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New ruling for developers 01/07/1992 NST 
KUALA LUMPUR, Tues. - Housing developers will have more responsibilities on their hands when the Housing and Local Government Ministry's new ruling on the issuing of certificate of fitness (CF) for occupation takes effect tomorrow. Under the new ruling, housing developers must get clearance from the Government departments and agencies before they can submit their applications for CFs.

Clients must now be insured 02/07/1992 MM
A MANDATORY insurance scheme to provide cover for claimants in the event of malpractice by an advocate or solicitor of the Malaysian Bar was launched yesterday. The Malaysian Bar Insurance Scheme, the first professional indemnity insurance scheme to be introduced through legislation here, was mooted to meet the growing global trend, in the legal profession, towards consumerism.

Mandatory insurance plan for lawyers and clients 02/07/1992 NST By Vijayan Menon
KUALA LUMPUR, Wed. - The Bar Council today launched a compulsory insurance scheme to provide coverage for lawyers and their clients in cases such as negligence and fraud. All members of the Bar will be required to participate in the scheme which will provide a mandatory minimum limit of indemnity of $250,000 for each and every claim for a practitioner.

Paying for shifty laywers 03/07/1992 NST
IT is a lamentable fact, and perhaps it is the sign of the times we are living in, that over the last several years the image of lawyers, previously held in high esteem, has taken some battering. The reasons have been many and varied, from the antics of the Bar Council on the appointment of the Lord President, Tun Abdul Hamid Omar, to the unseemly ambulance chasing by some members of the legal fraternity. However, the biggest sin of our lawyers, supposedly one of the guardians of law and order, against the members of the public has been the growing number of fraud and criminal breach of trust involving public funds deposited under the clients accounts. The Bar Council is supposed to compensate the victims but the amount made good has never been more than a fraction of the losses incurred.

House buyers plan to sue developer 03/07/1992 NST-CITYX By Noor Hayati
A HOUSING developer which started a project before it was approved by the local authority is facing the wrath of buyers who have had to wait for a long time for their houses to be given occupancy certificates (OC). Perumahan Muhibbah Sdn Bhd has also been fined over $93,000 for starting its flats project in Batu Maung before it was approved by the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP).

Greening plan only for new housing estates 03/07/1992 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Thurs. - Only new housing projects are required to preserve the environment, including planting of trees, under the ruling imposed by the Housing and Local Development before certificate of fitness (CF) are issued. Its Minister, Encik Daud Taha, said the ruling will not apply to existing projects because it would cause a delay in issuing the CFs for completed houses besides causing difficulties to buyers and developers.

Bickering over maintenance costs 04/07/1992 MM
THE maintenance fee - the monthly amount that one pays for the upkeep of a housing area - is a major bugbear between housebuyers and developers, especially in high-rises. The question revolves around a fair and justifiable fee for the maintenance of common areas in the housing project.

Owners will be the final losers, says HDA man 04/07/1992 MM
PROPERTY owners, especially of highrises, are the ones who will lose out if their properties are not well-maintained. Housing Developers Association (HDA) secretary-general Alan Tong said although it may appear as though developers are the losers when buyers refuse to pay up, it is the property owner who will suffer from a drop in value of his property due to poor upkeep.

Handicap advised to inform developers of special needs 07/07/1992 MM
HOUSES fitted with special features to accommodate the disabled can be arranged if buyers inform the developers of the need for such facilities. Housing Developers Association executive director Yin Ee Kok believed some developers would be willing to accommodate requests for facilities like ramps and specially fitted toilets.

Ghafar hits out at developers 07/07/1992 BT
ENCIK Ghafar Baba said the construction sector should not blame the Government for taking action against illegal workers who failed to register by June 30. He said if the action had affected the industry, the employers themselves should be blamed for not registering the workers with the Immigration Department. "This they have failed to do ... and now they are blaming the Government," he told reporters after a dialogue with 400 Felda settlers in Kuantan. Ghafar was asked to comment on a recent news report that the Housing Developers Association (HDA) and Union of Employees in the Construction Industry feared that the Government's action against illegal workers would affect the construction sector. - Bernama

Aturan baru pulih projek 09/07/1992 BH By Shahrizal Sanusi
MELAKA, Rabu - Tempoh pemulihan projek terbengkalai di Melaka akan dipendekkan daripada lapan bulan kepada 10 minggu, kata Ketua Menteri Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik. Beliau berkata, Kerajaan Melaka memutuskan untuk memberi kuasa kepada agensi kerajaan atau badan berkanun melaksanakan peraturan baru itu bagi membolehkan sesuatu projek terbengkalai digerakkan semula dengan cepat.

