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Changes to benefit house buyers  03/02/2001 NST
THE proposed amendments to the Housing Developers Act are expected to impact the sale and purchase agreement in away that will give house buyers better protection. 

Abandoned project poses danger to children 04/02/2001 NSUNT
DEATH TRAP ... Is this a case of plain ignorance or just sheer public apathy? This abandoned housing project in Larkin, Johor Baru, is a potential death trap for children who are often seen playing nearby.

Pindaan akta bangunan kurang sambutan 06/02/2001 Berita Harian
Hanya empat negeri, iaitu Melaka, Johor, Terengganu dan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, mewartakan pindaan Undang-undang Kecil Bangunan Seragam 1984 sehingga Disember lalu.

Protection for house buyers also needed 06/02/2001 NST By Dr Azim; Dr Rafidah
HOUSE buyers continue to be at the losing end, having to endure numerous problems that test their patience to the limit. We ourselves are among these unfortunate people, who have bought a house from a project developed by a subsidiary of PKNS. We signed the Sale and Purchase Agreement on Jan 12, 1999, proceeded to obtain approval of our housing loans from the Treasury (granted on March 9 the same year) and had the lawyers complete the relevant documents by April 1999.

Housing law to be amended 08/02/2001 The Sun
The law relating to housing development and developers will be amended to provide safer houses and prevent problems in future, Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk M. Kayveas said today.

Stricter rules on after-sales duty 08/02/2001 NST
Stricter rules that outline developers’ obligation after the properties have been sold, will be included in the proposed amendment to the Housing Developers Act.

Law on housing to be amended 08/02/2001 BT
THE law relating to housing development and developers will be amended to provide safer houses for house buyers and prevent problems in future, Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk M. Kayveas said yesterday. He said a study of the Housing Development Act has been conducted and it is hoped that some of the amendments will be effective in dealing with problems involving housing and developers.

Mosquito menace 08/02/2001 MM
WHEN will developers ever learn that abandoned projects attract uninvited "guests" if left unattended? One such site in Section, 13, Shah Alam, has attracted mosquitoes which pose a potential health hazard. The project by Worldwide Holding Berhad for the Selangor State Sports Council (MSNS) is in bad shape, with broken hoardings and an unkempt compound filled with pools of water.

Selangor urged to take action against developer 08/02/2001 NST-CITY
THE Selangor Government has been urged to take action against a developer who failed to carry out a low-cost housing project on a 7.6ha site in Kampung Baiduri, Petaling Jaya, which was given to the company about 10 years ago. The project, awarded to Harta Sekata Sdn Bhd, involves the construction of 1,500 units of low-cost units for sale to squatters in Kampung Baiduri who were affected by the State Government's squatter re-location exercise.

Getting tough wih developers over dengue09/02/2001 NST
SEREMBAN, Thurs. - Alarmed at the increase in the number of dengue cases, the State Government has directed local authorities to act against developers who fail to maintain cleanliness at their respective project sites. Menteri Besar Tan Sri Mohamad Isa Abdul Samad said enforcement must be beefed up in view of the rising number of dengue cases, particularly in Seremban Jaya and Rahang Kecil.

493 projek perumahan RM15b terbengkalai 10/02/2001 Utusan Malaysia
Kerajaan telah mengenal pasti sebanyak 493 projek perumahan terbengkalai di seluruh negara yang keseluruhannya bernilai RM15 bilion.Pengerusi Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd. (SPN), Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamid berkata, sebanyak 47 projek perumahan yang dianggarkan bernilai RM1.3 bilion daripadanya telah dipilih untuk dipulihkan didalam fasa pertama yang akan diumumkan dalam tempoh terdekat.

Pembelian rumah murah secara pukal dihentikan 10/02/2001 Utusan Malaysia
Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd. (SPN) menegaskan pihaknya telah menghentikan pembelian rumah murah secara pukal daripada pemaju perumahaan swasta.

Certificate of Fitness: Easy to understand, difficult to implement 10/02/2001 NST By Prof Salleh Buang
ESSENTIALLY the law relating to the issuance of certificates of fitness for occupation of a building (CF) is not difficult to understand.It should therefore be not too difficult to implement on a uniform basis throughout the nation.

