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80pc of housing grouses solved 01/12/1996 NSUNT
KUALA LUMPUR, Sat. - The Housing and Local Government Ministry has resolved 80 per cent of the 1,101 complaints from house buyers up to the end of 1995, its minister Datuk Dr Ting Chiew Peh said today. Of the total, 534 cases were reported in 1995 while 567 were from previous years which had not been resolved.

Seret pemaju ke mahkamah 02/12/1996 HM
KUALA TERENGGANU: Pemaju kawasan perumahan Desa Majlis Perbandaran Kuala Terengganu (MPKT) di Chendering dekat sini, menghadapi kemungkinan dihadapkan ke mahkamah jika gagal menyiapkan projek menjelang Mei depan. MPKT yang ketika itu diterajui Datuk Abu Bakar Daud sebagai Timbalan Yang Dipertuanya, menandatangani satu perjanjian dengan pemaju terbabit bagi membina projek berkenaan pada 1992.

Strata title delays: Developers at fault 05/12/1996 NST
THE Government is aware of the delay in the issuance of strata titles but the responsibility rests with the developers concerned, Deputy Minister of Land and Co-operative Dr Goh Cheng Teik told the Dewan Rakyat yesterday. Winding up points raised by MP for Serdang Datuk Yap Pian Hon and Mentakab MP Fu Ah Kiow during the 1997 Budget estimates for his ministry, he said:

Housing industry needs self-regulating body 10/12/1996 NST
HOUSEBUYERS face numerous risks from developers who seem to focus on maximising profits by lowering construction standards. Abandoned housing projects, houses built with sub-standard materials and inferior workmanship, leaking roofs, cracks appearing on the floor and walls are all too familiar complaints made by buyers to various agencies, including the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

Pemaju punca rumah lambat siap 11/12/1996 BH
SEREMBAN, Selasa - Pelaksanaan sederhana projek perumahan khas kos rendah menyebabkan kerajaan negeri
menyerahkan hanya 8,821 atau 52 peratus unit rumah yang siap dibina kepada golongan kurang berpendapatan di negeri ini, sejak enam tahun lalu. Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad, berkata kelembapan membina 16,958 unit rumah khas kos rendah seperti ditetapkan itu bukan berpunca daripada kerajaan negeri tetapi lebih kepada pemaju projek perumahan yang bermasalah.

Arah siap rumah 11/12/1996 HM By Daut Noor
GEORGETOWN: Kelewatan pihak pemaju menyiapkan projek perumahan memaksa Timbalan Ketua Menteri campur tangan untuk menyelesaikan masalah terbabit. Datuk Mohd Shariff Omar mengarahkan pihak pemaju segera menunaikan Janji supaya masalah itu segera diatasi selewat-lewatnya Februari tahun depan.

Pemaju diberi amaran jangan perdaya pembeli 12/12/1996 BH
GEORGETOWN, Rabu - Pemaju projek perumahan di negeri ini diberi amaran supaya tidak cuba menipu pembeli rumah dengan melewatkan projek mereka atas sebab yang tidak boleh diterima. Timbalan Ketua Menteri, Datuk Mohd Shariff Omar, berkata ada pemaju yang tidak peka terhadap rungutan pembeli rumah yang sedang dibina sehingga mereka berasa tertipu.

City Hall to do remedial work on cracks in flats 13/12/1996 MM
CITY HALL is likely to conduct remedial work on large gaping cracks at the base of the Sri Langkawi flats in Gombak next year. It is waiting for a report recommending remedial measures by an independent consultant.

Developer gets two weeks to explain strata title delay 14/12/1996 NST
MALACCA, Fri. - Housing developer Draland Sdn Bhd has been given two weeks to explain the delay in issuing strata titles to buyers of the five-storey Garden City Apartments at Jalan Merdeka. The three-block apartments were completed in 1989 and sold the following year. But the purchasers have yet to receive the strata titles. The residents, who formed an association, met at the State DAP office this morning and with the assistance of their lawyers, have given two weeks for the developers to explain the long delay, failing which legal action would be taken.

Housing developers feeling the heat  17/12/1996 NST-LTIMES By Pang Hin Yue
OF late, housing developers in the Klang Valley are feeling the heat from their open burning. In the last 1 1/2 months, 10 developers have been fined a total of RM54,000 by the courts. Although the amount is considered puny - it is only enough to buy a low- or medium-cost house - it is encouraging to note that the number of errant developers prosecuted has risen.

Setting limits on noise pollution 18/12/1996 NST-LTIMES
IS Malaysia a noisy country? Most believe the noise level has increased over the years with urbanisation and the din is perceived to be louder outdoors than indoors, according to a 1994 nationwide survey involving 12,537 respondents. In the study, "Impacts of Noise Pollution on Population Residing in the Vicinity of Noise Sources", conducted by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for the Department of Environment (DOE), it notes that the most pervasive source of noise is associated with road traffic. This is followed by noises emanating from neighbourhoods, commercial activities and industrial processess.

No parameters in present regulations 18/12/1996 NST-LTIMES
THERE are existing laws and regulations related to noise control but most of them do not specify the parameters, thereby impeding enforcement. There are at least four sections under the Environmental Quality Act (EQA) namely Section 21, 23, 48A and 51, which touch on the subject of noise pollution but they stop short of spelling out their limits.

Geo-technic reports may be required 22/12/1996 NSUNT
PENANG, Sat. - The Penang Island Municipal Council may require developers to submit geo-technic reports on construction projects in the inner city to determine if such projects will cause damage to existing structures and buildings nearby. Currently the council only requires geo-technic reports for hillslope projects to ensure construction work carried out will not cause dangerous earth movements or damage to property or life.

Keramat Jaya house buyers can move in next year 23/12/1996 MM
CITY HALL will revive the long-delayed housing project in Keramat Jaya by appointing a new contractor to complete the job. Datuk Bandar Tan Sri Kamaruzzaman Shariff recently promised the long- suffering buyers who had been kept waiting since the project first started in 1989, that the houses would be ready for occupation by next year.

Hill slope developer under fire 24/12/1996 NST-LTIMES
RESIDENTS living near the foot of Bukit Sungai Putih in Cheras want Jiwa Mewah, the developer which cleared part of the hill for a housing project, to rehabilitate the stripped slopes to avert a possible tragedy. "Save the Cheras Forest" pro-tem committee member Ramana Ramakrishnan said residents living in Taman Awana were especially exposed to landslide hazards.

Housebuyers seek State's assistance 28/12/1996 NST-LTIMES
THOSE who had bought houses in a project in Gertak Sanggul, Penang,which has been abandoned, are seeking the assistance of all quarters, including the State Government, to save the project. Their spokesman K. Subramaniam alias Jeorge said 61 housebuyers in Taman Cahaya have lost an average of RM30,000 each paid to the developer between 1979 and 1983


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