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No end to woes in Pantai Dalam  01/11/1999 NST-CITY
WE residents of Taman Pantai Dalam would like to demand the right to lead a healthy life. We have been highlighting our grievances to the developer, Jawi Development Sdn Bhd, but there has been no solution to our problems which are:

Pelabur cari pemaju resort 01/11/1999 BH By Pelabur Cari Pemaju
SAYA adalah antara rakyat malaysia yang menyahut seruan melabur dalam projek Seri Asian Eko Resort yang diperkenalkan pada 1995/96. Konsep Pelaburan Bersama yang diperkenalkan amat menarik dan meyakinkan saya. Pada peringkat awal proses pendaftaran sehinggalah memperolehi sijil pelaburan, segala urusan berjalan lancar dan teratur. Ini menambahkan lagi keyakinan saya.

House buyers to sue over CF delay 02/11/1999 MM
FIFTEEN months is a long wait to move into a new house. But buyers of 600 units of apartments in Taman Lembah Maju are so fed-up with the developer that they are no longer excited over the prospect of getting their Temporary Certificates of Fitness (TCF)

Unsold properties worth RM14bn as at June: Ting 03/11/1999 BT
UNSOLD properties in Malaysia totalled 92,000 units of various categories worth RM14 billion as at June this year, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh says. The overhang is largely due to last year's economic slowdown which resulted in cautious spending by consumers but poor planning by housing developers is also to blame, especially with regards to projects in non- strategic locations, he said.

Proposals aplenty but debate rages on 04/11/1999 NST
When the number of complaints against housing developers doubled to 1,150 last year, the Housing Ministry said it will introduce a colour-coded demerit system to arrest the problem, the Housing Developers Association said it is setting up a Tribunal on Housing Complaints, while a group of concerned citizens formed the House Buyers Association to act as an industry watchdog.

What true quality development is all about 06/11/1999  NST
THE quality of a housing development should be judged not just by the design of its products, but also by the type of infrastructure, environment and lifestyle it offers residents. "House designs are easy, but the quality of environment and lifestyle it offers require careful planning and implementation to give the right impression," said Land & General group managing director Datuk Abdul Karim bin Ahmad Tarmizi.

Local bodies empowered to defer issuing CF  07/11/1999 NSUNT
KUANTAN, Sat. - The Pahang Government has empowered local authorities in the State to defer the issuing of certificate of fitness for private low- cost housing projects which are not built according to specifications. State Housing and Environment Committee chairman Datuk Bahari Yahya said they should not indiscriminately issue the document as the interest of low-cost house buyers must be protected.

Do more for house buyers of stalled projects 09/11/1999 NST
Penang, Mon. - The Housing and Local Government Ministry should do more to help house buyers of stalled or abandoned housing projects, Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said today.

It was to have been their dream home .. 09/11/1999 MM
AMBASSADOR'S sanctuary? We think not. This was the reaction of several unit owners of the Tiara Duta condominiums in Taman Putra Sulaiman, off Jalan Ampang, when shown the colourful brochure of their home.

Ting: All housing projects subject to monitoring 09/11/1999 NST
IPOH, Mon. - All housing projects, especially those with low-cost dwellings, will be strictly monitored from now on to ensure they are carried out in a professional way. The Housing and Local Government Ministry will also direct all State Governments and local authorities to ensure housing projects are developed according to guidelines stipulated under the Country and Town Planning Act and Minimum Building Requirements under the Uniform Building by-laws.

Victory at last! 10/11/1999 MM
AFTER pressing their case for a month, residents of Wangsa Cheras yesterday got what they wanted. The Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) has issued a stop-work order on a project to build 18 houses on a playing field in the area.

Build first to ensure quality 10/11/1999 NST
SHODDY workmanship, poor finishing and structural defects are some of the headaches many hapless house buyers have had to endure over the years.

Reducing project failures 13/11/1999 NST By Andrew A.L. Tan
Part 1."THE fact that Danaharta has to carve out non-performing loans for companies under S.176 and inject some RM15 billions for loan management, restructuring and rehabilitation in order to minimise losses and revitalise the banking system and property industry before transferring to assets management underlie the fact that in our country project failures are colossal!"

Will new moves cheer home buyers? 14/11/1999 NSUNT By Yong Tiam Kui
FOR many years, housebuyers have had no avenue for redress or compensation from errant developers unless they are willing to take them to court - a costly and time-consuming process that by no means guarantees a favourable outcome. Recently, a group of concerned citizens came forward to help protect the rights of housebuyers by forming the House Buyers Association.

