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Understanding an SPA - (Part 3)
05/01/2007 The Sun Law & Realty By Cheong Yoke Ping
IN this final part. the writer continues to explain the terms and conditions of the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and the process of completing the transaction of a purchase of a Property from a party (“Vendor”) other than a developer.

Purchasing a new property
02/02/2007 The Sun LAW & REALTY By Tan Kim Soon
WHEN a purchaser buys a new property, he is often told that the sale and purchase agreement (SPA) is a “standard agreement”. This article attempts to explain the legal implications of having signed the SPA.

In pursuit of the elusive strata title
10/02/2007 NST  BY Derek Fernandez
HOMEOWNERS of properties without individual titles are in limbo. Most of them are apartment and condominium owners, whose numbers run into hundreds of thousands.

Management of a strata titled development (Part 1)
16/02/2007 The Sun LAW & REALTY By Nicholas Chang Chen Seng
THE management corporation is the medium in which the proprietors of strata parcels in a strata development would eventually control the management of the strata scheme.

Management of a strata titled development (Part 2)
23/02/2007 The Sun LAW & REALTY By Nicholas Chang Chen Seng
IN Part 1 of this article, which appeared last week, the various duties of a management corporation of a strata development were briefly examined and explained. In Part 2, the writer will attempt to explain the various powers of the management corporation.

Cash or financing when buying property
09/03/2007 The Sun LAW REALTY By Tan Kim Soon
WHEN a Purchaser has selected a new property to be purchased from a developer, he is often undecided whether he should pay cash or to seek financing from a lender.

Problems faced by owners of strata title properties
23/03/2007 The Sun LAW & REALTY By Nicole Tan and Sumathi Murugiah
Lately, the authorities have insisted that the current year’s quit rent for the master title must be paid before the authorities will accept for registration any instrument of dealing relating to a parcel.

RPGT queries answered
06/04/2007 The Sun LAW & REALTY By Roger Tan
Roger: Bar Council happy with Finance Ministry's quick response to its queries.

Changes in the Solicitors’ Remuneration Order
Source: 19/04/2007 By Yang Pei Keng

Management Corporation - from its inception to the 1st AGM
04/05/2007 The Sun LAW & REALTY By Roger Tan
A management corporation (MC) exists by operation of law upon the opening of a book of the strata title in respect of a sub-divided building such as a condominium or land such as a gated community development. In simple terms, when individual strata titles are issued for these individual parcel units or land parcels, the MC is deemed to have been set up.

The relationship between borrower and financier
20/04/2007 The Sun LAW & REALTY By Nicholas Chang Chen Seng
IN most cases in Malaysia, the purchaser of a property will seek financial assistance to finance his acquisition of the property and will apply for a loan from a financier, usually a bank. This article will attempt to explain the legal implications of such a borrower-financier relationship.

Q & A on amended housing law
18/05/2007 The Sun LAW & REALTY By Roger Tan
Section 22D(1)of Act 118 stipulates beyond any doubt that the consent of the developer is not required for the absolute assignment of rights or interests in a housing accommodation. In a case where the developer is not the proprietor of the land, is it necessary to obtain the proprietor’s consent to the assignment?

Maintenance of a building
01/06/2007 The Sun LAW & REALTY By Andrew Wong Fook Hin
...before management corporation is formed – Part 1
ON April 12, the Building & Common Property (Maintenance & Management) Act 2007 (“the Act”) came into force in all States within Peninsular Malaysia.

Maintenance of a building - Part II
01/06/2007 The Sun LAW & REALTY By Andrew Wong Fook Hin
IN Part 1 (last week), we examined provisions in the Building & Common Property (Maintenance & Management) Act, 2007 (“the Act”) relating to the Commissioner of Buildings, the Joint Management Body (JMB) and the Joint Management Committee (JMC).

Gated and guarded communities (Part I)
29/06/2007 The Sun  LAW & REALTY By Derek John Fernandez GATED and guarded community (‘GACOS’) housing schemes are getting more popular.

Gated and guarded communities (Part 2)
06/07/2007 The Sun  LAW & REALTY By Derek Fernandez
(Part 1 of this article appeared last Friday.)
PRIOR to the amendment to the Strata Titles Act 1985, the legal basis for the creation of a gated and guarded community (GACOS) scheme was grounded on a set of agreements between the developer and the purchasers in relation to their respective rights and obligations for the management and use of the areas in the development.

Set up Strata Titles Board, urges Bar Council
20/07/2007 The Sun LAW & REALTY By Roger Tan
THE Bar Council calls on the Government to set up the Strata Titles Board (“Board”) as soon as possible because it is long overdue.

Understanding the new CCC
21/09/2007 The Sun LAW & REALTY by Cheong Yoke Ping
CCC stands for the certificate of completion and compliance and is a new term introduced by the Street, Drainage and Building (Amendment) Act 2007 (Amendment Act), which came into force on April 12, 2007. The CCC is meant to replace the certificate of fitness for occupation (CFO).

Penal sanctions for not completing transfer of ownership of strata titles
07/12/2007The Sun LAW & REALTY by Andrew Wong
WHEN a purchaser buys a flat or an apartment or a condominium, he is buying a parcel of property in a building, which will be subdivided. Each parcel will then be issued with a separate strata title. Purchasers of such properties generally encounter two sets of nagging problems.


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