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Poor workmanship, inferior materials 05/03/1996 NST-LTIMES
GOVERNMENT and developers constantly lock horns over the low-cost housing dilemma. The ceiling price is maintained at RM25,000 so that unscrupulous developers cannot overcharge lower-income groups. At the same time, there seems to be little quality control over the actual building of these projects, so that developers, in an attempt to make the most of what they would term a "loss-making venture", cut back on the standard of workmanship and materials used. All too often, the term low-cost is interpreted as low quality.

Cramped space to call home 05/03/1996 NST-LTIMES
M. MARUTHAMPAL, 49, lives on the third floor of a block of low-rise, low- cost flats in Kuala Lumpur with her husband and seven of her 10 children. This one-bedroom flat has been their abode for the past 28 years. Four of her children are married. Three of the married ones live separately, leaving seven children and one in-law in the flat, besides her and her husband. In addition, three young grandchildren live with them, making a total of 13 people in a flat measuring eight metres by six metres.

Does cheap equal poor quality? 05/03/1996 NST-LTIMES
BOTH the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association (Fomca) and the Consumers' Association of Penang (CAP) speculate on a common theme. That housing, low-cost housing in particular, should not be subject to the same market forces as stocks and bonds. Yet, it may be difficult to understand how consumer associations can sell housing (notoriously a seller's market) from the human angle when worldly trends conspire to create global markets of bulls and bears in both hemispheres, differentiated only by local indices of currency, culture or laws.

Stop clearing our forest reserves 12/03/1996 NST-LTIMES
THE Sungai Buloh forest reserve in Selangor is the latest reserve to be earmarked for "development". On Feb 29 Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib confirmed that 236 hectares of the forest reserve will be cleared to make way for a predominantly low-cost housing scheme. No doubt, low-cost houses must be built to accommodate the poor. But why do this at the expense of a forest reserve which also acts as a water catchment area?

TPPK bantu mangsa projek terbengkalai 13/03/1996 BH
MUAR, Selasa - Seramai 67 pembeli rumah Taman Syarifah, di sini, berpeluang memiliki semula rumah masing-masing, apabila Tabung Pemulihan Projek Terbengkalai (TPPK) meluluskan peruntukan kira-kira RM2.5 juta untuk memulihkan projek berkenaan selepas tergendala pembinaannya lebih 16 tahun. Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Bertindak pembeli rumah projek berkenaan, Taha Jaafar, berkata projek yang dibina pada tahun 1980 itu terbengkalai sehingga kini disebabkan masalah pemborong.

RM2.5j pulih projek rumah 14/03/1996  HM By Jamaludin Husin
MUAR: Seramai 67 pembeli rumah Taman Syarifah, di sini dijangka memiliki semula rumah masing-masing apabila Tabung Pemulihan Projek Terbengkalai (TPPK) meluluskan peruntukan kira-kira RM2.5 juta untuk memulihkan projek itu selepas tergendala pembinaannya lebih 16 tahun. Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Bertindak Pembeli Rumah projek berkenaan, Taha Jaafar, berkata projek yang dibina pada 1980 itu terbengkalai sehingga kini disebabkan masalah kontraktor.

Revival of abandoned Kg Bakau project 16/03/1996 NST-LTIMES
THE temporarily abandoned Kampung Bakau re-development project will be revived soon and is expected to be completed in three years at a cost of RM150 million, said Perlis Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim. The 60-hectare traditional village, located in the heart of Kangar, was earmarked as a planned commercial and residential enclave over the past several years.

Comply with new CF ruling, Ling tells local authorities 19/03/1996  NST
KOTA KINABALU, Mon. - Local authorities which could not issue certificates of fitness within 14 days to house buyers must report to the Housing and Local Government Ministry. Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said the ruling had been enforced nationwide effective from Jan 10.

Siapkan bangunan 19/03/1996 HM
DUNGUN: Gerakan Persatuan Wanita (GPW) Felda Kertih II di sini, mendesak pihak berkuasa khasnya Pejabat Daerah Dungun menyiapkan segera bangunan pertubuhan itu yang terbengkalai lebih dua tahun lalu.

Report disproves claim by residents 20/03/1996 NST-LTIMES
THE independent soil consultant engaged to determine the cause of cracks at houses in SS14/7G, Subang Jaya has come up with a preliminary report which left residents in the lurch. According to Subang Jaya Assemblyman Lee Hwa Beng, the consultant who was appointed by the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council last year reported that the cracks were not caused by the construction of the Shah Alam Expressway as claimed by the residents.

Developer ticked off for improper drainage system 22/02/1996 MM
A HOUSING developer has been ticked off for designing an improper drainage system for Taman Angsa Emas near Mambau which has delayed the issuance of a Certificate of Fitness (CF). Menteri Besar Tan Sri Mohamad Isa Abdul Samad said the developer has been instructed to rectify the alignment so that the CF can be issued for the 600 unit of houses.

ACA task force to investigate low-cost housing irregularities 26/03/1996 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - The Anti-Corruption Agency has set up a task force to investigate irregularities in the allocation of low-cost houses nationwide, and has appointed a top official to lead the team. According to its spokesman, the agency's director of investigations, Ahmad Said, who is leading the task force, was expected to concentrate on low-cost housing in Selangor, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Perak, Penang and Johor.

ACA satisfied with low cost homes allocation 28/03/1996  NST
KUANTAN, Wed. - The Anti-Corruption Agency found no irregularities in the State Housing Unit in the distribution of government low-cost houses in Pahang, said the Deputy Menteri Besar today. Datuk Hasan Arifin said the ACA investigation concluded that there were no irregularities.

Condos to have own building commissioners 29/03/1996 NST
PENANG, Thurs. - The Housing and Local Government Ministry is drafting new legislation to ensure multi-storey buildings, condominiums and common properties are properly managed and maintained. Its minister, Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh, said the post of building commissioner would also be created.

Plan to create post of building commissioner 29/03/1996 BT
THE post of Building Commissioner will be created when a Bill to improve management of tall buildings especially condominiums in the country is introduced, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said yesterday. He said that the commissioner will be empowered to take legal action and impose penalties on occupants as well as the management of the buildings if they fail to observe specific regulations.


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