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Residents say management body indifferent to problems
13/06/2008 The Star By Geetha Krishnan

A small group of residents of Venice Hill Tower 10 near 9th Mile Cheras, Selangor, are in a dilemma as their problems are not being resolved by the condominium management.

The group alleged that certain members of the joint management body (JMB) were indifferent and acting in a high-handed manner and had refused to entertain their complaints.

Closer look: The white pipe (left) is said to camouflage wiring supplying electricity to the shophouses opposite Venice Hill Tower 10.

The residents claimed that the JMB members were aware of electricity being illegally connected to shop houses inhabited by foreign workers opposite the tower block but were not doing anything about it.

They said a thin line of white casing covered the wiring from the condominium car park, running across the side lanes to the shop houses.

According to resident Fong Kim Kee, a report on the power tapping was lodged with the Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) office at the 9th Mile Cheras and a technician had visited the scene to verify the complaint.

In an e-mailed response, the TNB stated that it had checked and found that the alleged supply connection was made after the TNB meter box was installed, indicating that whatever supply arrangement made was done privately.

The TNB said such a private arrangement was beyond its jurisdiction.

Venice Hill Tower 10 Residents Association chairman Zack Cheong, a JMB member, said it was wrong of the JMB to justify its inaction by maintaining that the management and residents were aware of the electricity arrangement.

“We have been kept in the dark about the so-called arrangement and would like more information. We want to know if this would affect our supply,” Cheong said.

A cyber café operating on the ground floor of the condominium and frequented by college students is also alleged to be conducting its business illegally.

“We are not against businesses operating in the condominium but it has to be in accordance with rules and regulations.

“The garbage room meant for 3rd floor residents is now used partly to serve as a washing area for workers preparing food for the café. It is unhygienic,” resident Lim Chin Chin said.

According to Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) corporate communications head Shariman Mohd Nor, two summonses have been issued to the cyber café owner for operating without both a business licence and an internet café licence.

Under the Building and Common Property (Management and Maintenance) Act 2007, developers are given 12 months from the date of vacant possession to set up a JMB, comprising eight to 12 owners and two representatives from the developer.

Fong said the residents were paying a monthly RM230 maintenance fee each but about the only facility available was a small swimming pool located at another tower block.

“During a meeting last month to elect the JMB office-bearers, there was talk of proposed reduction in maintenance fees but till now, there is no news about it. We are fed up with JMB’s indifference,” Lim said.

According to MPKj building department head Bibi Khairani, the council was informed of the meeting to set up the JMB but it has yet to issue an authorisation certificate because no application has been submitted to the commissioner of buildings (COB).

Bibi said if residents were unhappy with the way the JMB was operating, they could call for an extraordinary general meeting (EGM).

A written application for an EGM must be forwarded by no less than a quarter of the apartment buyers.

An EGM can also be called upon written orders from the COB.

As the StarMetro team members were leaving the condominium after interviewing the residents, two individuals identified by residents as JMB members stopped them and demanded their identification.

One made a grab for the MetroStar photographer’s camera, brandishing a walking stick while the other blocked our path. The team only managed to leave after some residents intervened.


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