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Housing developers more concerned about profits 02/10/1995 NST
THE issue of shoddy workmanship in houses has surfaced, once again. This time around it was first brought up two weeks ago by the Minister of Housing and Local Government. Given the numerous complaints from house buyers Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said it was time for a review of the current warranty period of 12 months. Perhaps it should be extend to 38 months. In reaction, the Housing Developers' Association declared last Monday that a longer liability period was not necessary.

Certificates of Fitness time limit 03/10/1995 NST-LTIMES
THE Hulu Langat District Council is giving housing developers a time limit for the issuance of certificates of fitness (CFs) after the delivery of vacant occupancy to house buyers. Selangor State Executive Councillor Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad said this was to help house buyers caught in the dilemma of only receiving their house keys after the architect had recommended the vacant occupancy

Ensuring conversion of land status by developers 04/10/1995 NST
MALACCA, Tues. - The Malacca Government will take stringent measures to make it mandatory for housing developers to have the land status converted from agriculture to housing before any project can take off. Chief Minister Datuk Haji Md Zin Abdul Ghani said today the State Government needed to update the procedures in the implementation of housing projects to avoid loopholes and ensure buyers get the best deal.

Speedier CFs and TCFs pledge by Gombak Council 04/10/1995  MM
THE Gombak District Council hopes to issue temporary certificates of fitness (TCFs) and certificates of fitness (CFs) within two weeks of receiving a project architects' certification. Council president Ahmad Lattfi Hashim said this is due to growing complaints from house buyers about not getting either certificate when occupying their unit.

Highland Towers demolition notice quashed 04/10/1995 NST
SHAH ALAM, Tues. - Owners of Highland Towers Blocks 2 and 3 today won their first round in preventing the demolition of their former homes when the High Court quashed a notice issued by the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (AJMC) in July last year. The notice had ordered that the blocks be either repaired within three months or demolished.

City Plaza developers ordered to stop digging 05/10/1995 NST
ALOR STAR, Wed. - Developers of the RM90 million multi-storey City Plaza commercial complex cum luxury hotel here have been directed to stop all digging and water pumping works at the construction site to avoid causing further structural damage to adjoining buildings. State Local Government and Information Committee chairman Abdullah Hasnan Kamaruddin said today the developers would be barred from carrying out such works pending a study by an independent consultancy firm.

Requirement for developers 05/10/1995 BT
ALL developers of highrise buildings in Kedah have been told to submit detailed methods of controlling any effect that construction work may have on nearby buildings and areas. They should do so before construction work began, State Executive Councillor for Local Government and Information Abdullah Hasnan Kamaruddin said yesterday. He said at present developers only put forward proposals to limit vibrations while piling work was being done. "From now on, the proposals should also cover ways of limiting the effects of excavation work and pumping of water at construction sites on building structures and soil water content in nearby areas," he told reporters in Alor Star. Abdullah Hasnan was commenting on reports that cracks had appeared at Kota Setar Municipal Council (MPKS) Complex here apparently due to piling work for the construction of the MPKS Tower nearby. He said a stop-work order had been issued to the project developer pending the completion of a geo-technical study by independent consultant U.E.Kurnia Sdn Bhd. - Bernama

Kesas to look into complaints 05/10/1995 MM
WHILE the contractor for the Shah Alam Expressway has disclaimed responsibility for cracks appearing in several Subang Jaya houses facing the project site, the highway's developer has assured that the complaints are being investigated. Concession-holder Kesas Sdn Bhd said it was waiting for the insurance adjusters and supervising consultants to submit their findings.

52 warga asing ditangkap 05/10/1995 BH
KOTA BHARU, Rabu - Seramai 52 warganegara Bangladesh ditahan kerana memasuki negara ini secara haram di kawasan perumahan terbengkalai di Kampung Aril, Peringat, dekat sini, pagi tadi. Dengan penahanan itu, polis Kelantan percaya dapat mengesan kegiatan penyeludup membawa masuk pendatang asing tanpa izin (Pati) dengan menggunakan rumah kosong sebagai tempat persembunyian sebelum dibawa ke sesuatu destinasi.

