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100 penduduk terpaksa pindah 02/04/2000 BM
KUALA LUMPUR: Kira-kira 100 penduduk di Taman Salak Selatan, Sungai Besi dekat sini, terpaksa mengosongkan rumah masing-masing apabila tebing tanah di situ runtuh, awal pagi semalam. Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 3 pagi itu, tebing di belakang 13 rumah di Jalan Gempita 7 taman berkenaan, menggelongsor ke lurah sedalam lebih 50 meter.

Enforcement of law equally important 03/04/2000 MM
IT is time Malaysia had a law to govern the maintenance and management of highrise residential and commercial buildings. But a condominium buyer felt strict enforcement must go hand in hand with the proposed Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act.

Developer changes business plan 04/04/2000 MM
LURAH PANTAS SDN BHD, which was reported to be offering single-storey three-room houses in Teluk Gadung, Klang, submitted its new business plan to the Housing and Local Government Ministry last week. The company has now said that it is actually selling lots to individuals and it is up to buyers to select their own contractors.

51,024 strata titles issued in Kuala Lumpur last year 05/04/2000 NST
AS many as 51,024 strata titles were issued in Kuala Lumpur until Dec 31, last year, Deputy Land and Cooperative Development Minister Dr Tan Kee Kwong told the House yesterday. Replying to points raised during the committee stage debate of the Ministry's allocation for the Supply Bill 2000, Tan said the Government viewed the requirement for strata titles seriously and would not hesitate to take action against errant developers.

Law on building upkeep in offing 08/04/2000 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Fri. - It takes two to tango. While property managers are duty-bound to provide maintenance services to high-rise buildings, owners of units are duty-bound to pay the monthly service charge so that buildings do not eventually become a blight on our urban landscape.

Law on highrise buildings maintenance to be tabled 08/04/2000 BT

THE Government is close to tabling a law to regulate the maintenance and management of highrise residential and commercial buildings. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Ong Ka Ting said a parliamentary Bill is being drafted with the cooperation with the Land and Cooperative Development Ministry and the Attorney General.

 `Act against condo owners, tenants for not paying maintenance fees' 10/04/2000 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. - Harsh action, such as disconnecting electricity and water supplies, should be taken against owners and residents of high-rise units who refuse to pay service fees. Land and Cooperative Development Deputy Minister Dr Tan Kee Kwong said he personally felt such action should be made legal.

Penalise errant condo-owners 11/04/2000 NST
THE question, which comes first: the chicken or the egg?, is an age-old conundrum probably first posed by the mythical Sphinx. Housing and Local Government Minister, Datuk Ong Ka Ting, invoked the chicken-and-egg anology to describe the protracted and seemingly intractable problem of condominium owners who refuse to pay management fees, citing poor maintenance of common facilities by property managers. Developers, contractually obliged to provide various services, withhold such provisions after a while. They claim they cannot fund maintenance for long if owners do not pay the monthly fees regularly. Owners and managers are bound by contracts to fulfil their obligations. The former has to remit monthly maintenance fees and the latter has to provide the obligatory services. Existing legislation does not have any provision to compel the Government to intervene if both parties do not adhere to the covenants. Given this context, the problem persists.

 7 tahun tiada CF 11/04/2000 HM
KUALA LUMPUR: Kerajaan Selangor diminta campur tangan dalam menyelesaikan masalah 384 unit rumah di Taman Cheras Utama, Cheras disini yang tujuh tahun gagal mendapatkan Sijil Layak Menduduk (CF). Ketiadaan CF menyebabkan penduduk sukar untuk mengatasi masalah mereka seperti hakisan parit di belakang unit rumah di Jalan CU 1, yang mengancam penduduk di taman berkenaan.

Bill proposes higher fines on maintenance-fee defaulters 11/04/2000 The Star
PENANG: Owners of flats and other high-rise units who fail to pay maintenance fees to the management corporations involved may be fined up to RM5,000 under proposed amendments to the Strata Titles Act.

30 buyers seeking refund of deposit 11/04/2000 NST-CITY By Josephine Santiago
ABOUT 30 purchasers of lots in an abandoned light industrial factory project in Jinjang Utara want their 10 per cent deposit back from the developers. They also want the banks which had provided the end-financing to forego the accumulated interest on their loans.

