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JULY 2007

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Advice to Taman Ketiau residents
01/07/2007 Daily Express Sabah
Putatan: The residents of Taman Ketiau, near here, have been advised to register their residents action committee in compliance with the Local Authorities Act so that all their complaints can be heard and attended to legally.

Settle fees on time, flat dwellers urged Wong: Management needs funds to maintain common properties
02/07/2007 The Star
FLAT owners should settle their maintenance fees on time to ensure quality maintenance from the management, said Bayan Baru MP Datuk Wong Kam Hoong.

Malaysia to be made property hub
02/07/2007 The Star By Yap Leng Kuen
RM50mil grant each from Govt and private sector for promos

Many owners of HDC houses not paying loans
02/07/2007 The Star By Jack Wong
KUCHING: Owners of many low-cost houses built by the state-owned Housing Development Corporation (HDC) have failed to service their loans.

Fuming over renovations
02/07/2007 The Star By Salina Khalid
BUKIT Rimau residents are concerned about the grand renovation works carried out by the neighbouring house owners. They are worried that the alterations to the original structures would not only affect the structure of the building next-door but also affect the property value of the other units.

Set up JMB fast, residents of high-rise buildings urged
03/07/2007 The Star By Esther Chandran
DEVELOPERS and property owners need to work together to form the Joint Management Body (JMB) committees to replace pre-management committees set up at high-rise buildings in Serdang.

Easier way to deal with councils
03/07/2007 NST By : Minderjeet Kaur
KUALA LUMPUR: The setting up of one-stop centres in Putrajaya, Labuan and here will make dealing with local authorities easier and faster.

New law but the same loopholes
04/07/2007 By K.W. Mak
FOR years, stratified property owners have cried foul over the lack of protection from the processing of strata titles that seemingly take years to claims that Management Corporations (MC) were abusing maintenance and sinking funds. 

Developer's Background Must Be Checked, Housebuyers Told
04/07/2007 Bernama
KUALA LUMPUR, July 4 (Bernama) -- The people have been reminded to check the background of a property developer before proceeding to buy any property from the developer in order to avoid being cheated.

Low-cost house owners not repaying loans
04/07/2007 The Star By JACK WONG
KUCHING: Owners of many low-cost houses built by the state-owned Housing Development Corporation (HDC) here have failed to service their loans.

Sabah to investigate reports on land grabbing by businessmen
05/07/2007 The Star
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah will conduct an internal probe on claims of alleged grabbing of land by businessmen using "gangsters" in which victims claimed that police failed to act on many reports lodged over the past 15 years.

Syor semak status pemaju
05/07/2007 BH
SURUHANJAYA Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) menasihatkan bakal pembeli rumah menyemak status pemaju perumahan sebelum membuat keputusan membeli rumah daripada syarikat terbabit bagi mengelak ditipu.

PAM happy with centre
06/07/2007 The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: The service provided by one-stop centres (OSCs) for fast-track approval for housing projects has been commended by the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM).

Housing Ministry Face Teething Problems In OSC Implementation
05/07/2007 Bernama
KUALA LUMPUR, July 5 (Bernama) -- The implementation of the one-stop-centre (OSC) to speed up approval of development plans by 98 authorities since June 13 is facing teething problems due to conflicting interpretation of the guidelines.

Architects run into problems with one-stop centres
06/07/07 NST
KUALA LUMPUR: One-stop centres (OSCs) at local authorities handling applications for development projects have run into teething problems.

Police quarters finally ready
06/07/2007 NST
JOHOR BARU: After a decade of waiting, the Johor Baru South police quarters at Bukit Cagar here was finally completed and officially handed over to the police.

19 pembeli saman pemaju, MDKS
07/07/2007 Utusan Malaysia
KLANG 6 Julai - Seramai 19 orang pembeli rumah di Taman Wawasan, Tanjong Karang mengemukakan saman untuk menuntut ganti rugi di Mahkamah Sesyen di sini hari ini berikutan rumah yang dibeli sejak enam tahun lalu gagal diduduki.

Buyers' right to Build-Then-Sell system
07/07/2007 NST Letters-to-Editor By S.M. Mohamed, Consumers Association of Penang
We refer to the Viewpoint "Far from being rotten" (NST-Property, June 23, by Datuk Eddy Chen, the immediate past president of the Real Estate and Housing Developers' Association (Rehda).

Broken promises and devastating nightmares
07/07/2007 NST Letters-to-Editor By Norhidayah Yeoh Abdullah, Kuala Lumpur I refer to the Viewpoint from the immediate past president of the Real Estate and Housing Developers' Association (Rehda) ("Far from being rotten", NST-Property, June 23).

