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Ting explains Government's stake in IWK 01/03/1999 NST
GOPENG, Sun. - The Government's special share in Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd is to ensure the success of the country's waste management system, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said today. He said the Government would also have a more active and direct role in the company's management and would be able to monitor the development of IWK more effectively.

Only pillars after eight years 02/03/1999 MM
DRIVER K. Krishnasamy had high hopes when he bought his dream home, a single-storey terrace house, at Taman Kantan Permai, Kajang, exactly eight years ago. And after a change of the developer, all Krishnasamy could see at the construction site are just the foundation and bare pillars

It all started in 1986 ...02/03/1999 MM
SIGNS that the City Homes apartment project would be abandoned appeared in late 1986 when the original developer, Sri Hartamas Development Sdn Bhd, began having financial difficulties. Early that year, buyers received letters from the developer's creditors explaining the financial straits.

`Paper' houses 02/03/1999 MM
By Shamsul Yunos; Azlan Ramli
THEY have waited 13 years. And if they do see their houses built, it would be in the new millennium. Gerald Lawrence and his wife Geetha were among several hundred people who had booked City Homes Apartments in Sri Hartamas, off Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur. Back when their apartments were priced at RM70,000 each.

Tapak projek sarang penagih 06/03/1999 HM
By Srihanasham Noordin; Hassan Muin; Daut Noor
SALLEH Ishak dari Jalan Pangkor, Kuala Lumpur, meminta Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) mengambil tindakan terhadap aduan orang ramai yang dibuat ke pejabat pihak berkuasa tempatan itu. Menurutnya, beberapa bulan lalu, dia pernah membuat aduan mengenai projek DBKL yang terbengkalai di jalan itu berhampiran Hotel Vistana.

Dua minggu dapat CF 07/03/1999 BM
KUALA LUMPUR: Pemaju perumahan boleh mendapatkan Sijil Layak Menduduki (CF) dalam masa dua minggu berikutan penggubalan Undang-Undang Kecil Bangunan Seragam 1984.

Dapat CF dua minggu 07/03/1999 MA
KUALA LUMPUR: Pembeli rumah diberi jaminan akan memperolehi Sijil Kelayakan Menduduki (CF) dalam tempoh dua minggu selepas permohonan lengkap dikemukakan pemaju kepada pihak berkuasa tempatan. Bagaimanapun, Menteri Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan, Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh, berkata ia hanya akan terlaksana selepas pindaan terhadap Undang-undang Kecil Bangunan Seragam 1994 yang dijangka diluluskan Kabinet, beberapa minggu lagi.

Technical approvals before applying for CF 07/03/1999 NSUNT By Esther Tan
KUALA LUMPUR, Sat. - Property developers will soon be legally responsible to obtain approvals from the relevant technical agencies before applying for certificates of fitness from local authorities. For now, acquiring such certifications is not a legal requirement.

CFs before house delivery 08/03/1999 NST Editorial Voice
Buying a house, regardless of type, is perhaps the biggest investment any consumer makes. But sadly, in the case of some, buying a house often results in horrifying experiences.

Pesara kecewa rumah belum siap 11/03/1999 BH
SAYA adalah salah seorang pesara Polis Diraja Malaysia (18 PGA) sejak dua tahun lalu. Terlebih dahulu saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada kerajaan kerana memberi peluang kepada kaum Asli pribumi membuat pinjaman (kerajaan) atas tujuan pembelian rumah kos rendah di sebuah taman perumahan di Pengkalan Hulu, Perak.

No more hot air, please! 12/03/1999 MM
DON'T give us any more hot air. This was the warning issued by residents of Taman Cuepacs Phase One, Cheras, to the authorities in the wake of promises of better enforcement and monitoring of land-clearing activities at the former forest reserve of Bukit Sungai Puteh near their homes.

Housebuyers may soon get better protection 14/03/1999  NSUNT
PENANG, Sat. - Housebuyers who are being forced by developers to cough up exorbitant amounts in payment for additional floor space not stipulated in their sale and purchase agreements, may take heart from the Government's efforts to regulate such charges. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh today said the Government was considering placing a limit on the payment imposed by developers for a larger built-up area.

Council cannot direct developers to apply for CF  15/03/1999 NST
PENANG, Sun. - The Penang Island Municipal Council cannot direct a developer to apply for the certificate of fitness, its president Dr Teng Hock Nan said yesterday. He said such applications had to be done by the developer.

Condo folk worry over cracks in retaining wall 16/03/1999 MM
A LANDSLIDE behind OG Heights Condominiums in Jalan Awan Cina, Overseas Union Garden has caused the retaining wall to precariously tilt towards the apartments. What's worse, three huge cracks, each about four inches wide, were found on the wall, posing a danger to the centre block as well as a playground next to the retaining wall.

