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Ampang shoplot owner riled by missing basins 01/12/2001 MM
"HOW many times do I have to beg before they complete the paint work and replace the missing wash basins in my unit?" asks VICTOR GOH, owner of a four-storey shoplot in Taman Cahaya, Ampang. "Six months ago, when the developers handed me the keys to my unit, I realised that the touch-up work was incomplete.

Pembeli kondo diberi tempoh dua minggu 03/12/2001 BH
HULU LANGAT, Ahad - Seramai 350 pembeli kondominium Sentul Raya, diberi tempoh dua minggu sama ada mahu menerima tawaran kelonggaran penangguhan bayaran ansuran rumah dan bayaran balik pinjaman bank, sebagai ganti rugi kelewatan projek perumahan itu. Timbalan Menteri Tanah dan Pembangunan Koperasi, Dr Tan Kee Kwong, berkata jika pembeli bersetuju, mereka dikehendaki menandatangani satu perjanjian tambahan yang membenarkan penangguhan bayaran ansuran rumah sehingga projek itu siap sepenuhnya September tahun depan.

Cheras people want area's green lung preserved 03/12/2001 NST-CITY
RESIDENTS of Taman Kobena (Koperasi Belia Nasional Berhad), in Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras, are up in arms over construction work on their green lung. The 400-strong group of residents from the low-cost flats, medium-cost apartments and the double-storey link houses in the area say they were not notified of the construction work and wants the authority concerned to impose a "stop-work" order immediately.

BNM lifts bridging finance restriction 04/12/2001 MM-CLAS
BANK Negara Malaysia lifted the restriction on the provision of bridging finance for the development of residential properties priced above RM250,000 as well as for shop houses exceeding RM250,000 located within residential areas. The removal of the restriction which took immediate effect upon being announced early this week does not cover the development of commercial properties and projects involving shop houses priced more than RM250,000 that are not located in residential areas.

Interest free and affordable 04/12/2001 MM-CLAS
AT a time when the property market is feeling a soft pinch, developers are coming out with innovative ways to push their property. Among them is Perumahan Teknik Villa Development Sdn Bhd (PTVD) that is introducing an interest free construction period for its latest development, the Perdana Villa Resort Apartment Klang. PTVD, a subsidiary of the Technic Development Group will bear the interest payment thus reducing the burden for prospective purchasers.

Malaysians buy 40pc of new homes 05/12/2001 BT
MALAYSIANS bought less than half of the new residential units offered for sale in the third quarter, fewer than in the previous quarter, on concern the economy will continue to slow. Buyers took up 40 per cent of the 35,430 new homes offered for sale in the three months to September 30, the Finance Ministry said in its property report. 

Approach board for strata titles 05/12/2001 NST
PROPERTY management bodies and those with problems getting strata titles may approach the Strata Title Board when it begins operations by year-end, said Land and Co-operative Development Minister Tan Sri Kasitah Gaddam. The board's functions are being gazetted now, he told Teresa Kok Suh Sim (DAP-Seputeh) when winding up points raised by MPs debating next year's allocations for his ministry.

`Form housing tribunal to protect buyers' 06/12/2001 NST
SEREMBAN, Wed. - The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry has been urged to form a housing tribunal to protect housebuyers from being cheated by developers. State Consumer Affairs Council chairman T. Rajagopalu said the council had received numerous complaints from buyers pertaining to shoddy workmanship and housing projects being abandoned.

11 developers fail to comply with EIA rules 06/12/2001 NST
SEREMBAN, Wed. - The State Department of Environment has acted against 11 developers of mixed development projects and industries for failing to carry out scheduled post-Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) monitoring at their respective sites since early this year. The developers, who were among 31 whose projects had been approved, failed to implement air or water monitoring mechanisms such as siltation traps that could result in flash floods, soil erosion, worsening water or air quality.

Buildings committee to be revived 06/12/2001 MM
THE dormant joint committee on high-rise buildings set up by two Ministries to look into complaints from residents is being revived. The two Ministries are the Land and Co-operatives Ministry and Housing and Local Government.