Oh, ...ehvens
07/07/2007 NST PROP TALK By Andrew Wong
You probably just missed it, sleepy heads: 7.07am, 7.7.07. The next time anything this significant comes around will be in 70 years.

Too good to be true
 07/07/2007  NST
Call them what you like? leasebacks, buy-to-let, cash back or own-for free. Developers have indeed come up with many creative plans to woo investors to their yet-to-be-built properties.

Residents the cause of service termination
09/07/2007 The Star By Charles Fernandez
POOR payments from residents have resulted in the termination of maintenance services by management companies and this has caused problems between both the parties.

Players aiming for world-class standards
09/07/2007 The Star By Angie Ng
Competitive market calls for higher quality EFFORTS to woo foreign property investors to Malaysia will motivate industry players to strive for world-class standards and further enliven the country's property landscape with more international-class products.

Homes: Review 'sell then build' system
09/07/2007 NST By  S. RAGUNATHAN, Petaling Jaya
I REFER to the report "Grappling with contention" (NST, June 30). The National House Buyers’ Association (HBA) has maintained that there are flaws in the "sell then build" system.

Committee wants more bite
10/07/2007 The Star By Bavani M.
The Condominium, Apartments and Highrise Committee (CAHC) is putting together a working paper to get more residents in the Federal Territory to join the committee to help tackle housing woes

Fraudulent land transfers up
10/07/2007 NST
THE number of land transfers executed by forged signatures has been climbing steadily since 2001. There were 16 cases in 2001 of land owners’ signatures being forged on transfer forms. The number rose to 19 the following year and 22 in 2003.

Closer to strata titles
11/07/2007 The Star
AFTER 17 years, residents of the Bercham flats in Ipoh are finally getting closer to obtaining their longed-for strata titles. The Perak Land and Mines Department has urged the residents of the 560-unit flats to submit their applications for their strata titles through their residents’ association.

Condominium Buyers Want Nightmare To End
11/07/2007 Bernama
KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 (Bernama) -- More than 30 buyers of abandoned Casa Riana Phase 16 condominium project in Taman Puncak Jalil, Puchong, here want the developer to complete the project quickly.

No Plans To Make Thumb Print Mandatory To Prevent Fraud
11/07/2007 Bernama
KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 (Bernama) -- The government has no plans yet to make the thumb print mandatory on all legal documents for the transfer of property or land ownership to prevent fraud.

Half of landowners in Negri yet to pay quit rent
12/07/2007 The Star
SEREMBAN: Almost half of the landowners in the state did not pay their quit rent this year, Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said.

Work resumes on stalled projects
14/07/2007 The Star Story and photo by Salina Khalid
LAGOON Perdana and Belvedere Service Apartment buyers can now sigh in relief as their abandoned apartment projects have been revived.

Don’t go overboard CM: Builders must keep their prices competitive
14/07/2007 The Star
PENANG: Developers must make sure that their property prices remain competitive or risk losing potential buyers.

Sri Ram: Ignore wrong rulings
14/07/2007 NST
PUTRAJAYA: Court rulings which wrongly interpreted existing laws need not be followed as precedents, Court of Appeal judge Datuk Gopal Sri Ram said.

Provision for differing views
14/07/2007 NST
KUALA LUMPUR: It is perfectly fine for a judge of a lower court not to follow a ruling of a superior court.

Land Deal: Court of Appeal declares ... Federal Court ruling wrong
14/07/2007 NST By V. Anbalagan
Members of the appellate court, Datuk Md Raus Sharif (left) and Datuk Hasan Lah, have called for a review of the case but say they are bound by the apex court’s ruling in line with the doctrine of binding precedent.

Protection from deception needed
14/07/2007 NST By Zoe Phoon
An insurance to protect homebuyers, one that gives the reassurance that their legal interest in a property is safeguarded for as long as they, or their heirs, own it.

Bar Council backs Court of Appeal ruling
15/07/2007 NST By David Yeow
Roger Tan believes the solution lies in the reform of the National Land Code

Landowners need protection
15/07/2007 The Star
PETALING JAYA: The Bar Council wants the Government to amend the National Land Code to protect landowners and bona fide purchasers from losing or buying property through others' fraudulent actions.

Hopes rise with verdict
15/07/2007 NSUNT
KUALA LUMPUR: Gary (not his real name) was at home on an oil palm estate when a stranger showed up and claimed he was the new owner of the property. Since that day three years ago, Gary has been locked in a legal tussle over the ownership of the 3.72 hectare estate in Perlis.

Council: Don’t turn flats into mini zoos
16/07/2007 The Star By DERRICK VINESH
High-rise housing dwellers should not turn their units into a mini zoo, Seberang Prai Municipal president Farizan Darus said.

