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Joint effort to resolve issue of strata titles 01/08/1995 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - The Housing and Local Government Ministry will work closely with the Land and Co-operative Development Ministry to resolve the backlog in the issuance of strata titles, Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said. He was commenting on the call made by Housing Developers' Association vice-president Eddy Choong to the Government to expedite the issue of 380,000 strata titles to buyers of flats and condominiums nationwide.

House buyers with no strata titles told to inform ministry 02/08/1995  NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Tues. - House buyers should inform the Land and Co-operative Development Ministry if they do not receive their strata titles from developers from whom they purchased apartments or condo units. Its Minister, Datuk Osu Sukam, said the titles were important as proof of ownership, without which no legal right could be exercised.

Ministry: Landowners may get right of refusal 02/08/1995 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Tues. - The Ministry of Land and Co-operative Development was actively looking into the possibility of amending the Land Acquisition Act 1960 to include the first right of refusal to landowners who did not want their land to be acquired, its Minister Datuk Osu Sukam said today. Osu said if the right was granted under the amended Act, landowners could refuse acquisition but it would not mean that the Government would be prevented from acquiring land for development.

Panel to resolve strata title issue 02/08/1995  NST
PENANG, Tues. - The State Government has established a special strata title sub-committee to speed up strata title approval and other matters related to strata titles and management corporations. It is the first in the country to set up such a committee. State Land and Environment Committee chairman Latif Mirasa said today since the establishment of the sub-committee in June, the process of approvals of strata titles for flats and condominiums has improved greatly.

Tukar jika kontraktor tak muncul 03/08/1995 HM By Rashidi Karim
KANGAR: Kerajaan negeri memberi tempoh sebulan kepada pemaju yang terbabit dalam projek perumahan terbengkalai di negeri ini supaya berunding bagi menyelesaikan masalah projek itu. Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan negeri, Khor Liang Tee, berkata kerajaan negeri akan bertindak melantik kontraktor lain menyiapkan projek itu sekiranya pemaju asal gagal tampil untuk berunding dengan pihaknya.

No right to withhold strata titles 07/08/1995 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. - Flat owners have been advised to lodge complaints with the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and the Federal Territory Land Office immediately if developers unlawfully withhold their strata titles. DAP Deputy National Publicity Secretary Wee Chee Keong, who has been helping the Choo Cheng Khay Mansion flat owners for the last two years, said developers had no right to withhold strata titles.

Ting: Developers free to build-and-sell 08/08/1995  NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said today there were no laws stopping developers from introducing the build-and-sell method for housing projects if they think it is viable. Ting was asked to comment on a suggestion made by a reader in the "Letters to the Editor" of the New Straits Times today.

Call to speed up issuance of strata titles 09/08/1995 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Tues. - The Government has been urged to expedite the issuance of strata titles to shop and office lot owners at shopping complexes here following claims that thus far only those in Wisma Central have received theirs. The Kuala Lumpur Federation of Associations of Shopping Complex Lot Owners and Merchants (Fasclom) which represents three of the oldest shopping complexes in the Federal Territory will send a memorandum to the Land and Co-operative Development Ministry within two weeks.

Shoplot buyers in legal limbo 09/08/1995 MM
WITH nearly all shopping complexes in the Klang Valley without strata titles, buyers of lots in the buildings are in a legal limbo as they only have sale and purchase agreements to prove ownership of property worth billions of ringgit. They complain that the slow issuance of the strata titles by the local authorities has left them at the mercy of developers or management companies of shopping complexes.

City Plaza developers ordered to stop work  13/08/1995 NSUNT
JOHOR BARU, Sat. - The developer of City Plaza complex has been ordered to stop work at the site in Jalan Tebrau until an understanding is reached on the rate of compensation to be paid to the owners and tenants of four shophouses and a petrol station that were affected by earthworks. State Housing and Local Government committee chairman Adam Abdul Hamid also said today that if the developers concerned - Hock Der Realty Sdn Bhd - were unable to reach a settlement, they would be responsible for rebuilding the parts of the shophouses that had been demolished.