10 minggu bagi siap projek terbengkalai 09/07/1992 BH 
MELAKA, Rabu - Tempoh pemulihan projek terbengkalai di Melaka akan dipendekkan daripada lapan bulan kepada 10 minggu, kata Ketua Menteri Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik. Beliau berkata, Kerajaan Melaka memutuskan untuk memberi kuasa kepada agensi kerajaan atau badan berkanun melaksanakan peraturan baru itu bagi membolehkan sesuatu projek terbengkalai digerakkan semula dengan cepat.

Reviving abandoned projects 09/07/1992 BT
THE Malacca Government has taken measures to speed up the revival of projects abandoned by contractors, Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik said in yesterday. He said the cancellation of the contract and the alloting of the contract to others will from now on take just 10 weeks instead of the eight months previously. He said contractors who fail to complete projects within the stipulated period will be given three warning letters over a six-week period. Speaking to reporters after chairing a State Executive Council meeting in Malacca, he said if contractors fail to come up with a satisfactory explanation or show satisfactory performance, the project will be taken over by others. The contractor who had failed to complete the project will have to pay a fine as stipulated by the Tender Board, Rahim said. - Bernama

It pays to build and then sell 10/07/1992 NST
IT IS ironical that one lone developer's voice should beg to differ from the adamant chorus of the local housing developers that the build-then-sell concept is not feasible in Malaysia. That voice comes from Ian Courts, the managing director of United Kingdom's Laing Homes Limited, who was here recently to deliver a paper on The United Kingdom's Experience In Implementing The Build-Then-Sell Concept.

Late payment charge shock for buyers 11/07/1992 MM 
THE imposition of a large penalty interest, purportedly for late settlement of progress payments, has put two house buyers in a quandary. They are perplexed that the developer merely gave them a bill without a proper breakdown and explanation on when they were late in their payments.

Akhirnya pembeli juga jadi mangsa 13/07/1992 HM
JOHOR BAHRU: Pemaju lepas tangan, pembeli yang jadi mangsa... Penduduk Taman Dahlia yang sebelum ini dikenali sebagai Taman Dewan Jaya mendakwa mereka menghadapi masalah tinggal di rumah yang terbengkalai sejak lima tahun lalu.

50 projek pembinaan tergendala 14/07/1992 BH By Jamaludin Husin
MUAR, Isnin - Sekurang-kurangnya 50 projek pembinaan termasuk beberapa projek perumahan bernilai kira-kira $1 bilion di Johor, tergendala kerana kontraktor sukar mendapat bekalan simen sejak dua minggu lalu. Berikutan itu, kontraktor terbabit mengalami kerugian berpuluh ribu ringgit sehari kerana terpaksa membayar kos perkhidmatan termasuk gaji pekerja.

Sekarang sudah boleh didiami 17/07/1992 HM
JOHOR BAHRU: Sudah siap. Projek perumahan Fasa 2A Taman Selesa Jaya di sini yang terbengkalai sejak lapan tahun lalu kini boleh didiami.

Five-year plan to restore Kobena 20/07/1992 BT
THE Land and Cooperative Development Ministry is drawing up a five-year plan to rehabilitate the problem-ridden National Youth Cooperative (Kobena). Kobena has accumulated debts amounting to $130 million caused by the abandoning of several projects due to the recession of the 1980s, its Deputy Minister Datuk Khalid Yunus said.

Aggregate shortage may hinder projects 21/07/1992 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - The Housing Developers' Association and the Master Builders' Association of Malaysia have warned that the completion of thousands of houses in the Klang Valley may be delayed and some projects may even be abandoned if the current shortage of aggregate is not resolved. Aggregate comprises gravel and broken stone which are used for making concrete and used for construction.

200 projek sakit 22/07/1992 BH By Kamal Ahmad
KUALA LUMPUR, Selasa - Lebih 200 projek, yang masing-masing bernilai kira-kira $500,000, diisytihar sebagai projek sakit atau terbengkalai bagi tempoh sehingga akhir Mei lalu, kata Menteri Kerjaraya, Datuk Leo Moggie. Katanya, projek berkenaan sebahagian besarnya dilaksanakan oleh kontraktor Kelas D, E, F dan X. Ia didapati lewat 30 peratus daripada tarikh yang dijadualkan kerana masalah kewangan dan pengurusan.

