act they are not allowed to obstruct public roads.

Complaints aplenty from Menara City One residents
28/06/2008  NST By Nuradzimmah Daim
KUALA LUMPUR: Many would give an arm and a leg to live in the heart of the city, but the residents of Menara City One Condominium feel they don't have much to boast about. They have numerous complaints about the management of the building in Jalan Munshi Abdullah, near Jalan Masjid India, which also houses 49 shoplots on the ground floor.

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