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  1. Shoddy work still main grouse against builders  22/01/2001 The Star
    Petaling Jaya: Shoddy workmanship, which has been the main complain against developers for several years, continued to be the largest single complaint brought to the Housebuyers Association (HBA) since its inception two years ago.

  2. Buyers still waiting for their houses after four years  22/01/2001 The StarKUALA LUMPUR: More than 50 families are still waiting for their houses in Taman Permai, Ampang, although the project was to have been completed four years ago. Mohd Noh Nasira, secretary of the Taman Permai Jaya pro tem committee, said they had bought the houses in 1995 and delivery was due in 1997.

  3. Will buyers hiss or kiss developers? 27/01/2001 MM
    With the Year of the Dragon last year, housebuyers ‘fired’ developers for their shoddy workmanship in building houses.

  4. Make geological reports compulsory 31/01/2001  The Star
    PETALING JAYA: The House buyers Association (HBA) has called on the Government to make mandatory for developers to furnish a geological report to the authorities before housing projects are approved.

  5. A defender of your rights 16/2/2001 The Star
    Buying a piece of property is a very important decision for everyone. It takes a lot of time and consideration, and for a lot of people, their life-savings.

  6. Housebuyers seek better remedy 22/02/2001 The Star By Sim Leoi Leoi
    PETALING JAYA: Various groups have called for an alternative remedy to enable housebuyers to get a faster compensation from developers in cases of late delivery.

  7. Association to submit report to Housing Ministry 24/02/2001  The Star By Dharmender Singh
    The Housebuyers Association is preparing a report on cracks in 14 houses in Taman Koperasi Cuepacs in Cheras Km19.2 before submitting it to the Housing and Local Government Ministry.

  8. House buyers 'lack time, money for courts' 26/02/2001 The Star
    Petaling Jaya: Getting court-ordered compensation for late delivery from housing developers only inconveniences house buyers, said complainants who attended a House Buyers Association meeting.

  9. Still waiting for their apartments after 15 years  27/02/2001 The Star
    HBA secretary-general Chang Kim Loong said if the the Housing Developers Act was adhered to, such incidents would not occur.

  10. Venice Hill condo buyers in a dilemma 03/03/2001 NST
    Frustrated with the lack of response from the developer, several residents recently approached the House Buyers' Association (HBA) for asssistance.

  11. Buyers: Impose tougher laws over strata titles 16/04/2001 The Star
    PENANG: The newly-registered Housebuyers Association (HBA) wants the Government to impose stricter laws to compel developers to apply for strata titles for high-rise units.

  12. Syor Akta Perlindungan Pembeli Rumah 17/04/2001 BH  
    PERSATUAN Pembeli Perumahan (HBA) meminta kerajaan mewujudkan undang- undang khusus bagi melindungi pembeli hartanah dan memastikan mereka mendapat layanan sewajarnya daripada pemaju.

  13. 'Build first, then sell' policy mooted for houses 20/04/2001 Malaysia Kini
    The government has been urged to implement a 'Build first then sell' concept - where developers can sell their properties only after they are fully-built- to overcome numerous complaints by disgruntled home buyers relating to abandoned housing projects.

  14. Housebuyers guide on website 20/04/2001 The Star
    PENANG: Housebuyers who face various problems such as housing delays or defects can now visit a new website to find out more about their rights. House Buyers Association (HBA) secretary-general Chang Kim Loong said yesterday the HBA website would serve as an "A to Z'' guide for purchasers.

  15. `Submit Form 7F' warning  21/04/2001 NST By Patrick Sennyah
    "I have repeatedly warned these developers to submit their Form 7F on time and despite these warnings there are still those who have failed to do so," he said after officially launching the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor House Buyers association.

  16. Educating housebuyers on their rights 01/05/2001 NST
    Property and Investment Deal 2001 (PAID) is the first property fair to have the support and participation of the House Buyers Association (HBA) Organised by Messe Lingk (M) Sdn Bhd, the PAID 2001 roadshow was launched by last Friday by Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Senator Datuk M..Kayveas at Subang Parade.

  17. Solution to home ownership woes 01/05/2001 MM By Devasahayam Selvan
    FOR many, investing in the `right' house might be quite a job. Lest you are left high and dry once you move into your home, you must give enough room for all the right steps to be taken thereafter.

  18. 30 lodge reports against developer 06/05/ 2001 The Star
    KUALA LUMPUR: Some 30 purchasers of houses at a project at the 18th kilometre, Jalan Cheras, lodged police reports against the developer yesterday for allegedly cheating them of their deposits.

  19. Ask builders for more time to secure loan, buyers urged  21/05/2001 The Star
    KUALA LUMPUR: The House Buyers Association has urged buyers to ask developers for more time to secure a loan when buying property whose construction is underway.

  20. New Clause in S & P Agreement 22/05/2001 NST
    Petaling Jaya, Mon – A new clause will be inserted into the standard sale and purchase agreement to give house buyers more time to secure a loan when buying property under construction.

  21. New clause on end-financing in S&Ps soon 22/05/2001 The Star
    Kuala Lumpur: It will soon be mandatory for sales and purchase agreements to have a clause telling purchasers to consult their end-financiers before buying a house. 

  22. Enforcement the key 25/05/2001 By Nicholas Mun
    House Buyers' Association secretary-general Chang Kim Loong said although the proposed Act would "plug the gap" that exists between the issuance of the CFO and strata titles, it is only "a good interim measure." 