Work on abandoned flats to start soon 06/10/1995 NST-LTIMES
WORK will begin soon to revive the low-cost flat project at Taman Rampai in Ampang, which was abandoned eight years ago. Member of Parliament for Ampang Jaya Ong Tee Keat said the project, which has several phases, will be managed by PA Development Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Hunt-Way Corporation Sdn Bhd.

Syarikat baru majukan projek terbengkalai 06/10/1995 BH
KUALA LUMPUR, Khamis - Bakal penduduk sebuah  taman perumahan di sini hari ini menyerahkan senarai 197 daripada 240 pembeli projek rumah terbengkalai sejak 1987 kepada pemaju perumahan, PA Development Sdn Bhd (PAD). Senarai itu diserahkan oleh pengerusi Persatuan Pembeli Unit Kediaman Taman Rampai Ampang, Selangor (PPKTR), S C Leong kepada wakil PAD, Chong Chin Wah. PAD adalah pemaju baru bagi Taman Rampai Ampang, yang kini dikenali sebagai Taman Pandan Utama.

Projek terbengkalai dipulihkan 06/10/1995HM
KUALA LUMPUR: Sebuah projek perumahan kos rendah, membabitkan 240 rumah kos rendah dan lapan rumah kedai, yang terbengkalai sejak lapan tahun lalu di Taman Sri Rampai, Ampang, akan dipulihkan. Ahli Parlimen Ampang Jaya, Ong Tee Kiat, berkata pemulihan dibuat melalui pengambilalihan projek itu oleh Hunt Way Corporation dan P A Development Sdn Bhd setelah pemaju terdahulu gagal menyiapkannya.

Kompleks MPKS in no danger of collapse, says committee chief 09/10/1995 NST
ALOR STAR, Sun. - Widespread rumours that Kompleks MPKS, Kedah's popular shopping-cum-entertainment centre, has severe structural damage and in danger of collapse are not true, State Local Government and Information Committee chairman Abdullah Hasnan Kamaruddin said. "The rumours are absolute nonsense. The public should not be unduly concerned or influenced by the widespread rumours that the complex is about to collapse.

3 tertimbus 11/10/1995  HM By Rasid Rahaman
KUALA KUBU BARU: Polis percaya punca bangunan dua tingkat di Jalan Datuk Balai di sini, runtuh petang semalam, berikutan tiang konkrit bangunan itu tidak dapat menampung bebanan simen yang sedang ditampal di tingkat satu. Ini kerana beberapa tiang konkrit bangunan itu dipercayai tidak kukuh kerana terbengkalai hampir setahun lalu dan kerja pembinaan semula hanya dilakukan seminggu lalu.

Gasing Heights fined for advertisement offences 12/10/1995 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Wed. - A housing developer was today fined a total of RM20,000 by the magistrate's court here on 10 counts of contravening the provisions pertaining to advertisements as specified in the Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) Regulations 1989. Gasing Heights Sdn Bhd was charged with 10 counts of placing advertisements in four local dailies for a housing development known as Bukit Gasing without including the selling price of each type of housing accommodation and without including the number of units of each type available on seven occasions between April 22, 1992 and April 21, 1993.

Developer given ultimatum 12/10/1995 MM
THE developer of two 10-storey condominium blocks in Pandan Indah has been given an ultimatum - rectify several structural defects and upgrade maintenance and security or be hauled to court. "We have given them so much time to rectify the problems and yet they have done a shoddy job," said Le Jardin Condominiums residents' association secretary Janet Tang.

Faster processing for strata titles 13/10/1995 BT
THE amendment to the Strata Title Act 1985 to be tabled in the forthcoming parliamentary sitting starting next week, will, among other things, speed up applications for strata titles, Land and Cooperative Development Minister Datuk Osu Haji Sukam said yesterday. With the amendment, applications for strata titles could be processed even before the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CF) and final title (FT) for the building is issued, he said.

