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Apply for strata titles, developers urged  04/03/1995 MM
THE State Government will take action against developers who fail to apply for strata titles within the period stipulated by law. Menteri Besar Tan Sri Mohamad Isa Abdul Samad disclosed that 28 developers, mostly with projects in Seremban and Port Dickson, were required to apply for strata titles for their projects.

Earthworks, erosion endangering houses 03/03/1995 NST
JOHOR BARU, Thurs. - Massive earthworks carried out by a developer at the Taman Damai Jaya housing estate here is causing cracks in the structures of nearby houses. Residents in four houses affected so far fear that their houses are on the verge of collapse

Condo without strata titles 13 years after completion 06/03/1995  NST
I SUPPORT Mr James Tan on the subject of the need for fast issuance of strata titles to condominium owners (NST, Feb 24, 1995). It is quite clear to all concerned that judging by the number of condominium developments which have taken place in the Klang Valley that very few of them have received their strata titles which have been very difficult due to the reasons explained in Mr Tan's letter. The developers have always had the upper hand because of their financial strength and business contacts with the authorities.

Developers to rectify damage caused by earthworks 07/03/1995 NST
JOHOR BARU, Mon. - The developers of the Taman Timor housing project here will be taking immediate remedial action to rectify the damage caused to several houses in Taman Damai Jaya due to earthworks. A spokesman for Eastwin Enterprises Sdn Bhd, the developers of the Taman Timor project, said today that earthworks carried out by his firm had been discontinued since several residents in Taman Damai Jaya complained that cracks had appeared in their houses.

Upset over shoddy repairs 08/03/1995 MM
REPAIRS to the backyard of houses in Segambut Garden affected by a project to widen Sungai Batu have caused dissatisfaction among some residents. K. Thanapalasingam, 66, of 55, Pesiaran Segambut Dalam, said the project by the Drainage and Irrigation Department has caused much difficulty to his family and other residents as the repair work did not meet their expectation.

Abandoned housing project spectre not fully exorcised yet 11/03/1995 BT
THE spectre of abandoned housing projects, which haunted the nation during the mid-1980s, has yet to be fully exorcised. At the start of 1995, a total of 132 projects were still "delayed" or "abandoned" from 1993. Most alarming is the fact that 75 per cent of the affected projects was those of the low-cost schemes - a social obligation often neglected by developers who are in search of higher returns.

`Ministry didn't do enough' 11/03/1995 MM
THE Housing and Local Government Ministry has been criticised for not doing enough to help buyers of Greenwood Condominium, a project abandoned in 1990. Buyers have been left in the lurch after the project was revived by another developer.

Court date for builder 13/03/1995 MM
UNIVER Corporation Sdn Bhd, which had allegedly proceeded with the construction of a 20-storey condominium project in Subang Jaya without a developer's licence, has a date with the courts this Saturday. The Housing and Local Government Ministry is bringing charges against the company.

No CFs for errant developers 17/03/1995 BT
THE Kedah Government will not issue the Certificate of Fitness (CF) for housing projects if their developers fail to complete basic infrastructural facilities. Kedah Menteri Besar Tan Sri Osman Aroff said errant developers have been identified as the source for dissatisfaction among house buyers who lodged complaints with the Government. "A study carried out by the Government at several housing projects in the state found that house buyers faced problems after moving into their houses following the failure of developers in providing the basic infrastructure," he added. Closing the International Conference on Tropical Bees and Environment at Tasik Pedu Resort, in Kuala Nerang, on Wednesday, he said basic facilities which were usually neglected by housing developers are water and power supply apart from proper drainage system though the houses were already completed. - Bernama

Council: Make CFs a must for utilities 20/03/1995 NST
PENANG, Sun. - The Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) has urged both Tenaga Nasional Berhad and the Penang Water Authority to supply electricity and water only to premises which have obtained certificates of fitness (CF) for occupation. Council president Datuk Tan Gim Hwa said today this was to protect housebuyers and prevent developers from handing over the keys of premises with no CFs to buyers.

Buyers take action 20/03/1995 MM
ABOUT 20 buyers of an abandoned condominium project, Greenwood Condominium, have set up an action committee to pursue their claim for a refund of their payments or a stake in the project which was sold off in an auction. The committee, headed by Austrian engineer Hans Peter Ham, will be meeting with Minister of Housing and Local Government, Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh, to resolve the problem.

Developer replies to housebuyer's claim 22/03/1995 MM
THE new developer that is reviving the Greenwood Condominium project has denied a housebuyer's claim that it has no right to start work on it. A Maxrise Sdn Bhd spokesman in a Press statement said the original development order given to the project still applied to the property they had taken over through public auction.

House-buyers cry foul 23/03/1995 MM
SEVERAL house-buyers in Malacca claimed to have been misled into buying lease-hold houses in Taman Bukit Perdana that the developer advertised as freehold. They claimed the property was on lease for 30 years but the developer recently advertised in a vernacular newspaper as freehold units.

Cracks blamed on new project 23/03/1995 MM
CRACKS have appeared on more than four houses in Taman Kota Laksamana, Malacca, and their owners are blaming it on the construction of a new market project nearby. The cracks are mainly on the inside and rear walls of the concrete houses.

No obligation on new owner 29/03/1995 MM
THE developer reviving an abandoned condominium project in Jalan Klang Lama did not inherit any obligations from the previous developer who abandoned it. It is legally within the new developer's right to refuse to consider those buying the units from the earlier developer.

Breathing new life into abandoned projects 31/03/1995   BT-SUPP
THERE is an end to every beginning, and unfinished jobs more than often end up becoming an eyesore. Similarly, abandoned housing projects throughout the country are indeed sorry sights. It makes one wonder why did these projects' developers start building them in the first place if they are going to leave them unfinished later.


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