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Projek terbengkalai 03/08/2000 BH
MARAN: Projek pembesaran bandar Maran baru yang mengandungi tiga fasa di kawasan seluas kira-kira 17 hektar membabitkan perbelanjaan berpuluh juta ringgit kini terbengkalai.

Promised homes yet to be built 09/08/2000  MM
THREE years have gone by, but the "shadow" is still there to haunt them. In those years, 18 residents of Taman Mudun, Cheras, were praying that a promise made to them would be fullfilled soon. They are still waiting.

Bill on high-rise maintenance 11/08/2000 The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: Owners of high-rise buildings will have to look after their own premises jointly once the Common Properties and Building Management Bill is passed.

Bill on apartment maintenance in Oct 11/08/2000 BT
A LEGISLATION which seeks to fill the gaps in the maintenance of apartments and condominiums during the transition period when these properties are occupied to the issuance of strata titles is expected to be tabled in Parliament at its next sitting in October. Elaborating on the Common Properties and Building Management Bill, Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said with the new legislation, buyers or owners of high rise residential properties are required to set up management corporations as soon as the Certificate of Fitness is issued.

"If I complain, I'll have to pay more" 11/8/2000
Where to go and why…
Many years ago, while visiting a friend living in a private apartment, I noticed water dripping from the ceiling of the lift lobby. To prevent water puddles from forming, someone had placed a small tin to catch the drippings.

Govt reviewing funds to aid housing sector 11/08/2000 BT
THE Government is reviewing several funds, specially created to aid the housing sector, including the proposed revival of the Rehabilitation Fund For Abandoned Housing Projects, Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin said. He said the review is aimed at studying the effectiveness of such funds in addressing the problem of low-cost housing, especially for housing projects which had been abandoned.

Ensuring builders have the means - Housing developers must have higher paid-up 13/08/2000  NST
The paid-up capital required of applicants for a housing developer's licence is expected to be increased under the forthcoming amendments to the Housing Developers Act.

Wakil penduduk perlu diplomasi 14/08/2000 BH
SAYA ialah pembeli rumah dan tinggal di Bandar Sungai Buaya (BSB). Atas sungutan dan desakan pembeli rumah yang berasakan diri mereka ditipu dan tidak puas hati mengenai kemudahan dan persekitaran kediaman yang disediakan, satu perjumpaan telah dianjurkan pemaju di pejabat tapak operasi pada 29 Julai lalu. Perjumpaan itu dihadiri oleh Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Kawasan Batang Kali, Datuk Zainal Abidin Sakom, pengarah urusan pemaju dan pihak berkuasa tempatan.

235 vote to revive project on their own 14/08/2000  The Star
Two hundred and thirty five of the 320 buyers who turned up for a forum on the stalled Taman Terubong Indah (Majestic Heights) Phase I project at Dewan Tunku in Komtar voted to revive the project themselves.

Buyers of abandoned project to take legal action against developer 14/08/2000 NST
PENANG, Sun. - The 1,557 buyers of the abandoned Taman Terubong Indah (Majestic Heights) housing project in Jalan Paya Terubong may take action to wind up the developer, Majestic Heights Sdn Bhd. Most of the buyers opted for this option which was one of the three presented to them by the Majestic Heights Purchasers' Ad-hoc Committee today.

Tapak binaan terbengkalai jadi kolam talapia 19/08/2000 BH
SEREMBAN, Jumaat - Tapak pembinaan terbengkalai di pusat bandar ini yang dipenuhi air seperti kolam bersaiz Olimpik kini bertukar menjadi kolam ikan tilapia. Ikan itu dikatakan menggemari jentik-jentik nyamuk yang mudah membiak dalam keadaan air bersih dan tenang.

'We'll enforce the law … eventually' 20/08/2000 The Sun By R.Nadeswaran
About eight months ago, The Sun carried an investigation into moneylending activities. Although there is something called the Moneylenders Act. The trade we discovered, was unregulated and interest as high as 300% was being imposed.

Govt to take over low-cost housing projects 25/08/2000 BT
THE Government will soon take charge of building and distributing low-cost houses to ensure that they are built in urban areas, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said. Property developers, who are currently required to build at least 30 per cent low-cost houses in any of their property development projects, will focus on the construction of low-medium and other types of houses for the medium- and the high-end markets.

More buyers send out 'SOS' 29/08/2000 The Star
Buyers of yet another stalled project on the island have called on the Government to help them out of their dilemma. Taman Cemerlang Purchasers Committee chairman Y. S. Chang urged the authorities to look into the matter as many buyers were affected by the repeal of the Rent Control Act.

Taman Pusat Kepong folk receive CFs at last 30/08/2000 NST
Residents of Taman Pusat Kepong were a happy lot when they received the Certificates of Fitness (CFs) for their property after an almost decade long wait. Segambut Member of Parliament Dr Tan Kee Kwong handed over the certificates in a simple ceremony held at the Taman Sri Segambut Community Hall last Saturday.


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