Help options for house buyers 12/04/2000 MM
CHOOSE between going to the courts and accepting the help of the Subang Jaya Municipal Council - those were the options given by MPSJ to house owners in USJ18 and USJ19 whose homes are cracking up. Council president Ahmad Fuad Ismail gave these options during a heart- to-heart meeting with about 20 affected house owners yesterday

Pembeli, pemaju bertikam lidah 12/04/2000 HM
SUBANG JAYA: Perbincangan penghuni rumah teres USJ 19, di sini yang retak dengan pemaju projek berkenaan hangat apabila mereka saling bertikam lidah untuk mempertahankan hak masing-masing. Perbincangan semalam membabitkan pemaju perumahan itu, Sime UEP Properties Berhad dan pemaju perumahan berkembar berhampiran, Sanjung Utama Sdn Bhd yang didakwa menyebabkan keretakan rumah di situ.

Pemilik bangunan tidak tuntut hak milik akan didakwa 14/04/2000 BH
KOTA KINABALU, Khamis - Pemaju serta pemilik bangunan pelbagai tingkat di negara ini yang gagal memohon mendapatkan hak milik strata boleh dikenakan tindakan undang-undang termasuk didakwa di mahkamah. Menteri Tanah dan Pembangunan Koperasi, Tan Sri Kasitah Gaddam, berkata peraturan itu tertakluk kepada penguatkuasaan Seksyen 8 Akta Hak milik Strata 1985.

More woes for 2,000 buyers 17/04/2000 The Star
Some 2,000 buyers of Taman Cemerlang in Lebuh Thean Teik are left in the lurch as the project has not only been abandoned for three years but the company had been wound up.

Townhouse buyers agree to pay RM2,000 per staircase 18/04/2000 The Star By Choong Kwee Kim
Buyers of Pearl Hill townhouses have consented to paying RM2,000 for each "private staircase" to the developer who imposed the extra charge nine years after the signing of the sale and purchase agreements.

10 rumah diancam runtuh 19/04/2000 HM
PUCHONG: Hampir 10 rumah berhampiran projek pembinaan perumahan di Kampung Bersatu, Batu 13 di sini, terdedah kepada bahaya apabila rumah yang mereka duduki dikatakan mengalami keretakan. Seorang penduduk, Abdul Wahab Telah, 62, berkata rumah yang diduduki dikatakan mula retak didakwa sejak kerja-kerja penanaman cerucuk di kawasan berhampiran sejak dua bulan lalu.

DBKL lambat bertindak 20/04/2000 HM
GOMBAK: Kira-kira 440 keluarga di rumah pangsa Sri Tioman 11, di sini, masih menunggu tindakan susulan Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) untuk menyelesaikan masalah struktur dinding pada tiga blok bangunan kediaman 16 tingkat itu yang semakin merekah dan pecah. Penduduk bimbang tiga kejadian serpihan konkrit yang merekah itu hampir menimpa penduduk yang berlaku sebelum ini berulang dan mendatangkan bahaya terhadap nyawa serta harta benda mereka.

Bina semula rumah kami 21/04/2000 HM
SUBANG JAYA: Masalah keretakan rumah yang semakin teruk, terus menghantui penghuni rumah teres di USJ 19, di sini, walaupun kajian tanah dan struktur rumah sedang dijalankan. Tinjauan Harian Metro semalam, mendapati penduduk kawasan itu bertambah bimbang berikutan dinding dan lantai rumah mereka semakin retak menyebabkan keselamatan keluarga terancam serta terdedah kepada bahaya.

Pemaju perlu buktikan mampu jual rumah: PM 23/04/2000 BM By Zainudin Isa
KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata, pemaju hartanah kini perlu membuktikan mereka mampu menjual rumah atau bangunan yang dibina sebelum projek pembinaan diluluskan pihak berkuasa. Perdana Menteri berkata, langkah itu untuk memastikan tidak berlaku lebihan dalam industri pembinaan hartanah seperti yang berlaku sebelum kegawatan ekonomi lalu.

Ensure buyers before launch 24/04/2000 NST
THE warning now comes from the Prime Minister himself: developers should ensure ready buyers before they build. Otherwise they might not be able to obtain future development licences. Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad does not want a recurrence of past situations during bad times where projects were stalled or abandoned in some instances, leaving hapless housebuyers in the lurch. Completed units in other projects remained unsold, forcing builders into bankruptcy. Rusting cranes in unfinished development sites are not only an eyesore but also bad for everyone. They portend financial nightmares for both buyers and developers. They are the bane of the construction industry and the canker that debilitates the economy. Remedial measures to revive the housing sector are expensive as manifest in past programmes. House ownership campaigns such as those launched in 1998 and last year have been successful largely due to various concessions such as discounts and waiver of stamp duties. Abandoned projects can only be revived through the injection of public funds. In the mid-1980s, the Government had to establish a RM200 million revolving fund to resuscitate 241 abandoned housing projects. As Dr Mahathir said on Saturday, the Government cannot continually support such housing sales campaigns. Neither can it repeatedly step in to fund completion of unfinished projects.