Cek lambat, pembeli kena bayar faedah 15/11/1999 BH
SAYA sudah menandatangani surat jual beli untuk memiliki sebuah pangsapuri lima tingkat November 1998. Saya diberitahu oleh pemaju supaya membayar wang beza pinjaman RM73,000, diikuti pinjaman RM67,000. Sebelum saya menandatangani perjanjian itu, saya memberitahu pemaju bahawa saya ingin membuat pinjaman perumahan untuk tujuan itu. Sekiranya bersetuju, baru saya sanggup membeli pangsapuri itu.

PDRC bantu siap projek 16/11/1999 HM By Mohd Nasri Zakariah
PEMAJU projek yang menghadapi kesulitan serta masalah kepakaran menyiapkan projek pembangunan, boleh mendapatkan bantuan dan khidmat nasihat daripada PDRC Berhad. Pengurus Projek PDRC Berhad, Md Tholib Saad, berkata PDRC adalah sebuah syarikat pembangunan hartanah yang bersedia memberi bantuan kepada pemaju projek terbabit.

Penghuni mungkin saman pemaju 16/11/1999 BH
HULU KLANG, Isnin - Penghuni Blok C, Jalan AU1B/B Taman Keramat Permai, dekat sini, mempersoalkan sikap pemaju yang masih belum mendirikan kediaman baru mereka walaupun mendapat arahan Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya (MPAJ), tiga tahun lalu. Ini berikutan, rumah pangsa kos rendah yang diduduki mereka sejak 1991 diruntuhkan pada 1995, kerana tidak selamat diduduki berikutan berlakunya hakisan tanah selepas hujan lebat sebelum itu.

10 tahun terbengkalai 17/11/1999 HM By Noor Sham Saleh
KUALA LUMPUR: Lebih 800 pembeli rumah di Taman Kantan Permai Fasa 1B dan 1C, kesal dengan sikap sambil lewa pemaju hingga projek perumahan untuk mereka terbengkalai sejak 10 tahun lalu. Pengerusi jawatankuasa bertindak projek perumahan itu, Mohd Isa Mat Nasir, berkata mereka membeli rumah berkenaan sejak 1990 tetapi hingga kini rumah itu terbiar begitu saja.

Hill blasting to be reduced 17/11/1999 NST-CITY
SOME 70 Bayan Hill Homes residents in Puchong who turned up in force last Saturday at the developer's office were given an assurance that hill blasting activities being carried out close to their homes will be reduced and made less powerful. Bayan Hill Homes Residents Association chairman Peter Kwok said IOI Properties Berhad senior general manager David Tan gave a further assurance that the hill blasting in the Jalan Bayan area will stop by the end of January.

CF Cheer for Palm Court residents 22/11/1999  MM
IT came as a cheer to Palm Court Condominium residents yesterday when they were finally issued their Certificates of Fitness. Credit for this must go to the House Buyers' Association which, despite waiting for its registration, is already actively looking into some common housing issues.

Condo owners crying foul 24/11/1999  MM
MANY of the 226 buyers of the three-room condominiums at Bandar Baru Klang in Klang are crying foul over the developer's refusal to compensate them with the delayed completion charges with interest. They claim that the developer is not only refusing to pay them the charges but has written to them to collect their respective unit keys although their condominiums are still unfit to move into.

Pembeli kesal dikenakan faedah lambat bayar 25/11/1999 BH By Pembeli Hampa
SAYA membeli kondominium berharga RM145,160 di sebuah taman di Kuala Lumpur. Apa yang mendukacitakan saya ialah pemaju menuntut faedah lambat bayar daripada saya hampir RM2,000. Saya menulis surat rayuan kepada pemaju dengan memberi alasan munasabah antaranya; * Kelewatan Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan meluluskan permohonan kerana ada syarat tambahan tetapi saya sudah menandatangani surat jual beli.

Accept 'new' deal, CM urges purchasers 25/11/1999 The Star
The 500-odd Fettes Villa condominium and low-medium cost unit purchasers are urged to accept the developer's offer to cut 10% off the sales price and waive the claim on late delivery.

Lafite residents assured 26/11/1999 MM
AFTER living with their problems for nine years, residents of Lafite Apartments in Subang Jaya were finally given some deadlines by the developer to resolve them. Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, the Barisan Nasional candidate for the Subang Jaya Sate seat, acted as mediator during a dialogue beween the Residents Association Pro-tem Committee and the developer, Sime-UEP Properties Bhd, at the apartments in SS17/1G yesterday

Locking horns over non-action 26/11/1999 MM By P. Chandra Sagaran
DISSATISFACTION over the Government's "non-action" on consumer issues, especially those related to housing, has prompted a senior Fomca official to take on Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh in his Gopeng constituency. Fomca deputy president Abdul Rahman Said Alli, who is also Perak Consumers' Association president, is standing on a DAP ticket against Ting in a three-cornered fight which also involves the Malaysian Democratic Party's Said Ahmad Said Abas.


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