Strata titles: Shortage of staff blamed 13/08/1995 NSUNT
PENANG, Sat. - Lack of qualified staff was one of the reasons why the State Land and Mines Department failed to resolve the strata title problems faced by buyers of flats and condominiums despite the existence of a one-stop agency to process applications here since two years ago. State Strata Titles Committee chairman Dr Toh Kin Woon said today that many problems still remained despite the establishment of the agency.

`Process strata title at early stage' 19/08/1995 BT
THE authorities should accept and process the application for strata titles at the early stage of construction and the applicant should need to comply with all conditions prior to the issuance of strata titles. "This will shorten the processing time considerably," said Datuk Alan Tong Kok Mau, executive chairman of Sunrise Bhd and president of Fiabci Malaysian Chapter, on the delay in issuing strata titles raised recently.

RM3.5j untuk pulih projek 23/08/1995 HMBy Baharuddin Hassan
RAUB: Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan memperuntukkan RM3.5 juta bagi memulihkan projek perumahan Taman Raub Utama yang terbengkalai sejak tiga tahun lalu. Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri kawasan Tras, Biaw Nga, berkata projek itu dimajukan oleh satu syarikat kontraktor swasta tetapi terpaksa diambil- alih oleh kementerian itu apabila syarikat berkenaan gagal menyiapkannya mengikut jadual ditetapkan.

Contractor, developer ordered to stop work on six-storey building 25/08/1995 NST
KUANTAN, Thurs. - The State Government today ordered a contractor and a developer to stop work indefinitely on a six-storey building in Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz here, after a row of shoplots near the construction site developed major cracks. Pahang Local Government and Consumer Affairs Committee chairman Datuk Kan Tong Leong identified the contractor as Kejuruteraan Alcon Sdn Bhd and the developer as Jasalam (M) Bhd, both based here.

Panel completes probe on 16 defective blocks of flats 26/08/1995 NST
KUANTAN, Fri. - The technical committee formed to investigate the defective Block N at Bandar Indera Mahkota (BIM) has completed its investigation into the remaining 16 blocks of flats believed to have also developed cracks. A spokesman for the Pahang Public Works Department (PWD) said defect mapping to ascertain the critical components in all the 16 blocks had been carried out.

Venice Hill condo is safe, says developer 26/08/1995  MM
THE Hulu Langat District Council is practising transparency by allowing residents to see progress reports on a hillslope project to allay fears of a repeat of the Highland Towers collapse. This assurance was given to Taman Mudun residents at a meeting yesterday with Venice Hill Resort Living Sdn Bhd which is developing condominiums next to their area.

Developer told to prepare list of remedial works 28/08/1995 MM
THE developer of an office building project next to the Vivekananda Tamil Primary School in Jalan Templer, Petaling Jaya, has been directed to prepare an itemised list of remedial works on damages it caused to the school. Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MPPJ) president Mohamed Nor Bador said the list was to notify the council and the school the type of remedial works to be carried out to avoid further damage.

Contractor putting up beams to check cracks 28/08/1995 NST
KUANTAN, Sun. - A sub-contractor has been engaged to construct beams to prevent further cracks at shophouses caused by work on a nearby six-storey building in Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz here. The State Government had on Wednesday issued a stop-work order on the building construction.

Abide by Act, high-rise builders, residents told 31/08/1995 NST
PENANG, Wed. - Developers and residents of high-rise buildings in Penang have been urged to abide by the Strata Title Act (1985) and to establish management corporations to handle the maintenance aspects of the building. Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Mohd Shariff Omar said this was vital to ensure proper and orderly maintenance of high-rise buildings especially that the trend in the housing industry in Penang in recent years, leans towards high-rise development.

Reasons for delay in issuance of strata titles 31/08/1995 NST
THE Land and Co-operatives Ministry has identified various reasons for the delay in the issuance of strata titles to property owners. Deputy Minister Dr Goh Cheng Teik said among these were incomplete applications, failure by developers and surveyors to meet the conditions required by land offices, delay in checking strata plans submitted and the failure of developers to settle the fees on time.


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