  23. 18 peratus pembeli lewat terima rumah 25/05/2001 BH By Mona Ahmad
    KUALA LUMPUR, Khamis - Kajian Persatuan Pembeli Rumah Wilayah Persekutuan dan Selangor (HBA) mendapati, 18 peratus daripada 10,000 pembeli di negara ini lewat menerima rumah daripada tempoh dijanjikan manakala 17 peratus lagi tidak memperoleh= sijil layak menduduki (CF). Presidennya, Datuk Kamaruddin Bachik, berkata HBA juga mendapati pembeli mengalami masalah lain seperti pelan rumah berlainan daripada yang diluluskan.

  24. New groups helping to air grouses 24/06/2001 The Sun By P.Vijian
    Citizens are organising themselves to seek solutions to problems of urban living If you've got a problem, don't just grumble - make sure your voice is heard.

  25. Call for probe into TCF issue 02/07/2001 MM
    THE House Buyers Association secretary-general, Chang Kim Loong, said the Housing and Local Government Ministry should investigate why the Temporary Certificate of Fitness (TCF) was issued for the Villa OUG condominium. He confirmed that water supply and functional firefighting equipment was a prerequisite to the issuance of the TCF.

  26. Help for house buyers with grouses 07/07/2001 MM By Chow Ee-Tan
    THE House Buyers Association (HBA) of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor will work together with MCA Public Services and Complaints Department to help house buyers who encountered problems. For a start, the department will organise a workshop on July 14 from 9.30am until 12.30pm at Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

  27. 1,000 unresolved housing cases compiled 18/07/2001 The Star By Celeste Fong
    THE House Buyers Association (HBA) of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department has compiled at least 1,000 unresolved housing cases.

  28. Championing buyers' rights  22/07/2001 SUM By Dennis Chua
    HOUSE buyers must be made
    aware of their rights so they are not taken for a ride by unscrupulous developers. It was with this in mind that the House Buyers Association (HBA) was set up and registered in July last year.

  29. Educating housebuyers on their rights 30/07/2001 MM
    A HOUSEBUYER must be aware of his or her rights to avoid being cheated. Having seen over the years how people ended up short-changed by unscrupulous housing developers, ex-civil servant Datuk Zainuddin Bachik and a group of concerned citizens set up the House Buyers Association (HBA) last year to protect the interests of purchasers. HBA also aims to work with the Government, particularly the Housing and Local Government Ministry, to strengthen consumer protection.

  30. Bar warns lawyers against touting  01/09/2001 The Star
    House Buyers Association (HBA) secretary-general Chang Kim Loong said it was a breach of professional ethics and a conflict of interest for both the purchaser and developer for lawyers to be present at housing project launches.

  31. Syor mestikan pemaju pasang sistem penggera 08/09/2001 BH
    KUALA LUMPUR, Jumaat - Kerajaan harus mewajibkan pemaju perumahan memasang sistem penggera kebakaran dan alat pemadam api untuk semua projek perumahan sebagai syarat mandatori.

  32. Minister mulls use of section 11 21/09/2001 NST-PROP By Nicholas Mun
    THE property industry may possibly be on the verge of breaking new ground in terms of consumer protection.

  33. Govt to protect housebuyers - Amendments to be tabled in parliament on Oct 8 01/10/2001 The Sun
    Petaling Jaya, Sun: The House Buyers Association (HBA) lauds the Housing and Local Government Ministry's effort to address the various problems faced by housebuyers because of errant developers.

  34. Group: Do more to protect housebuyers 06/10/2001 The Star 
    PETALING JAYA: The proposal by the Housing and Local Government Ministry to collect a RM200,000 deposit for companies applying for a developers’ licences is just “a drop of water in a teacup,” according to the House Buyers Association (HBA).

  35. Addressing housebuyers' grievances 16/10/2001 NST
    THE House Buyers' Association yesterday lauded the Government's effort in addressing the problems of housebuyers with the tabling of the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Amendment Bill 2001.

  36. Buyers cry foul over ‘town centre’  22/10/2001 The Star
    KUALA LUMPUR: Five years ago, 73-year-old Zain Hussin bought a shop house at a proposed town centre in Shah Alam as an investment after he retired.

  37. Govt move to provide housing funds lauded  22/10/2001 The Star
    PETALING JAYA: The House Buyers Association (HBA) and Real Estate and Housing Developers Association (Rehda) are extremely pleased with the government’s move in providing funds for housing for the lower-income group.

  38. Not home yet 26/10/2001 NST-PROP By Sheila Singam
    The much awaited amendments to the Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Act 1966 will lay the foundations for the Ministry of Housing and Local Government to further tighten the rules and regulations governing the industry.

  39. Association: Make developers list buyers 29/10/2001 The Star
    PETALING JAYA: It should be made mandatory for developers to exhibit the list of purchasers, their addresses and phone numbers on the notice board at the Local Government and Housing Ministry or the sales office, said the House Buyers Association.

  40. Be considerate, Kayveas warns developers 12/11/2001  The Star
    According to the House Buyers Association (HBA), MBSB had acknowledged in its letters to several customers that it failed to release the progress payments and had offered to bear the late payment charges imposed by the developer.

  41. HBA: Keep strata titles  20/12/2001 NST By Koh Lay Chin
    KUALA LUMPUR, Wed.- The House Buyers Association today advised house buyers to "get, keep and preserve" the strata titles to their high-rise apartment units as ultimate proof of their property ownership.

  42. HBA: No abandoned projects if developers follow the law 29/12/2001 The Star By Clarence Chua
    PETALING JAYA: House buyers would not have to face the prospects of abandoned projects if the law was properly adhered to, said the House Buyers Association (HBA).

  43. Kayveas slams errant builders 31/12/2001 NST By Annie Freeda Cruez
    The House Buyers Association (HBA) and the Federation of Malaysian Consumers  Association (Fomca) have also received numerous complaints on defects in new  buildings, especially houses.

HBA in the News

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