Amendments `will give housebuyers more protection' 11/02/2001 NSUNT
JOHOR BARU, Sat. - The Housing Developers Act 1961 will be amended to give more protection to housebuyers and to introduce stiffer penalties against unscrupulous developers. This follows a valuable lesson learnt from the economic slowdown of 1997.

Bela nasib pembeli rumah 11/02/2001Harian Metro
Kisah rumah yang dibeli tidak siap-siap dan pembelinya terpaksa menanggung hutang bank sudah kerap tidak dengar. Apabila kaki sudah lengoh naik turun pejabat pemaju bertanya bila rumah akan siap, ramai pembeli mengalih pandangan mereka kepada media untuk menagih simpati pihak tertentu memperjuangkan nasib mereka.

S'gor MB: We will blacklist errant developers 12/02/2001 The Star
PETALING JAYA: The Selangor government will not hesitate to blacklist developers who do not abide by the regulations and conditions set by the authorities, Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo said yesterday.
He said companies would also be fined if they started selling low-cost bumiputra houses without government approval.

S'gor may compel developers to provide infrastructure 12/02/2001  BT
THE Selangor Government may compel major housing developers in the state to develop infrastructural facilities such as schools and mosques simultaneously with their housing projects. Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Mohamed Khir Toyo said such a condition, which might only be imposed after studying the size of the project site and making sure that it would not cause developers to lose money, was to ensure comfort for houseowners in new housing estates.

Punish developers who fail to revive projects: Abdullah 13/02/2001 BT
DEVELOPERS who fail to resume projects abandoned because of the economic crisis should be penalised, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said yesterday. Abdullah, in making the suggestion at the opening of the Kuala Lumpur 21 convention and exposition in Kuala Lumpur, said developers have no reason not to revive their abandoned projects as the economy is now back on track.

Rumah siap tapi hati sakit 13/2/2001 Utusan Malaysia
Andainya anda telah pun selesai membeli sebuah rumah (tidak kiralah jenis apa, mahal atau murah) dari sebuah syarikat pemaju yang bertanggungjawab, dan anda dapati rumah itu seratus peratus dalam keadaan baik dan memuaskan hati sekeluarga, bersyukurlah.

Akta baru kaji denda lebih tinggi terhadap pemaju gagal 14/02/2001 Berita Harian
Akta baru sedang digubal bagi membolehkan denda lebih tinggi akan dikenakan terhadap pemaju perumahan yang gagal menyambung semula projek terbengkalai masing-masing, kata Timbalan Menteri Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan, Senator Datuk M Kayveas.

Need For A Healthy Housing Development System 14/02/2001 Sinchew-i
Scenes of abandoned partially complete housing projects have been around for a long time; more so during the economic downturn. Such an eyesore can be seen almost anywhere in the country. It does not spare even moments of economic boom because factors and causes of work suspension are many.  Lessons have been learnt from the economic recession in the 1980s. By 1992, laws have been established to require developers to set up accounts with the government as a measure to ensure that home-buyer's deposits are truly utilised on housing projects. 

Developers put projects on hold 14/02/2001 BT
THE surplus of high-end high-density condominiums and apartments in the Klang Valley at the end of last year had put a stop to the development of "lifestyle" products. Developers have decided to put on hold the development of such products until the demand returns, said Golden Plus Holdings Bhd property marketing manager, Steven Chang.

Hit by mud and flash floods 15/02/2001 NST-CITY
ABOUT 2,000 residents in Kampung Pasir Baru in 14th Mile Puchong are furious over the land clearing being carried out by Five Star Development Sdn Bhd. Since clearing work began last January, the residents have been hit with not only flash floods but mud flows which have damaged belongings, clogged the drains and destroyed the gardens and compounds of houses. 