Projek terbengkalai sarang penagih 17/03/1999 HM
KAJANG: Projek perumahan Taman Lingkaran Nor, di sini, yang terbengkalai lebih 10 tahun lalu membimbangkan penduduk taman berhampiran terutama Taman Rakan kerana dipercayai menjadi sarang penagih dadah dan penjenayah. Beberapa penduduk Taman Rakan yang ditemui mendakwa rumah terbiar dan kawasan sekitar yang ditumbuhi semak-samun memudahkan kegiatan itu dijalankan.

Tak sungguh tak kata 17/03/1999 HM By Si Kalam
BAGAIKAN tunggu buah tak gugur. Itulah rungutan seorang pembeli rumah kepada Kalam, apabila rumah yang ditempahnya 10 tahun lalu tidak siap- siap. Apa yang dia dapat tenguk hanya tiang rumah dalam kawasan semak samun, yang mungkin menjadi sarang penagih dadah atau penjenayah.

Gazette development plans 18/03/1999 NST
BUYING a house is perhaps the biggest investment most people make. For that reason they often choose the house after considerable thought. Factors such as price, location and the size of the built-up area are weighed. Often thought is given to the facilities available in the vicinity like shops, schools and playgrounds. Couples with young children would prefer to have homes near playgrounds as growing kids need space. Only the rich can afford houses with large compounds for the young to run around. But in the case of many housing estates, green lungs give way to further develoment, depriving house owners greenery and, their children, playing fields. In Penang, for instance, three cases of changes to development plans have surfaced. In Paya Terubung, a field was turned into a water retention pond to arrest the flooding problem in the area. In Pulau Tikus, plans for a green lung were changed to allow the construction of a shopping complex. And in Bagan, a commercial complex was allowed to be built on land which was a playground.

200 residents live on fear of `sinking' homes 19/03/1999 NST-LTIMES
ABOUT 20 houses in Taman Kamunting Maju, Kamunting in Taiping are "sinking" and the residents - about 200 of them - are living in fear. Cracks have appeared on the walls and the floors are showing gaping space.

Dr M to `deliver keys' to Taman Bunga Raya flat owners 19/03/1999 NST
OWNERS of 2,935 low-cost flats in the Taman Bunga Raya housing project, about 50km north of Kuala Lumpur along the North-South Expressway will receive their keys from Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad this Saturday. The Prime Minister will hand over keys to 10 owners of the three-bedroom RM25,000 flats as a symbolic gesture, said Datuk Mustapha Kamal Abu Bakar executive chairman of project developer Emkay Group of Companies.

10pc of total area in country is flood prone 24/03/1999  NST
PENANG, Tues. - More than 10 per cent of the total land area of the country is subject to flooding annually due to natural and man-made causes, a Universiti Sains Malaysia don said today. Associate Prof Dr Chan Ngai Weng of USM's Geography Department said the flooding, mostly occurring on the east and west coasts of Peninsular Malaysia and many parts of Sabah and Sarawak, affected more than five million people each year.

Disasters due to infrastructural defects, say experts 24/03/1999 BT
MANY disasters like landslides in the country were caused by infrastructural defects in development projects, according to a group of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) researchers in Penang. The group of four engineering and geological researchers said their findings revealed that many of these disasters were not caused by external factors but by faults in the infrastructure work itself.

CF: 100 pembeli kecewa 27/03/1999 HM By Naim Tahir
BATU PAHAT: Hasrat lebih 100 pembeli sebuah projek perumahan di bandar ini untuk berpindah ke kediaman sendiri di taman berkenaan sehingga kini masih belum tercapai walaupun antara mereka sudah menunggu sejak lebih 20 tahun lalu. Ini kerana, walaupun sudah mendapat kunci rumah masing-masing daripada pemaju, projek terbabit masih belum memperolehi sijil layak menduduki (CF) daripada pihak berkuasa tempatan.

RM2j baik pulih Konkos 30/03/1999 BH
KUALA PERLIS, Isnin - Majlis Perbandaran Kangar (MPK) akan membaik pulih bangunan Konkos di sini berharga RM2 juta yang terbengkalai lebih lima tahun sebagai pusat perniagaan komersial dan pelancongan. Yang Dipertuanya, Baharuddin Ahmad, berkata bagi menjayakan tujuan itu, beberapa bahagian bangunan itu yang didapati tidak sesuai akan dirobohkan di samping membina beberapa gerai baru sesuai dengan matlamatnya.

Kitchen in jeopardy over wall collapse 29/03/1999 MM
A LARGE section of a cement wall, supporting the back extension of a double-storey bungalow, collapsed yesterday during a heavy afternoon downpour and unleashed a mudslide upon a playground and monsoon drain below. Now there is concern that the corner-lot house in Taman Fern Grove (Cuepacs) in Cheras itself may topple because of a large cavity beneath the kitchen area where the retaining wall used to be.


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