Simpler and faster processing of strata titles for highrises 13/10/1995 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Thurs. - Developers of high rise buildings can apply for strata titles while their projects are still in progress, once the Strata Titles Act 1985 is amended. At present, they have to wait until their buildings are completed and issued with certificates of fitness (CF) before applying for such titles.

Stop these directors, MP appeals to Housing Minister 14/10/1995 NST
BUKIT MERTAJAM, Fri. - The Government has been urged to prevent directors of abandoned housing projects from joining other companies until they have settled any financial obligations by way of irrecoverable loans from finance bodies or as guarantors of irrecoverable loans. The Member of Parliament for Bukit Mertajam Dr Tan Chong Keng, in making the call, also urged the Government to suspend temporarily the operating permits of companies which employ directors or guarantors of abandoned housing projects until they had fulfilled their financial responsibilities with their former companies.

Don't impose new conditions, urge developers 14/10/1995 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Fri. - The Housing and Local Government Ministry has been urged to ensure local authorities do not impose new conditions on developers after the plans have been approved. The Housing Developers Association of Malaysia (HDA) said a major cause of developers failing to comply with the requirements for issuing certificates of fitness was because many local authorities imposed unreasonable conditions.

Act needs tightening to protect house buyers 16/10/1995 NST
IN spite of all the legislation and steps taken by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, complaints by house buyers against developers are still prevaqlent. Major complaints such as structural defects, shoddy workmanship and delay in the issuance of certificate of fitness are, more often than not, justified.

Need for longer liability period 16/10/1995 MB
CONTRACTORS have a joke that goes like this: Heaven and Earth struck a deal to jointly build a bridge to link the two places. Earth's contractors soon had their half completed only to discover that Heaven had yet to start work on its section. Mystified, Earth called Heaven to enquire about the delay and was told, `Sorry, Earth, but we can't find any contractors in Heaven.' Many housebuyers who have suffered the heartaches and headaches of defects in their houses will readily agree that contractors and their brother developers may not be the best qualified to reside in a heavenly abode. Tough-talking and hard-driving contractors and developers will be the first to admit they are no saints. Neither are they all outright scoundrels. Were they the former, there would be only happy homeowners occupying beautifully designed and constructed houses affordable to anyone who desire to own the roofs above their heads; were they the latter, our buildings would be collapsing around our ears and our roads sinking beneath our feet.

HDA lauds amendments to Act 19/10/1995 BT
THE amendment to the Strata Titles Act 1985, which seeks to expedite the issuance of strata titles, will facilitate a faster formation of management corporations for subdivided buildings to service the structure. In welcoming moves to amend the law, the Housing Developers' Association Malaysia (HDA) said the necessary management corporations could not be formed until the requisite strata titles had been issued.

Ting briefed on status of Indera Mahkota flats 20/10/1995 NST
KUANTAN, Thurs. - Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh has been briefed on the preliminary findings of a technical committee formed by the Pahang Government to conduct a study on the overall condition of Bandar Indera Mahkota flats, near here. Pahang Menteri Besar Tan Sri Mohd Khalil Yaakob said yesterday the briefing was conducted recently by State Housing and Environment Committee chairman Datuk Bahari Tan Sri Yahaya.

Errant builders deserve little sympathy 20/10/1995 NST
WITH certificate of fitness approvals on the track, properties can at least in theory receive official blessings within 14 days. Unfortunately, property fit for occupation is often not the same as one fit to occupy, unless one accepts that a leaking roof, cracks in walls and other similar legacies of contractors' handiwork are all part and parcel of buying a new property. It is therefore no great surprise when developers cry foul that the Government is studying proposals to extend the defect liability period from one to three or more years.