Strata woes 15/02/2001 MM-CLAS
THOUGH both are build from bricks and mortar, landed and strata properties could not be more different. But it is the condominium or strata title residences that sets itself apart from the rest of the pack. Unlike a house, a strata title residence entails or perhaps even demands a different lifestyle altogether. Though the themes of communal living, shared responsibilities and some elements of compromise are required on the part of all residents, the strata title properties run the risk of degenerating into urban slums due to poor maintenance. Aside from this problem of maintenance are the issues of the quantum of maintenance charges and its hikes, transparency and accountability of expenditures, which sometimes lead to disputes between residents and the developer. But on the whole many condominium or apartment owners do not really understand the essence of building management and maintenance.

Flats residents left high and dry 15/02/2001 MM
RESIDENTS of Block 34 and 38 of the Taman Naga Emas flats in Salak Selatan Garden are crying foul over the water cut to their units. This came after they were literally left high and dry for three days from last Monday when the supply was disconnected following failure to settle the bills by the flats' management company.

Settle your bills appeal to flat-dwellers 16/02/2001 MM
PLEASE pay up. Wira Properties Management Sdn Bhd, the company that manages the Taman Naga Emas flats in Salak South Garden, is appealing to flat-dwellers there to pay up their outstanding balance in utility bills and maintenance fees to the company.

A defender of your rights 16/02/2001 The Star
Buying a piece of property is a very important decision for everyone. It takes a lot of time and consideration, and for a lot of people, their life-savings.

Rights of housebuyers involving defects 17/02/2001 NST
IF you have just bought a house from a developer and it is in absolutely good condition with no defect, shrinkage or fault, count yourself lucky as many other buyers have not been as fortunate. According to House Buyers Association chairman Datuk Zainuddin Bachik, poor workmanship remains the number one complaint (22 per cent) among some 10,000 purchasers spread out in 46 housing schemes in the country.

Strata units set to flood market 17/02/2001 NST
DESPITE house buyers' general preference for landed properties, there appears to be a large volume of stratified units slated for launch by developers within the Klang Valley this year. The question arises as to whether these developers have chosen to ignore the signs pointing to buyers' preference and whether they have done their homework to ascertain the demand for their strata properties before planning their projects.

No more extension period 18/02/2001 NSUNT
KLANG, Sat. - Housing developers will no longer be given extension of time to complete their projects, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said today. He said developers would have to complete their projects according to the time frame agreed upon in the sales and purchase agreement.

Wedding on hold due to developer's shortcomings 19/2/2001 The Star
A production executive has put his wedding plans on hold because a double-storey house he bought has not been completed. Tan Boon Leong, 31, said his plan this year had to be put off because his RM95,000 house at the Taman Widuri housing project in Nibong Tebal was supposed to be ready at the end of 1999, but was now only 70% completed.

Homes in the mid-price range 20/02/2001 MM-CLAS
THE buzzword among property developers and companies owning large tracts of land nowadays seems to be middle-income housing. A trend that reflects the huge pent-up demand for housing in this sector. Urban dwellers in the middle income group are finding it increasingly difficult to have a roof over their heads. Many just cannot afford the hefty monthly repayments for housing loans and a large number of them cannot even raise the requisite 10 per cent of the purchase price required as deposit as they do not have any savings. So they have to find and rent affordable housing.

Council issues April 1 ultimatum to builder 21/02/2001 MM
SETTLE your problems by April 1 or risk being blacklisted. This was the ultimatum issued by Alor Gajah Council president Idris Haron to the developer of a low-cost public housing project in Bukit Kemuning yesterday.

Fire trap checks Special task force to focus on ‘high risk’ buildings 21/02/2001The Star
The Fire and Rescue Department will conduct checks on all government and private apartments and workers quarters in Kuala Lumpur to look out for fire traps.

Housebuyers seek better remedy 22/02/2001 The Star By Sim Leoi Leoi
PETALING JAYA: Various groups have called for an alternative remedy to enable housebuyers to get a faster compensation from developers in cases of late delivery.

Developers get four months to build road 22/02/2001 NST-CITY
THE Kajang Municipal Council has given two developers four months to complete the one-kilometre link road between Bandar Tun Hussein Onn and Taman Permai Cheras. The developers, Orlando Development and Taming Development, which are involved in projects between Cheras Utama and Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, were given the orders at a meeting chaired by Council Town Planning and Landscape Department chief, Nizam Sahari on Tuesday.