Quit rent waiver for pre-War houses
16/07/2007 The Star
MUAR: The Malacca Government is considering exempting quit rent for owners of pre-War traditional houses.

Seret pemaju ke mahkamah
16/07/2007 HM
BUKIT BERUNTUNG: "Kami ingin mengheret mereka ke mahkamah untuk mendapat pembelaan terbaik," kata Husin Abdullah yang mewakili penduduk Jalan Adenium dekat sini, mengenai pemaju kawasan perumahan itu yang gagal menyempurnakan kerja penyelenggaraan prasarana asas di taman itu. Dia mewakili 29 pembeli lain yang kini menetap di Jalan Adenium projek perumahan RT1 Bandar Bukit Beruntung membuat laporan polis kerana tidak berpuas hati terhadap pemaju berkenaan. 

Fund to help petty traders buy homes
17/07/2007 The Star
PENANG: Petty traders, fishermen and others who can afford to buy a house but do not have documents to prove their income will soon be able to rely on a revolving fund as collateral for housing loan applications.

Electricity deposit up for review
17/07/2007 The Star
PETALING JAYA: Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is reviewing the deposit paid by its 5.7 million users nationwide.

Housing projects: Compile data to identify problems
17/07/2007 By: V. THOMAS, Sungai Buloh, Selangor
IT is necessary for the various authorities and associations to collect all available information on the reasons for the problems plaguing the housing industry, especially the delay or abandoning of housing schemes that have led to much anguish and loss to thousands of housebuyers nationwide.

`Segerakan proses jual beli'
18/07/2007 BH Oleh Rosmalina Abd Kadir
KUALA LUMPUR: Penghuni blok F3 dan F12 Seksyen 1, Wangsa Maju, di sini berharap pihak berkaitan menyegerakan proses penjualan rumah yang mereka duduki sejak 20 tahun lalu kerana ia masih berstatus sewa beli. Kedua-dua blok berkenaan yang mengandungi 70 unit rumah adalah rumah awam milik Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL), yang dibeli daripada pemaju pada 1985, iaitu lebih 20 tahun lalu dan disewakan kepada penduduk dengan kadar RM124 sebulan.

Grappling with contentions
18/07/2007 NST-PROP By National House Buyers Association
We refer to the Viewpoint presented by Datuk Eddy Chen, a past president of the Real Estate and Housing Developers' Association (Rehda) and chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Rehda Institute "Far from being rotten" (NST-Property, June 23).

Rehda masking real issue
19/07/2007 NST-PROP
The Viewpoint in NST-Property on June 23 ("Far from being rotten") refers. Lengthy and seemingly complicated debates can often be reduced to a single salient point if we focus on the core issue. The rest are just verbosity and obfuscations.

HBA keeps fingers crossed on new housing regulations
21/07/2007 NST By Zuhaila Sedek
THE path to implementing the Build-Then-Sell (BTS) mode of housing delivery is now clear - except for one aspect: How it will be incorporated in the standard Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA).

Long wait for apartment buyers is over
23/07/2007 The Star
AFTER waiting nine long years, Taman Kristal Block C apartment buyers in Penang can finally move into their new homes.

One bill for water, sewerage charges
23/07/2007 NST
SITIAWAN: Sewerage charges will be merged with the water bill as sewerage is part of the "water cycle", Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik said yesterday.

IWK takes 15,181 defaulters to court
23/07/2007 The Star
SHAH ALAM: A total of 15,181 Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd (IWK) subscribers have been charged in court up to May this year for failing to settle their arrears in unpaid bills.

Tembok runtuh hempap tujuh kereta
23/07/2007 BH
KUALA LUMPUR: Tujuh kereta yang diletakkan di tempat letak kenderaan di Blok 19, Rumah Pangsa Taman Bukit Angkasa berhampiran tapak pembinaan rosak apabila tembok setinggi 2.5 meter runtuh, di sini, semalam. Dalam kejadian hujan lebat kira-kira jam 2 petang itu, tiga kereta yang diletakkan kira-kira dua meter di bawah kawasan pembinaan mengalami kerosakan teruk, manakala yang lain mengalami kerosakan kecil.

`Saya sangka bangunan runtuh'
23/07/2007 HM Oleh Sarah Zulkifli
KUALA LUMPUR: "Saya terkejut apabila mendengar bunyi dentuman begitu kuat seakan-akan bunyi bangunan runtuh. Sejurus kemudian, pagar keselamatan runtuh mengakibatkan beberapa kenderaan diletakkan di kawasan berhampiran rosak," kata suri rumah, Milah Senan, 50, menceritakan detik cemas ketika menyaksikan kejadian gelongsoran tanah di kawasan pembinaan di flet Taman Bukit Angkasa, Pantai Dalam, di sini, petang semalam.