PDS issue may worsen property overhang' 06/12/2001 BT
THE move to allow property developers to issue private debt securities (PDS) to fund high-end residential properties costing more than RM250,000 each will aggravate the property overhang situation, say analysts. "This move is not prudent in the light of the current property overhang, as allowing developers to issue PDS will only encourage the construction of more high-end houses," said a property analyst. 

Revamping the housing delivery system 06/12/2001 MM-CLAS
DELAYS in releasing unsold Bumi lots are not something new. They are constant reminders to housing developers that the industry is not as rosy as some people wish to believe. Part of the root cause of such delays is the familiar BRT (bureaucratic red tape) of the relevant agency at the state level. The public sector does not yet seem to be able to move at the same speed as the private sector.

Not moving in without Certificate of Fitness 06/12/2001MM
"WE want our Certificate of Fitness (CF)!" This is our demand, say residents of Kampung Aman at Seri Kembangan.

Permanent CF soon for Kg Aman low-cost flats 07/12/2001 MM
RESIDENTS of the Kampung Aman low-cost flats in Seri Kembangan will get their permanent Certificate of Fitness (CF) soon. The CF, however, will also be issued after the developer has rectified defects at the units.

Bridge over troubled waters 07/12/2001 NST-PROP
READING through the stack of positive news reactions surrounding Bank Negara's recent lifting of the barrier that blocked bridging finance for residential units and selected commercial shophouses priced above RM250,000, I began to sense something disturbing. Were the approving nods for the move tinged with traces of nervousness? It wouldn't be out of place. Ten days after the central bank made its decision on Nov 27, debates are still raging along the corridors of several property research think-tanks about whether it could pose a danger to the fragile state of the market. The arguments were given new fuel Tuesday this week when the Securities Commission said the restrictions preventing the use of private debt securities, or PDS, to fund the development of residential and commercial units priced above RM250,000 would also be relaxed.

More projects placed on the launch pad 07/12/2001 NST-PROP
UNFAZED by worries of softer consumer spending and lower economic performance data, developers nationwide continued to frantically launch another 35,430 residential units in the third quarter of this year (Q3), or 13 per cent more than what had been offered in the previous quarter. According to the Ministry of Finance's National Property Information Centre (Napic) in its Residential Property Stock Report released on Tuesday this week, Johor's developers made the greatest contribution with 9,420 units or 26.6 per cent of the total stock. This was followed by Selangor with 7,684 units or 21.7 per cent of the total Q3 launches.

The issue of completion 07/12/2001 NST-PROP
THE Certificate of Practical Completion, or CPC is issued in the name of the contractor or builder by the project architect. At the date of issuance, the liability of the contractor is reduced and the developer becomes liable for safeguarding that which has been built by the contractor. The clause on period of defect liability then becomes effective between the contractor and the developer. This clause, which is stipulated in the contract for construction, must not be confused with the similar clause on defects liability period stipulated in the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) you sign with the developer. These two are entirely different. 

More housing offers for Kg Medan victims 08/12/2001 NST
PETALING JAYA, Fri. - Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said a few more developers have agreed to offer houses at reasonable prices to victims of the clashes in Kampung Medan. He said a housing developer had agreed to offer 50 units in the Sepang Utama area, while another offered 15 units. 

Defective house not repaired after repeated calls 08/12/2001 MM
LAI, who bought a townhouse in Wangsa Permai, is worried about moving in as there are some defects in some of the rooms. "When the keys were handed to me in August this year, I found the walls in one room to be wet all the time. As a result, we could not start with the paint work," he says.

Buyers refusing to accept strata titles 10/12/2001 The Star By Derrick Vinesh
PENANG: While delays in obtaining strata titles for high-rise apartment units have become a common problem, a reverse trend of owners refusing to accept the titles is now emerging.

Time we exerted our consumer right
10/12/2001 NST-LTIMES
TWO weeks ago, I wrote about the art of haggling. Today I will expand on the subject of buying things, and stress the importance of knowing our rights as consumers. Are we even aware that there are laws that protect consumers in our country? You may I'm sure have had this experience whereby, having paid for a certain product or service, be immediately unhappy with it for one reason or another. You would wish that you could get your money back and if that wasn't possible, have the article repaired or replaced, if it was defective.