Council issues April 1 ultimatum to builder 21/02/2001 MM
SETTLE your problems by April 1 or risk being blacklisted. This was the ultimatum issued by Alor Gajah Council president Idris Haron to the developer of a low-cost public housing project in Bukit Kemuning yesterday.

`Act against errant builders' 23/02/2001  NST
PETALING JAYA, Thurs. - Swift action by area officers of local authorities is needed to help curb violations by certain housing developers. Early enforcement by such authorities through their area officers will prevent "black sheep" developers from cheating purchasers, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said today.

Ong: Still best to go to court for redress 23/2/2001 The Star
Petaling Jaya: The courts are still the best place to resolve disputes over compensation for late delivery by housing developers, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said. He was commenting on reports calling for legislation which would make developers pay the late delivery penalty without being taken to court.

Housing Ministry to submit Act to Cabinet in March 23/02/2001 BT
THE Housing and Local Government Ministry will finally submit the long- pending amendments to the Property Development Act to the Cabinet in March. Also to be submitted are the proposed Common Properties and Building Management and Maintenance Act and the amendments to the Strata Title Act 1985.

Relief in sight 23/02/2001  MM-CLAS
CONDO living can turn out to be terribly nightmarish. Problems that can arise from such living arrangements are twofold. Firstly, there is an obvious lack of community spirit among many condo residents. Given the proximity of units and shared use of common areas, a little bit of consideration and compromise go along way. The second problem stems from the management of the property. The often-heard grouses are poor building maintenance and non-payment of service charges. This then turns into a battleground between the developer and the residents. Residents therefore need to be clear of their obligations in such living arrangements. Developers on the other hand should also be aware of their responsibilities and obligations in managing the building. These need to be clearly stated and enforced.

Association to submit report to Housing Ministry 24/02/2001  The Star By Dharmender Singh
The Housebuyers Association is preparing a report on cracks in 14 houses in Taman Koperasi Cuepacs in Cheras Km19.2 before submitting it to the Housing and Local Government Ministry. Association secretary-general Chang Kin Loong said they visited the homes to gather information from the houseowners. The cracks had appeared in the homes about 10 years ago.

Property legislation to be submitted to Cabinet
26/02/2001 MM
THE past week saw some good news for home buyers and strata property owners. They can look forward to a more level playing field and better protection in the near future as the amendments to existing property legislation and proposed bills will be submitted to the Cabinet next month. Here are more highlights of the past 168 hours.

House buyers 'lack time, money for courts' 26/02/2001 The Star
Petaling Jaya: Getting court-ordered compensation for late delivery from housing developers only inconveniences house buyers, said complainants who attended a House Buyers Association meeting. Zulkefly Abdul Samad, a 46-year old lecturer, said the current system of obtaining compensation gave developers the upper hand.

KL to be squatter-free by 2005 with low-cost units 26/02/2001 NST
SEREMBAN, Sun. - In a bid to rid Kuala Lumpur of squatter settlements by 2005, the Government has agreed to build more than 36,000 low-cost houses under the Eighth Malaysia Plan. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said the Government would spend about RM1.5 billion for the construction of flats.

Still waiting for their apartments after 15 years 27/02/2001 The Star
MORE than 500 people are still waiting for their apartments in Medan Duta - 15 years after signing the sales and purchase agreements with the developer

Ministry to act as watchdog 27/02/2001 NST
JOHOR BARU, Mon. - All complaints against district and municipal councils, ranging from unsatisfactory services to abuse of power, will be handled at the Federal level to ensure prejudice-free solutions. Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk M. Kayveas said the ministry would take on a "supervisory role" through its complaints bureau in addressing public grouses against the councils.

Abandoned building a danger to motorists 28/02/2001 NST-CITY
RUSTY AND RISKY ... This half-completed building in Kemayan Square, Seremban (picture right) was abandoned by the developer about three years ago during the economic slowdown. Despite repeated reminders by the State Government to developers of abandoned projects in Negri Sembilan to ensure structures do not pose any danger to the public, this is not the case here.


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