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Developer stops flats' maintenance 04/08/1992 NST-CITYX
RESIDENTS of Taman Bukit Jambul in Penang are angry that the developer has halted maintenance service since three months ago as this has caused them great inconvenience. They said the developer, Asas Dunia Sdn Bhd, had stopped the service after alleging that the 1,296 unit owners of the nine-block flats had not paid up accumulated debts totalling $208,230 in service charges since May 1988.

`Green' rule for housing developers  05/08/1992 NST-CITYX By Michael Lai
ALL developers are compelled to plant a sufficient number of trees and provide a car park for housing projects under the terms and conditions of their development contract. Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) legal adviser Mansor Hashim said local authorities have the legal provision to take to court developers who do not adhere to these terms.

House buyers may be evicted for not paying instalments 08/08/1992 NST
BUYERS of State Government low-cost houses who have defaulted in paying instalments for more than 30 months may face eviction unless they settle the arrears immediately. State Housing Committee chairman Zakaria Bakar told the New Straits Times the recommendation to evict those who refuse to pay up or give up their homes after the final notice, was agreed upon during the State Exco meeting last week.

Nod for builders to hire foreigners 11/08/1992 NST 
KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - The Government will allow housing developers and building contractors to recruit foreign workers on their own, Deputy Prime Minister Ghafar Baba said today. He said the private sector can hire foreign labour directly pending a decision by Government to appoint a local agent to recruit foreign workers.

`Green lane' for approval of low-cost houses 13/08/1992 BT
THE Selangor Government has proposed to adopt a "green lane" system to reduce red tape in the approval of low-cost housing, Menteri Besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said yesterday. Projects that qualify for the system will also be eligible for other such benefits as lower land premium, he said.

Incentives for developers of low-costs units 13/08/1992 NST 
SHAH ALAM, Wed. - The Selangor State Government may provide a "green lane" privilege - no red tape and lower land premium payments - for developers of low- cost houses to speed up their schemes in the Klang Valley. Menteri Besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said the State Government was also studying a proposal by the Federal Territory-Selangor branch of the Housing Developers' Association (HDA) to set up a special committee to monitor low-cost housing schemes that are carried out immediately after State Exco approval.

Receiver for abandoned project to meet buyers 13/08/1992 MM
BUYERS of apartments at the abandoned Sunrise Park project in Ampang Jaya can look forward to seeing their homes completed. MP for Ampang Jaya, Ong Tee Kiat told The Malay Mail that the receiver for the project, Peat Marwick, had informed him that a meeting with the apartment purchasers will be held on Saturday at 3pm at the Dewan Ahmad Razali.

Settling service fee row 15/08/1992 NST
RESIDENTS of Block H in Taman Bukit Jambul, Bayan Baru, are set to be an example in "condo-living" following a compromise regarding maintenance service reached between them and the property developer Asas Dunia Sdn Bhd. The State Assemblywoman for the area Madam Kee Phaik Cheen, who mediated in the dispute, has proposed to resolve the "sub-standard maintenance" problem by having the company service only those blocks which pay up the fees.

23 projek terbengkalai 17/08/1992 BH 
KUANTAN, Ahad - Dua puluh tiga projek perumahan di negeri ini membabitkan perbelanjaan lebih $35 juta dilaporkan terbengkalai sehingga akhir tahun lalu. Menurut sumber, daripada jumlah itu, 12 pemaju projek kini bercadang menyambung semula kerja pembinaan manakala sembilan lagi hampir siap dan layak memperolehi Sijil Kelayakan Menduduki (CFO).

Puteri Wangsa housing scheme revived 21/08/1992 NST-SSPEC
THE abandoned housing projects in Johor Baru, highlighted in the NST on June 5, has drawn feedback from at least one of the developers concerned. Insun Development Sdn Bhd, the developer of Taman Puteri Wangsa near Ulu Tiram, reassures purchasers involved that it has not abandoned the project.

Of titles for condo-owners 23/08/1992 SUM
ON reality condo-owners have to live with is that they will not get the title to their homes or investments for some years due to the long delays in the issuance if strata title. Without title they will have to rely contractual documents for their rights to their condos. What does this actually mean and what are its implications to you?

Builders cannot escape liability for ads 27/08/1992 NST By C.K.G. Pillay
GROWTH of our population and economic prosperity far exceed the availability of land to match such expansion. This results in more high-rise residential buildings such as flats, apartments and condominiums. The shortage of accommodation is aggravated by "encroachment" of Singaporeans especially in Johor Baru and Malacca.

Housebuyers caught in the middle 27/08/1992 MM
* Case one * SHAH of Taman Sri Keramat wonders why the developer of the Asiaville Phase 1 project asked him to collect the keys to his new house when it is still not ready for occupation. "I bought a two-and-half-storey unit from MBf Property in August, 1990," he says.

Dilemma for man who bought `Bumi' house 27/08/1992 NST 
MALACCA, Wed. - A non-Bumiputera who wanted to use a terrace house he bought two years ago in Johor as collateral for an over-draft facility (OD) got a shock when he found that the house was allocated for Bumiputera buyers. On being told by the bank that he was not eligible for the OD as the house was meant for Bumiputeras, Mr Sia Boon Swee, a sub-contractor, went to the developer of the scheme who told him not to make a big issue of the matter.

Deliver or else! 31/08/1992 MM 
HOUSING developers have been warned against using the clause "subject to change" as an excuse for not providing facilities advertised in their brochures. This clause is only applicable to minor technical adjustments required by the authorities after building or layout plans had been approved.

Bad construction puts house owners in a fix 31/08/1992 NST 
LEAKING roofs, cracks appearing on walls, exposed electrical wires - these are the woes that some 50 house owners at Taman Guar Perahu in Seberang Prai Tengah claim they have had to put up with since moving into their homes a year ago. A spokesman for the residents, Encik Omar Mohamed, 43, said the house buyers had paid about $40,000 each, inclusive of additional features promised by the developer, for their single-storey semi-detached homes only to suffer heartache upon moving in.


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