Supply, demand `mismatched' 10/12/2001 NST-BUSS
SUPPLY and demand in the property market are still very much "mismatched", Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said. A study should be conducted by property marketing companies to correct the situation, he said. 

Study market demand, housing developers told 10/12/2001 BT
DEVELOPERS have been told to conduct a study on market demand before implementing their housing projects to ensure that they are able to meet the consumers' needs. Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said the study was vital as it would determine the type and price of houses in demand by consumers.

Study on strata titles  12/12/2001 The Star
The Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MPPJ) will conduct a study on ways to overcome the strata title problems faced by flat and apartment owners in the municipality.

Toll hike may affect sales 14/12/2001 NST-PROP
DEVELOPERS undertaking projects outside established urban centres have always relied on the accessibility of highways to sell their properties. In fact, many of them acknowledge that this issue of access may make or break a project. So, while the existence of the North-South High-way is considered a factor that enhances the appeal of a development, the increase in its toll rates from Jan 1 next year may take away the shine of projects located beside it.

Going against the herd 14/12/2001 NST-PROP
SURPRISINGLY, when many developers are getting ready to wind down for the year, Arab-Malaysian Development Bhd (AMDB) is all geared-up to promote and sell the double-storey terrace units in its Taman Seri Rahang development that were launched two weeks ago. The 13.9-acre freehold project comprising 91 double-storey terrace houses, 32 semi-detached houses and 17 double-storey shop offices is being developed by Mawar Delima (M) Sdn Bhd, a joint-venture company of AMDB and Drard Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Don't rush for your keys 14/12/2001 NST-PROP
AFTER months of waiting for your property to be completed, you finally receive a notice from the developer informing you that it's ready. The notice will probably go something like this: "This is to inform you that your house has been completed. You are advised to contact our office to arrange for the inspection and collection of the keys to your property. If you do not collect the keys within 14 days of this notice it will be assumed that you have taken possession within the period".

EPF responds 14/12/2001 NST-PROP
WE had published an article (A likely scam, Nov 9) about the abuse of the Employees Provident Fund's (EPF) house purchase withdrawal privileges and the need to keep such abuse in check. EPF felt a further response to the issue was required and forwarded us a written statement, which we have reproduced below. "We refer to the article in PropertyTimes on Nov 9 headlined `A likely scam' regarding the abuse of the Employees Provident Fund's (EPF) housing withdrawal scheme by a few members. 

Pemaju diberi amaran 14/12/2001 Harian Metro
HULU KLANG: Kerajaan negeri tidak akan teragak-agak mengambil tindakan tegas dengan menyenaraihitamkan syarikat pemaju Pangsapuri Riverdale, Bukit Antarabangsa, di sini.

Apartment owners to take charge 17/12/2001 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. - Residents of high-rise condominiums and apartments will soon be able to maintain their own premises instead of having to rely on the developers.

Power to high-rise residents 17/12/2001 Malay Mail By Pauline Almeida
RESIDENTS of high-rise buildings like apartments, condominiums and flats will be responsible for the maintenance themselves when a law on this is gazetted and enforced, possibly by mid-2002. Under the new legislation, residents of each high-rise building will be required to form a residents' management committee which will then oversee the units or appoint consultants to maintain them.

MB promises `green' development 17/12/2001 MM
SELANGOR Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo's Hari Raya resolution, which applies to all members of the State Government, is to re-dedicate oneself to the pursuit of "green" development. This means, any development has to be environmentally assessed before it is implemented, and the expertise of relevant parties be considered.

Tribunal's decisions final 18/12/2001 MM
THE decisions of the Housing Tribunal that will be set up upon passing of the amendments to the Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Act, 1961 will be final without any recourse through appeals. Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui clarified this matter when winding up the debate on the Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Bill 2001 at the end of last month. 

Mixed reactions over owners' management committees 18/12/2001 MM
ARE high-rise apartment owners and tenants ready to take on the task of managing their building by themselves? Reaction is mixed as The Malay Mail found out after speaking to several apartment owners and resident associations (RAs).

