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Developer `will be charged if it caused siltation' 03/10/1997 NST
MALACCA, Thurs. - Legal action will be taken against Larut Consolidated, the developer of Pulau Melaka, if it is established that the development of its man-made island off Banda Hilir has caused siltation at the nearby RM8 million jetty. The jetty has been under-utilised since its completion about a year ago due to siltation.

Pemaju Taman Kencana diberi seminggu  06/10/1997 BH
AMPANG JAYA, Ahad - Pemaju perumahan Taman Kencana fasa 3 diberi tempoh seminggu untuk memberi maklum balas sama ada hendak meneruskan projek taman itu, yang terbengkalai sejak tujuh tahun lalu. Ahli Parlimen Ampang Jaya, Ong Tee Kiat, meminta Syarikat Jaya Kencana Sdn Bhd, pemaju projek perumahan taman berkenaan supaya menjelaskan keadaan sebenar projek membabitkan 47 unit rumah bagi fasa ketiga itu.

Pemaju diberi tempoh 7 hari 06/10/1997  HM By Norainon Othman
AMPANG JAYA: Persatuan Pembeli Rumah Fasa 3, Taman Kencana, di sini, memberi tempoh seminggu untuk pemaju perumahan itu memberi maklum balas mengenai perkembangan projek rumah teres dua tingkat yang terbengkalai sejak tujuh tahun lalu. Pembeli rumah memberi kata dua kepada pemaju sama ada mahu bertanggungjawab memulihkan projek berkenaan atau perkara itu dibawa kepada pihak atasan.

Builder in hot soup again 07/10/1997 MM
THE Housing Ministry has lodged a police report against a developer for allegedly accepting down payment for low-cost homes although the company does not own the land for the proposed housing project. A Ministry spokesperson said yesterday the report was lodged recently at the city police headquarters against Cristal-Land Sdn Bhd.

Tiga projek rumah kos rendah terbengkalai  15/10/1997 BH-TENBy Hisham Ithnin
SEREMBAN, Selasa - Tiga projek khas perumahan kos rendah membabitkan 1,375 unit di negeri ini didapati terbengkalai setakat ini, kata Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad. Katanya, projek berkenaan ialah dua di daerah Seremban mengandungi 1,028 unit dan satu lagi di Kuala Pilah sebanyak 347 unit.

Punca projek terbengkalai 16/10/1997 BH-TIM
TUMPAT, Rabu - Barisan Nasional (BN) menjelaskan segala bentuk projek yang dilaksanakan ketika pemerintahannya sebelum ini terbengkalai kerana berlaku perubahan pucuk pimpinan politik di Kelantan. Bagaimanapun, BN mendakwa setiap projek itu berjaya dilaksanakan sehingga mencapai 75 hingga 85 peratus, sebelum Pas mengambil alih pemerintahan Kelantan pada 1990.

Ultimatum for project developers 16/10/1997 NST-LTIMES
THE Petaling Jaya Municipal Council has given five developers of projects near Jalan 16/9 Section 16 in Petaling Jaya, one week from yesterday to either provide residents there the approved plans for the project or face a court order. The plans will allow the residents who are upset with the presence of the structures which are too close to their homes, to carry out an independent study to ascertain the stability of the structures. They also require the geo-technical report for this purpose.

Give house buyers more protection 16/10/1997 MB
I READ your article `Abiding By Regulations' (MB, May 16) and totally agree that acquiring a house is probably the single largest investment of our lives and the loan instalments often last the duration of our working life. Despite all the rules and regulations, house buyers still get the raw end of the deal from errant developers. The government is making every effort to improve the system to safeguard house buyers. But however sophisticated the system is, there are bound to be officials and developers who will attempt to abuse the system. Perhaps the housing ministry would consider setting up a service bureau to handle complaints and to educate and assist ignorant house buyers, especially those who do not have the resources to take appropriate legal action against errant developers.

Developers with unsold Bumi houses urged to register 17/10/1997 NST
MALACCA, Thurs. - Only one developer with unsold houses under the Bumiputera quota has registered with the Malacca Customary Land Corporation, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Abu Zahar Isnin said today. He said there are still 118 developers here yet to register themselves with the corporation.