Cuai punca projek sakit terbengkalai 23/07/1992 BH
MUAR, Rabu - Pertubuhan Konsortium Kontraktor Bumiputera Malaysia (PKKBM) memandang berat masalah lebih 200 projek sakit atau terbengkalai, membabitkan pembinaan kemudahan asas dan infrastruktur di negara ini kerana ia merugikan masa, tenaga dan penggunaan kemudahan awam. Presidennya, Razmi Abdul Rahman, berkata projek yang membabitkan pembinaan rumah dan jalan raya seharusnya diberi perhatian bukan saja oleh pemborong, malah pihak pelaksana projek.

Taman Sri Bahagia hampir siap 24/07/1992 BH
MUAR, Rabu - Projek Taman Sri Bahagia di Tanjung Agas dekat sini yang terbengkalai sejak lebih 10 tahun lalu sudah siap 65 peratus pembinaannya. Jurucakap jawatankuasa bertindak pembeli rumah di projek itu berkata, usaha memulihkan pembinaan rumah itu yang dilakukan sejak awal tahun ini mencapai kejayaan menggalakkan.

Pembeli kecewa rumah belum siap 24/07/1992 HM
ULU TIRAM: Sudah enam tahun menunggu tetapi rumah masih tak siap... Lebih 6,234 pembeli rumah Taman Puteri Wangsa di Kilometer 17.6 di sini, kecewa kerana pemaju gagal menyiapkan projek itu mengikut jadual.

City Hall approval for 154 extension building plans 25/07/1992 NST
IPOH City Hall has approved 154 building plans of house owners who had extended their homes illegally. Its public relations officer Syed Azlan Syed Ahmad said all those whose plans were approved were also issued compound fines of $300.

Pemaju tidak patuhi pelan 27/07/1992 HM By Suryani Ahmad
JOHOR BAHRU: Salah pemaju... Projek perumahan Taman Kota Jaya gagal memperolehi Sijil Kelayakan (CF) kerana dibina tidak mengikut pelan yang dikehendaki oleh Majlis Daerah Kota Tinggi (MDKT).

Houses likely to cost more, says HDA 28/07/1992 NST 
KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - The price of houses and other buildings may increase as developers are expected to pass on the additional cost of hiring foreign labour to consumers. Housing Developers' Association executive director Yin Ee Kok said the various payments for hiring foreign workers, including the agent's cost, stamping charges, medical fees, security bond, service charge and processing fees levied by the Indonesian Embassy and Immigration Department amounted to $1,310 per worker.

Builders: Unwise to have one body to regulate aliens 28/07/1992 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - The Housing Developers' Association (HDA) and the Master Builders Association (MBA) have expressed reservations over the effectiveness of the proposed parent body to regulate the inflow of foreigners and help protect employers against workers who change jobs frequently. They felt that it was unnecessary to to have a body to cary out such functions.

Builders oppose foreign labour agency proposal 28/07/1992 BT
THE construction industry is opposed to a proposal which they fear can develop into a monopoly in the recruitment of foreign labour. In a joint press conference, the Housing Developers' Association (HDA) and the Master Builders Association (MBA) said such a move will result in extra red tape, time wasting and additional cost.

The quagmire of labour woes 29/07/1992 NST
THE grief of the Housing Developers' Association (HDA) having to pay $1,310 for each foreign worker that its members hire does not win much sympathy. Nor do we agree to its remarkably simple solution to the problem, which is to pass on the additional cost of hiring foreign labour to consumers. The suggested solution reveals the association's lack of maturity in tackling the problems besieging the housing industry. It would appear that its professed sugarcoated commitment to help the nation achieve a home-owning democracy easily gives way to the greedy realities of business

House buyers who can't pay arrears of $300,000 30/07/1992 NST-CITYX By Lim Kim Bee
OF the $18.1 million assessment arrears owed to Ipoh City Council, at least $300,000 is by people whose housing schemes were abandoned several years ago or had no occupation certificates (OCs). The New Straits Times learnt that the council had been unable to collect such arrears for several years, despite repeated efforts to do so as the developers had absconded.


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