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Government reviewing law to control housing industry 02/07/1998 NST
Kuala Langat, Thurs - The Government is reviewing the law in order to rein in developers and control the housing industry following a surge in complaints from consumers.

Illegal house extensions to be pulled down 03/07/1998 NST
KUANTAN, Thurs. - Most of the 47 house owners in Taman Seriku, who had been served reminders to demolish illegal extensions to their property, have not kept their promise to voluntarily tear down the structures. Kuantan Muncipal Council president Datuk Mohamad Saib said today an operation to demolish the extensions would be carried out next Wednesday and that the council would bill the house owners for the work done.

Buyers in Johor can own two low-cost houses 08/07/1998 NST
JOHOR BARU, Tues. - The State Government has introduced a new scheme, allowing eligible low-cost house buyers to own two adjoining units. State Housing, Small- and Medium-Scale Industries and Local Government Committee chairman Adam Abdul Hamid said the house owners would be allowed to renovate the adjoining units so that they could have a bigger house.

Condominium owners to get temporary CFs after 8 years 08/07/1998 The Star
TEMPORARY certificates of fitness (TCF) for the Genting Court condominiums in Setapak will be issued next week after eight years of waiting.

Will they be ready by year-end? 09/07/1998 MM
BUYERS of the Gurney Heights condominium in Jalan Bukit Keramat are still worried about the future of the project despite City Hall's assurances. Although it agreed to meet the buyers on July 15, buyers are afraid they may not get their units this year as promised by Datuk Bandar Tan Sri Kamaruzzaman Shariff recently.

Plight of Pine Court apartment owner 09/07/1998 NST
IN SPITE of our Prime Minister's appeal to cut the red-tape in procedural work, and our Selangor Menteri Besar's effort to introduce a "one-stop" centre to reduce such processes, all has fallen onto deaf ears. Take, for example, my problem with Talam Developers over a medium-cost apartment at Pine Court in Bukit Sentosa, Rawang.

51 slow, abandoned sites identified MM 10/07/1998 By Alina Simon
CITY HALL has identified 51 construction sites where work has slowed or stopped as potential mosquito-breeding grounds. Among them are Plaza Rakyat, a monorail project and Plaza Merdeka in Jalan Jebat.

Home at last! 11/07/1998 MM
EIGHT years after signing a contract to buy apartments, nearly 1,000 people can now move into their homes. For the buyers of 972 units of Genting Court medium-cost condominium in Setapak, the road home has been fraught with frustration and anger.

Two-week CF wait for condo buyers 13/07/1998 MM
BUYERS of Genting Court Condominium in Setapak will have to wait a while longer before they can move into their homes. Last Friday, City Hall agreed to issue a temporary certificate of fitness for the medium-cost condominium blocks but the certificate had yet to be given to their developer, Immetec Sdn Bhd

Save project, residents urge City Hall 15/07/1998 MM
BUYERS of Gurney Heights Condominium Phase 1 - City Hall's privatised project - want the authority to come up with a solution to save the project. Work on the project, developed jointly with Modular Resources Sdn Bhd, has stopped since early this year.

Developer to come up with action plan 16/07/1998 MM
THE Gurney Heights condominium developer, Modular Resources Sdn Bhd, has been given a month by the City Hall to formulate a plan to solve the problems plaguing the project. This was a result of a meeting between the company, City Hall and pro tem committee of the condominium buyers at the City Hall's Privatisation and Joint-Venture Department yesterday.

Banks must give house buyers an option, says Ting 17/07/1998 BT
BORROWERS of housing loans from banks must be given the option to either extend the repayment period or be allowed to maintain their monthly instalment, as stipulated in a Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) directive issued in January this year. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said this will help ease the financial burden on borrowers due to the increased interest rates.

Wall falls on house 21/07/1998 MM
A RETAINING wall had collapsed on a house in Jalan SS9A/18A in Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya, due to soil erosion, forcing the occupants to move out. Houseowner Tan Ah Ying and her family had to move out for fear that the house might also collapse during a downpour.

Rotting in Rawang 23/07/1998 MM
THESE low-cost houses were certified fit for occupation more than two years ago. But as the photograph shows, the housing estate is very much a ghost town. This RM6.7 million scheme for the poor in Batu 17, Rawang - called Projek Daerah - would have been home to 267 families.

`Defects in Menara Lion fire system' 25/07/1998 BT
A PRELIMINARY investigation revealed that there are several defects in the fire safety system of the 50-storey Menara Lion where a fire broke out on its 35th floor two days ago, the Federal Territory Fire and Rescue Department said in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Its director, Mr Leonard A. Athanasius, said the sprinkler system did not function well while the pressurised doors which were supposed to prevent smoke from passing into the emergency staircase had also failed.

Fires: The first line of defence 29/07/1998 NST
THE Federal authorities warned anew this week that illegal extensions to buildings will not be tolerated. Coming as it does close on the heels of last week's fire at Kuala Lumpur's Menara Lion, the warning shows their seriousness about ensuring there are no fire traps in all highrises. Thankfully, there were no fatalities or serious injuries from the midday incident at the 50-storey building. But clearly that incident has shown up once again our weaknesses in a number of areas, notably regular maintenance of facilities and amenities, supervision, as well as the people's apathetic attitude. We shudder to think of the consequences had not prompt action been taken by the Fire and Rescue Department. According to reports, more than 200 people were trapped in the penthouse floor after a fire broke out on the 35th level of the building. Thick smoke from the burning floor forced occupants in the upper floors to head for the highest level where they waited to be rescued by firemen.


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