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Waiting to move into new home 01/09/2000  MM
HE was looking forward to moving into his new home last September - the promised date of completion for the house he bought in Bandar Subang Pinggiran. Leong says when he signed the sales and purchase agreement in March 1997, he was promised that the unit would be ready within two years

No end to house-owners' problems 04/09/2000 MM
HAVING a dream house is not easy - just ask the more than 100 house-owners in Section 2, Bandar Rinching in Semenyih. They have faced problems with their new homes from day one and now, four years after making downpayments of about RM10,000 each for the houses, there is still no end to their problems.

SOS: Banks should be responsible 06/09/2000 The Star Penang
Banks that release funds indiscriminately to developers should be responsible for seeing to the completion of stalled projects, said SOS (Save Ourselves) secretary Ong Boon Keong.

Gloom: Bandar Rinching folk face CF hitch 07/09/2000 MM
BANDAR Rinching house-buyers will not get their certificate of fitness (CF) any time soon. They will have to postpone all plans of moving into their dream house until the developer, Rhombus Sdn Bhd and the Selangor Waterworks Department (JBA) can agree on who is going to pay for the laying of water pipes for the area's Integrated Water Supply Scheme (IWSS).

Tribunal perumahan akan ditubuh 08/09/2000 Utusan
Port Dickson 7 Sept - Kementerian Perumahan dan KerajaanTempatan akan menubuhkan sebuah tribunal perumahan bagi menangani projek rumah terbengkalai dan masalah lain termasuk projek yang gagal mendapat Sijil Kelayakan mYYenduduki (CF).

New guidelines for planning and development 08/09/2000 The Star
Port Dickson: A more uniformed development is expected from all states as local authorities will now be using a standardised version for the guidelines on planning and development.

Projek kondo terbakar kali kedua 09/09/2000 HM
SEBUAH projek kondominium terbengkalai dalam pembinaan semula di persimpangan Jalan Kaloi dan Jalan Kurau, Bangsar terbakar bagi kali kedua dalam tempoh dua minggu. Dalam kebakaran kira-kira jam 3.50 petang semalam, perancah konkrit di tingkat lima bangunan itu terbakar dipercayai berpunca daripada kerja memotong besi cerucuk tiang dan lantai konkrit.

A great `deed' indeed! 11/09/2000 MM
THEY may have won their first battle, but the war wages on. More than 300 residents of Taman Daya in Kepong were relieved to receive their property titles after 18 years of relentless pursuit

Nod for panel to negotiate with builder 11/09/2000 The Star
The Menara Kuda Lari Housebuyers committee has been given the mandate by frustrated purchasers to negotiate with the developer to help revive the project which has been stalled for more than three years. Its secretary, Lim Beng Poh, said the committee had last Monday forwarded a proposal to the developer Ever Noble Sdn Bhd to look into appointing a receiver to complete the 80%-completed project.

`Do not shortchange buyers' 13/09/2000 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Tues. - Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today warned the construction industry not to shortchange consumers or brush off their complaints. He said in the modern world, consumers were unlikely to suffer in silence and may well launch a "cyber war" against the company to expose the developer's poor performance.

House buyers unite! 15/09/2000 MM
ARE you getting a raw deal from your housing developer? Your house was delivered very late, there is no Certificate of Fitness (CF) after years of occupying, it was badly-built, the housing project did not follow a development plan, or worse, the developer "disappeared" and abandoned the project?

RM25,000 is below market rate: HBA 20/09/2000 MM
DON'T be ridiculous. Try being reasonable and sincere. The House Buyers Association, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, (HBA) hopes the Government will have those two positive qualities when establishing a tribunal to arbitrate disputes between buyers and developers.

Precautionary measures to protect house buyers 20/09/2000 MM
THE authorities, developers, public and those involved in the housing industry should take note and consider some ideas and suggestions by the House Buyers Association, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. HBA secretary Chang Kim Loong said they are:

Residents bemoan lack of action by developer 20/09/2000 NST-CITY
SHOPOWNERS and residents in Kuchai Entrepreneur Park are crying foul over a lack of action by developer Farizar Development Sdn Bhd for not delivering the strata titles. Speaking to reporters after meeting property owners at a dialogue session recently, Kuala Lumpur City Hall advisory board member Dr Sua Cheng Keh said the residents had been there for the past 10 years and some had even finished paying their bank loans.