Government to review land code Bar Council calls for amendment
25/07/2007 The Star
PUTRAJAYA: The Government has agreed to look into a Bar Council proposal to amend the National Land Code, following a recent Court of Appeal ruling over a land purchase.

Group: Sabah, Sarawak land codes are different
25/07/2007 The Star By MUGUNTAN VANAR
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah and Sarawak’s land codes will not be affected by the controversial Federal Court’s 2001 decision on the Adrona Properties vs Boonsom Boonyanit case.

Pemilik serbu pejabat TNB
26/07/2007 HM
BANGI: Beberapa pemilik pangsapuri Sky Villa di Serdang, dekat sini, `menyerbu' pejabat Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) kawasan berkenaan semalam, bagi meminta penjelasan selepas kediaman mereka tidak mempunyai meter elektrik walaupun sudah siap dibina sejak Mac lalu. Pemilik pangsapuri itu dikatakan sudah menjelaskan semua bayaran yang diminta pihak bertanggungjawab serta sudah memiliki kunci namun ketiadaan meter elektrik menyebabkan pemiliknya gagal mendiami rumah masing-masing.

Penduduk tuntut janji
26/07/2007 HM Oleh Maiamalina Mohamed Amin
PETALING JAYA: Penduduk Flet Impian Baiduri, di sini, sepakat membantah tindakan pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT) yang didakwa melanggar janji untuk menyediakan padang bola dan beberapa kemudahan asas kepada penduduk termasuk rumah ibadat. Bantahan itu disuarakan melalui perhimpunan secara aman di tepi jalan bersama sepanduk yang tertera pelbagai luahan rasa tidak puas hati penduduk terhadap apa yang berlaku selain menuntut kemudahan itu disegerakan.

Board to handle strata title grouses
26/07/2007 The Star
PUTRAJAYA: The soon-to-be-formed Strata Titles Board will handle all complaints regarding strata titles.

Talam awaits nod for debt revamp
26/07/2007 The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: Talam Corp Bhd is awaiting Securities Commission (SC) approval for its proposed scheme to restructure RM830mil debt, said executive chairman Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye.

New board members for K Euro soon
26/07/2007 The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: Kumpulan Europlus Bhd (K Euro), which is now controlled by Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye, will soon see new faces in its board after IJM Corp Bhd completes the purchase of 25% stake in the group.

One sold despite pleas by owners of 21 units
28/07/2007 The Star
OWNERS of 21 apartment units along Jalan Penang Free in Penang pleaded to the public not to take part in an auction of their homes. However, much to their disappointment, one unit was eventually sold in the exercise on Saturday.

Headaches of a new fangled law  
28/07/2007 NST By G. Umakanthan
WHILE people living in stratified buildings may have welcomed the recent enactment of the Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act 2007 (BCPA), there are many facets of this law that would have escaped their attention, according to an expert. Penang-based lawyer Lee Kim Noor said the BCPA, which took six years to take shape, started out as a move to empower the buyer. Today, this law makes property management a totally new ball-game.

Ministry building up a matrix of accountability
29/07/2007 Sunday Star
KUALA LUMPUR: Architects, engineers, plumbers and electricians will all have to take responsibility for their parcel in building a house.

Act comes under scrutiny
30/07/2007 The Star
There is a lot of uncertainty pertaining to the Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act, 2007 and industry players, including purchasers, want it to be further fine-tuned

Strata Act amended recently to defuse time bomb
30/07/2007 The Star
THE Strata Titles Act (STA) 1985 has been amended recently to help defuse the “time bomb” over the management of properties issued or to be issued with strata titles.

Penduduk Impiana Baiduri, pemaju diminta bincang
30/07/2007 HM
PETALING JAYA: Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) menyarankan penduduk Flet Impian Baiduri, di sini, berbincang dengan syarikat pemaju yang melanggar perjanjian apabila tidak menyediakan padang bola dan beberapa kemudahan asas kepada penduduk termasuk rumah ibadat. Datuk Bandar MBPJ, Roslan Sakiman, berkata kawasan lapang itu adalah tanah sekata dan pihaknya akan mengkaji mengenai pembangunan secara komersial di lokasi berkenaan.

Tayar kena pancit kerana rebut tempat letak kereta
30/07/2007 HM
KUALA LUMPUR: Penghuni rumah pangsa kos rendah Blok 20 Taman Bukit Angkasa di sini, bimbang kereta mereka dicalar atau tayar dipancitkan sekiranya menghalang kenderaan lain, berikutan masalah kekurangan tempat letak kenderaan di flet berkenaan. Difahamkan, sebelum ini berlaku beberapa pergaduhan membabitkan pemilik kenderaan apabila masing-masing tidak puas hati selepas mendapati kereta mereka dirosakkan.


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