Builder accepts plan 24/04/2000 NST
SANJUNG Utama Sdn Bhd, the developer for a high-rise project in USJ 19 believed to have caused cracks in about 100 houses in the area and USJ 18, has agreed to a proposal to share rectification work costs with USJ developer Sime UEP Properties Berhad. Subang Member of Parliament Tan Sri Dr K.S. Nijhar said Sanjung Utama, in a statement, had also agreed to the proposal, from the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ), on the guarantee period.

Kemudahan Taman Setia tak terurus 24/04/2000 HM
RAWANG: Penduduk Rumah Pangsa Kos Sederhana Taman Setia, di sini, mendakwa hidup dalam keadaan resah berikutan kekurangan kemudahan dan keadaan persekitaran tidak diurus. Mereka mendakwa menghadapi masalah, termasuk ketiadaan Sijil Kelayakan Menduduki (CF), keretakan bangunan, atap genting tertanggal dan kerja pembersihan sampah yang tidak tetap.

DBKL lantik pakar kaji simen retak 25/04/2000 HM
KUALA LUMPUR: Penghuni rumah pangsa Sri Tioman 2, Gombak, yang kerap `dihujani' serpihan simen, kini boleh menarik nafas lega kerana Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) melantik kontraktor pakar untuk melakukan pembaikan segera. Pegawai Akhbar DBKL, Rozielawati Rahmat, berkata Jabatan Arkitek dan Projek Khas DBKL menyedari aduan penduduk terbabit dan susulan daripada aduan itu, pihak berkenaan melawat rumah pangsa berkenaan untuk membuat siasatan.

Builder must face up to responsibility 26/04/2000 NST
SUBANG Member of Parliament Tan Sri Dr K.S. Nijhar has said Sanjung Utama Sdn Bhd, the developer of a high-rise project in USJ 19, had accepted the fact that cracks in houses in USJ 18 and USJ 19 were caused by soil movement, changes in the water-table and structural defects related to work on a basement at the project site (NST, April 24). The construction of the basement was also identified as one of the reasons SRJK (Tamil) Seafield in USJ 20 started to "sink". This was the comment by an independent engineer with MPSJ Watch, a protem committee set up in January (Malay Mail, April 24).

Solution within sight 27/04/2000 NST-CITY
PARTIES involved in the issue of repairs on cracks in USJ 19 houses - the houseowners, USJ 19 developer Sime UEP and the developer of a high-rise building project Sanjung Utama - have agreed on a course of action to address the problem after a recent meeting. The meeting was mediated by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council president Ahmad Fuad Ismail and Subang Member of Parliament Tan Sri Dr K.S. Nijhar.

10 tahun rumah masih tak siap 27/04/2000 HM By Salmi Musa
KAJANG: Projek perumahan teres dua tingkat Taman Kantan di sini, yang terbengkalai lebih 10 tahun lalu, kini menghantui pembeli kerana terpaksa menyewa walaupun membuat bayaran balik pinjaman perumahan. Masalah itu semakin membimbangkan pembeli kerana pemaju belum mengambil tindakan walaupun beberapa aduan dikemukakan kepada mereka.

Sambung projek terbengkalai 29/04/2000 HM
KUALA LUMPUR: Pemaju projek perumahan teres dua tingkat Taman Kantan Permai yang terbengkalai lebih 10 tahun lalu akan menyambung semula kerja pembinaan berkenaan. Ahli Jawatankuasa Bertindak Taman Kantan Permai, Mohd Isa Mohd Nasir, berkata beliau sudah berunding dengan pemaju mengenai masalah itu, baru- baru ini.

Oxidation ponds a must for housing projects with more than 30 units 29/04/2000 NST
KLANG, Fri. - Housing developers who build more than 30 houses must use the sewerage pipe system that connects directly to the centralised oxidation ponds to avert overflow of sewage from septic tanks. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Ong Ka Ting said developers must be more responsible when providing such services although they might have to incur extra cost.

Landscaping and construction must be done together 29/04/2000 NST
MUAR, Fri. - The Housing and Local Government Ministry will ensure that landscaping is carried out simultaneously with construction at new housing projects. Its minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said enforcement of landscaping requirements would be tightened.

Factors which swayed award to Sime UEP 29/04/2000 NST
DESPITE numerous complaints of cracks appearing in houses in UEP Subang Jaya's USJ19 as a result of excavation work in a nearby commercial project, Sime UEP Properties Sdn Bhd's self-contained township nevertheless won the Malaysian chapter's International
Real Estate Federation (Fiabci) best residential development award.


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