Still not up to mark 19/12/2001 MM
IT has been almost a year since a horrifying blaze wiped out a family of six at Block C160 of Sri Kelantan flats, Sentul. And exposed the poor fire-fighting facilities there. Yesterday, The Malay Mail revisited the place to check whether promises by the authorities had been kept.

HBA: Keep strata titles 20/12/2001 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Wed.- The House Buyers Association today advised house buyers to "get, keep and preserve" the strata titles to their high-rise apartment units as ultimate proof of their property ownership.

Attune to demand 21/12/2001 NST-PROP
THE high number of unsold affordable residential units in the country could be an indication that the state authorities' requirements for the construction of such properties may not be in harmony with market needs. Although the provision of affordable housing comprising low-, low-medium and medium-cost units is important to cater for these categories of buyers, the supply of such properties must bow to open market forces. The high percentage of the country's property overhang, which is made up of units in the affordable segment of the market, suggests that state authorities' policies may be overestimating the demand for such properties.

Passing the buck 21/12/2001 NST-PROP
NEW homeowner Hamidah was overjoyed when she opened a letter from the developer of her property one morning. "We wish to inform you that your house is ready. You are requested to call our office and make arrangements to collect the keys. If you do not collect the keys within 14 days of the date above, it will be assumed that possession of keys has taken place," said the letter.

The web we weave 21/12/2001 NST-PROP
WHAT do people understand when they hear the word "construction", "development" or "project"? These terms mean different things to different people. Depending on whether you hear them as a resident, a client, a lawyer, a contractor, or citizen of the region - the connotations are different as each would weigh up how directly or indirectly the activity would affect them. For the sake of literary convenience, we shall concern ourselves today only with those within a given community who would be directly affected in the planning and implementation of a construction or development project.

Chin: 20% of housing projects no longer viable  21/12/2001 The Star By Stephen Then
MIRI: About 20% of abandoned housing projects in Peninsular Malaysia have been classified as “no-hopes” since the buyers have no more interest in reviving them.

The way forward 28/12/2001 NST-PROP
DURING one of my meanderings through the super information highway a couple of months ago, I came across an article profiling a development taking shape in the United States. Although the exact location of the project escapes me now, the article revealed that the developer will incorporate in its houses and other buildings, designs and materials that will make them energy-efficient in cooling and heating costs throughout the changing seasons. At the same time, residents in this development will also be relying to a great extent on electricity generated from solar panels and wind turbines. Aside from this, recycling of both water and waste will be extensively practiced together with a greater dependence on non-motorised transport. To achieve this, planners and builders will be providing recycling facilities, and pedestrian and bike paths to enable those who live and work here to abandon their cars, except for the furthest of distances.

Looking ahead 28/12/2001 NST-PROP
IF we were living in the Dark Ages, this would be the time of year those of us interested in the future of the property market would gaze into our crystal balls or magic mirrors and intone: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, will the market recover at all?" But this being the Age of the Enlightened, we've progressed instead to consulting market analysts and professionals, and making our decisions on whether to invest or not based on their advice.

Rights of claim on defects 28/12/2001 NST-PROP
THE first thing that May Lee and K.C. Ang did when they received keys to their new home was to take a contractor there and explain the renovations they wanted to do. They told him they wanted to extend the kitchen, knock down some internal walls, reconfigure the position of the bathrooms and windows and do some other aesthetic changes. Within a week the contractor started work and a month later, the renovations were completed and the whole family - K.C., May Lee and their two-and-a-half children (May Lee was in the family way) - moved in. For the next two months, everything went on well as they settled into their new home.

HBA: No abandoned projects if developers follow the law  29/12/2001 The Star By Clarence Chua
PETALING JAYA: House buyers would not have to face the prospects of abandoned projects if the law was properly adhered to, said the House Buyers Association (HBA).

Kayveas slams errant builders 31/12/2001 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. - The lackadaisical attitude of contractors, especially their non-compliance with Malaysian standards in the construction industry, is posing a serious threat with the mushrooming of defective and low-quality buildings. The problem is becoming more serious, with sub-standard workmanship and materials used in the construction.


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