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Error made by Bukit Cerakah 03/03/1998 NST
BUKIT Cerakah Development Sdn Bhd, the developer of Puncak Alam in Kuala Selangor, yesterday admitted having misrepresented itself as being part of the Puncak Group. It had linked itself to the group in a brochure issued when it launched the project on Friday. It was then reported that Bukit Cerakah Development was a member of Datuk Rozali Ismail's Puncak Group.

Proposal to build on vacant space rejected 04/03/1998 NST
KANGAR, Tues. - The State Government has rejected a developer's proposal to construct additional housing units on vacant space in an abandoned housing project area as a means to revive the development. State Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Khor Liang Tee said today the vacant space in the abandoned Taman Seri Idaman at Jalan Kaki Bukit was meant for recreational purposes.

Developer should get CF for condo owners 05/03/1998 NST By K. Rahim
I AM a purchaser of a condominium lot in Kuala Lumpur and have just been handed the keys to my unit. What seems to be unfair, however, is that despite the keys to the apartment being given, I am not allowed to move in until the CF (certificate of fitness for occupation) has been granted.

MPAJ to lend a hand 06/03/1998 MM
DEVELOPERS of low and medium-cost housing projects in Ampang Jaya who face technical problems can expect speedy assistance from the Municipal Council. Council president Abdul Karim Munisar said he realises that some developers are finding it difficult to continue their projects during this trying period.

Tiada dana khas bantu projek terbengkalai 06/03/1998 BH By Abdul Halim Yusoff
KERAJAAN tidak bersedia atau mempunyai rancangan untuk memperuntukkan dana khas bagi membantu pemaju yang menghadapi masalah aliran tunai dalam kegawatan ekonomi sekarang untuk meneruskan projek hartanah mereka yang terbengkalai. Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Wong See Wah, berkata bantuan dana khas itu tidak dapat diberikan dalam keadaan kegawatan ekonomi sekarang yang mana kerajaan perlu menggunakan wang yang ada untuk pelbagai kegiatan ekonomi lain.

CM tells of bid by builder to cheat State Government 08/03/1998 NSUNT
NIBONG TEBAL, Sat. - Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon today revealed an attempt by a housing developer for a proposed multi-million ringgit housing project in Seberang Perai to cheat the State Government. He said instead of carrying out the proposed project in its entirety, the errant developer submitted separate development proposals, claiming it would be carried out in small parcels of land by different companies.

CF not cleared by authorities 10/03/1998 MM By Azlan Ramli; Meor Shariman
TWO buyers of houses in Taman Puteri Jaya, Cheras, want to know when they can expect the Certificates of Fitness (CF) for their premises. The project was completed about a year ago and the developer, Li-Foong Housing Development Sdn Bhd, forced buyers to accept their keys.

Board approves Taman Golf apartment project 10/03/1998 NST By Mimi Syed Yusof
IPOH, Mon. - The Perak Planning Appeal Board has allowed a developer to go ahead with the construction of an apartment block at Taman Golf, overturning an earlier decision by the Ipoh City Council to reject the developer's application. In its first case since the board was formed in January 1996, appeal board chairman Datuk Syed Azman Syed Mohamed said the decision was made recently after a hearing before a panel of three members chaired by him on Nov 4, last year.

Witness: Two parcels of land were in water catchment area 10/03/1998 NST
MALACCA, Mon. - The two parcels of land in Mukim Machap which former State Exco member and Durian Tunggal Assemblyman, Datuk Sahar Arpan, sold to a former shareholder of Ivory Heights Sdn Bhd were within a gazetted water catchment area, the High Court heard today. Corporate planning manager of the Malacca Water Corporation Abdul Rahman Mohd Said said the area was gazetted in 1962.

Govt to amend land code on caveats: Goh 12/03/1998 BT
THE Government plans to amend the National Land Code so that individual caveats on land ownership can be lifted temporarily to expedite release of strata titles, said Land and Cooperative Development Deputy Minister Dr Goh Cheng Teik yesterday. Goh, however, acknowledged that the proposed amendment, aimed at empowering land administrators to lift the caveats temporarily, will be quite complex.

Link for Bandar Tun Razak urged as condition 12/03/1998 NST-LTIMES
ANY developer wanting to develop land adjacent to the Desa Tun Razak residential and commercial area close to Bandar Tasik Selatan in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur will have to include an interchange for convenient entry and exit to the area. Bandar Tun Razak MP Datuk Tan Chai Ho said he wrote to Kuala Lumpur Datuk Bandar Tan Sri Kamaruzaman Sharif late last month suggesting the interchange be included as a condition before issuing a work order to the developer.

No news of CF for her house 16/03/1998 MM
CHIN of Pandan Jaya wonders when she will get the Certificate of Fitness (CF) for her new house in Bandar Sungai Long, Cheras. She says she bought a unit in the Evergreen Park Condominium and the project was completed in November last year.

Land Office not used to issuing strata titles 20/03/1998 NST
MANY Land Offices are not accustomed to issuing Qualified Titles or even strata titles. Where strata titles are concerned, Land Offices give the famous excuse that "developers do not apply".

Speed up issue of strata titles 22/03/1998  NSUNT
IT is no exaggeration to say that long-suffering owners of low and high- rise buildings, who have yet to get their strata titles, are hungry for news that can throw light on their predicament. Last week, two reports in the print media on the problems relating to the issuance of this vital ownership document will no doubt have attracted many readers interested in the subject. The number of Malaysians and foreigners affected is not small considering that more than 100 million square feet of buildings requiring strata titles have been completed in the past 30 years. Some building experts dare venture to make an educated guess that only a small number of these buildings have been issued such titles. This means some RM9 billion worth of property is in a state of uncertainty. Without the strata titles, which denote legal ownership, all concerned parties are at risk and can give rise to legal implications in the sale and purchase of such properties.

Ting on confusion in issuing CFs 30/03/1998 NST
BATU GAJAH, Sun. - Local authorities should refrain from using the developers' failure to comply with the 30-per cent low-cost housing quota in their projects as grounds to refuse the issuance of Certificates of Fitness for buildings already completed. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said such action was unfair to house-buyers as they were being prevented from moving into their homes for which they might be already servicing their loans.

No sign of strata titles 30/03/1998 MM
RESIDENTS of Pantai Hillpark in Pantai Dalam want the authorities to grant strata titles for their homes and also improve the traffic flow in the area. They claim that since the keys to their homes were handed over in late 1993, there is only a temporary Certificate of Fitness.


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