Follow safety measures, developers urged 20/10/1997 NST
JEMPOL, Sun. - The Government has urged developers to take all precautionary measures before embarking on any development projects. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said developers would be held responsible for any landslide, mud floods or other disasters caused as a result of project works.

Villagers angry over flash floods 20/10/1997 MM
WORK to build a trench to drain water from a housing project site in Puchong has instead caused flash floods in nearby Kampung Tengah Baru on three occasions over the last four weeks. Angry villagers are calling on the authorities to compel the project site management to do something quickly and prevent further damage to their properties.

Eight builders fail to meet low-cost quota 20/10/1997  NST By Noor Adzman Baharuddin
BUTTERWORTH, Sun. - Eight housing developers, who obtained loans from Bank Negara to revive several abandoned housing projects in Penang, have failed to meet the quota for low-cost houses in their projects, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Mohd Shariff Omar said today. He said Bank Negara should check the matter fast, failing which the errant developers could set a bad precedent for other housing developers, especially those interested in reviving abandoned projects.

Step on the accelerator 21/10/1997 NST
CONSIDER it the height of impudence. First, they whined for a chance - also read this as financial help - to revive the abandoned housing projects and in return for the funds, they promised to build 60 per cent low-cost units for each revived project. But once the monies were safely in their hands, greed reigned. So, what else is new? The abuse of funds by the eight housing developers in Penang is a familiar tale of woe in the nation's quest to provide adequate affordable housing for the populace, particularly the lower-income group. Whatever the sins - the list is long - committed by private developers in fulfilling their social obligation to the less financially able, what remains clear is that the nation's five-year plan will always be cursed with this seemingly perpetual shortfall in low-cost housing.

`Penang housing projects have met low-cost target' 21/10/1997 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - All 14 housing projects under Bank Negara's Low-Cost Housing Project Revolving Fund Scheme (TPPTKR) in Penang have met the target for low-cost housing, it was disclosed here today. A spokesman for TPPT Sdn Bhd, the developer for the scheme, said the projects had exceeded the 30 per cent target set by the Government.

State may put on hold 60pc of Bank Negara unit's schemes 21/10/1997 NST
BUTTERWORTH, Mon. - The State Government may "put on hold" 60 per cent of TPPT Sdn Bhd's applications to carry out mixed development projects, worth hundreds of millions, in several areas in Seberang Perai, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Mohd Shariff Omar said today. Dissatisfied with the "very low" number of low-cost units proposed by the Bank Negara subsidiary, he said TPPT Sdn Bhd should increase the number to meet the pressing demand for adequate housing for the low-income group.

Subang flash floods: Developer gets deadline 21/10/1997 MM
THE Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSB) has given the developer of a housing project in Puchong until the end of this week to solve flash flood problems that its project has caused to Kampung Tengah Baru. If the developer fails to meet the deadline, a stop-work order will be issued against Sime UEP Home Development Sdn Bhd.

Developer told to tackle flood problems 22/10/1997 NST
BUTTERWORTH, Tues. - The State Government today directed the developer of the Prai Perdana project to take remedial measures to alleviate flood and other problems caused by construction work. Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Mohd Shariff Omar instructed Prima Prai Sdn Bhd to ensure that the people living in the vicinity of the project were not adversely affected by the construction work.

Another condo site for Bangsar 23/10/1997 MM
A FOUR-STOREY building comprising 10 condominium units is to be built on a plot of land opposite the Sri Bayu apartments in Jalan Medang Tanduk, Bukit Bandaraya. The developer of the 4,848 square feet (446 square metres) plot of land, who only wanted to be identified as Lim, said City Hall had approved the building plan and earthworks are now in progress.

Land clearing continues despite fragile, unstable hillside terrain 24/10/1997 NST
KANGAR, Thurs. - Land clearing on hills surrounding the Timah-Tasoh lake near the Kangar-Padang Besar trunk road is still being carried out despite pledges by the Perlis Government to safeguard the State's only reservoir. Obviously, something must be done fast given the fragile and unstable nature of hillside terrain and the climatic conditions.

Builder to show cause over delay in sub-dividing titles 28/10/1997 MM
A DEVELOPER has been recently warned not to further delay its application for sub-division of the master title following complaints from buyers for the past three years. In a show-cause letter dated Sept 12, the Housing and Local Government Ministry's enforcement division asked Palm Grove Housing Sdn Bhd to explain the matter


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