No time limit for housing liability 20/10/1995 NST
HOUSING developers are liable for structural defects although the problem occurred after the 12-month warranty period, Housing and Local Government Deputy Minister Datuk Tajol Rosli Mohamad Ghazali said yesterday. He said there was no time limit for liability due to structural defects as in the Highland Towers incident.

Certificates for each stage of construction soon 21/10/1995 NST
JOHOR BARU, Fri. - The Government plans to further regulate housing development in the country to ensure developers build according to specifications at every stage of the construction process. The Housing and Local Government Ministry's secretary-general Datuk Umar Abu said new conditions were being formulated in the light of the Highlands Towers tragedy in 1993 and the recurring cases of landslips and cracks in buildings.

Report on centre's safety ready only next month 21/10/1995 NST
ALOR STAR, Fri. - An independent construction consultant engaged to conduct a safety study on the popular Kompleks MPKS shopping-cum- commercial centre here following widespread speculation that the building was in impending danger of collapse, will complete its report next month. State Local Government and Information Committee chairman Abdullah Hasnan Kamaruddin said the consultants had asked for more time as they could not meet the dateline of Oct 15.

Law firms owe RM15m 22/10/1995 NSUNT
KUALA LUMPUR, Sat. - Six law firms, which had acted for banks in the purchase of government low-cost houses in Perak, have failed to hand over RM15.69 million to the State Government between 1990 and 1992. The State Secretary has already lodged a police report against one while reminders have been sent to the others.

House collapses after downpour 24/10/1995 MM
IT is one thing to have the carpet pulled from under you but it is quite another to have the kitchen floor collapsing while you are getting ready to prepare dinner. That was exactly what happened to Lim Tai, 78, as she was about to cook when the kitchen floor and half her house in Kampung Cheras Baru gave way under her feet.

Lawyers abscond with Perak's RM10m 25/10/1995 NST
IPOH, Tues. - Lawyers in an Ipoh-based law firm have absconded with about RM10 million due to the Perak Government for the purchase of low-cost houses. The firm was one of six which had acted for banks in the purchase of the houses

Landslip jitters 26/10/1995 MM
ABOUT 20 families have vacated their two-room flats in Taman Mulia Jaya in Ampang Jaya following a landslip that damaged the cement skirting of their block on Deepavali eve. Another 50 families in Block D were told by Ampang Jaya Municipal Council officers they could take temporary shelter at the parking basement of an unaffected block as a precautionary measure.

Architects probe cause of cracks 26/10/1995 NST-LTIMES
PETALING Jaya Municipal Council (MPPJ) architects are investigating claims by residents of Jalan SS14/7, Subang Jaya that cracks at their homes were caused by work on the Shah Alam Expressway (SAE). Subang Jaya State Assemblyman and MPPJ councillor Lee Hwa Beng said the council had directed its architects to ascertain the cause of the cracks and their severity.

Buyers to apply for funds to revive abandoned project 31/10/1995 NST
TAIPING, Mon. - House buyers of the abandoned Taman Bistari low-cost housing project in Kamunting here have agreed to apply for funds from the Finance Ministry to enable a new developer to revive the project. They have also agreed to give Kamunting State Assemblyman Datuk Dr Abdul Malek Hanafiah the right to liaise with the Housing and Local Government Ministry and the State Government on the revival.

Infrastructure requirement for CFs 31/10/1995 NST-LTIMES
THE Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) will ensure that developers provide required infrastructure in new housing projects before issuing certificates of fitness (CF). Council president Abdul Karim Munisar said it was important for infrastructure to be built and maintained properly to prevent incidents like landslips.

4,000 unit rumah kos rendah dibaiki 31/10/1995 BH
SEREMBAN, Isnin - Kira-kira 4,000 unit rumah kos rendah yang terbengkalai, sudah dipulihkan dan sedia untuk didiami oleh golongan berpendapatan rendah, kata Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad. Katanya, rumah itu yang membabitkan 18 projek dipulihkan menerusi peruntukan Tabung Pemulihan Projek Terbengkalai (TPPT).


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