Tarley Enterprise to revive housing projects 21/09/2000 NST
SEREMBAN, Wed. - House buyers in abandoned housing projects here can now breathe a sigh of relief. Tarley Enterprise Sdn Bhd which recently relaunched the Taman Bukti Setia project at Ampangan, a project to develop 68 units of houses abandoned in 1984, is now gearing to take on more such projects.

Housing project abandoned 22/09/2000 MM
HIS BROTHER was told that the house would be completed in July last year. But he was disappointed when the developer constructing the double- storey link house project abandoned it half-way.

`Sinking' feeling 22/09/2000 MM By Home Sweet Home
THANK YOU for highlighting the recent formation of the House Buyers Association (HBA) Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, an organisation whose formation was long overdue. I purchased a new apartment and am due to take vacant possession of the property soon.

Housing project abandoned 22/09/2000 MM By Rosma Omar; Sushma Veera
HIS BROTHER was told that the house would be completed in July last year. But he was disappointed when the developer constructing the double- storey link house project abandoned it half-way.

First meeting of house buyers association 25/09/2000 MM
THE House Buyers Association, Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (HBA) will hold its inaugural meeting next month. It is to elect its office bearers and recruit more members.

Broken promises 25/09/2000 MM
A HEARTLESS developer, snail-paced authorities and lurking robbers. These are the main problems Le Chateau Condominium residents in Lorong Syed Putra Kiri have been battling with over the past decade.

Tragedi: 3 dihempap konkrit 26/09/2000 BH
BUTTERWORTH, Isnin - Tiga rakan karib maut selepas dihempap tiga konkrit seberat kira-kira empat tan setiap satu di sebuah tapak projek terbengkalai di Bandar Sunway, Seberang Jaya, dekat sini, petang ini. Mangsa dikenali sebagai Mohd Safuan Sebian, 12; Mohd Shukri Nordin, 14, dan Mohd Azman Ibrahim, 15, yang menetap di kawasan perumahan `Sembilang', kira-kira setengah kilometer dari tempat kejadian.

110 projek tidak menguntungkan 27/09/2000 BH By Ismail Mat
MUAR, Selasa - Sejumlah 110 projek perumahan di seluruh negara yang terbengkalai ketika negara mengalami kegawatan ekonomi baru-baru ini, didapati tidak berpotensi untuk dimajukan semula. Setakat ini, hanya 40 projek didapati berpotensi diteruskan dan sudah dicadangkan kepada Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) untuk dipulihkan menerusi peruntukan Tabung Pemulihan Perumahan Terbengkalai (TPPT).

Tiada tanda amaran punca tapak projek diceroboh 27/09/2000 BH
BUTTERWORTH, Selasa - Pemaju tapak projek terbengkalai di Bandar Sunway, Seberang Jaya, dekat sini, tempat tiga rakan karib terkorban akibat dihempap tiga kepingan konkrit seberat kira-kira 12 tan, semalam, dipercayai tidak mengambil langkah keselamatan termasuk menyediakan papan tanda melarang penceroboh memasuki kawasan berkenaan. Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Seberang Jaya, Dr Radin Muhd Amin Radin Hadi Munir, berkata selain papan tanda, pemaju juga dikatakan tidak menempatkan pengawal keselamatan di kawasan berkenaan.

`Set up funds to revive projects' 27/09/2000 NST
MUAR, Tues. - The Housing and Local Government Ministry has proposed that State Governments set up special funds to help revive abandoned housing projects. Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said today the matter had been tabled in Cabinet recently in view of the serious problems posed by abandoned housing projects nationwide.

CFs for Taman Samudera folks after four years 29/09/2000 MM
AFTER four years living without the certificate of fitness (CF), Taman Samudera residents will finally get one soon. This, however, excludes those who have made illegal renovations.

Move to tear down illegal extensions  30/09/2000 NST-CITY
RESIDENTS in Taman Samudera who had ignored repeated warnings from the Selayang Municipal Council not to carry out illegal renovations will see trouble when the MPS architects come a calling at their doorstep soon. Council president Bakaruddin Othman, speaking to reporters after the monthly full board meeting on Thursday, said MPS will not be tolerate illegal ronavations which had caused serious defects in some houses.

Law needs more `bite' to protect house buyers 30/09/2000 NST By Prof Salleh Buang
LIFE can be cruel to the innocent at times. Take the case of Rahmat Abu Bakar, a former navy staff sergeant who devoted 38 years of service to his country and should now be able to enjoy his retirement years. Unfortunately for Rahmat, his prospects of a comfortable retirement have been dashed because of the irresponsibility of a housing developer who abandoned the project in which he bought a house.


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