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Lowering the boom  01/12/1994 MM
THE Ampang Jaya Municipal Council has instructed its legal department to take action against a developer for handing out house keys to buyers before Certificates of Fitness (CFs) are issued. Council president Abdul Karim Munisar told the full-board that they want to stop the "culture" of giving out keys before CFs are issued.

Syarat ketat bina rumah  05/12/1994 BH By Wan Sabariah Shikh Ali
TANJUNG KLING, Ahad - Kerajaan Melaka memperketatkan syarat pelaksanaan projek perumahan kos rendah dan sederhana bagi mengatasi masalah projek terbengkalai. Ketua Menteri, Datuk Mohd Zin Abdul Ghani, berkata hanya pemaju dan kontraktor yang layak dan berwibawa berpeluang mendapat projek perumahan pada masa depan

`Abandoned housing projects thing of the past' 05/12/1994 BT By David Ong-Yeoh
IT IS unlikely that the local housing industry will ever see the dismal sight of abandoned housing projects again with the measures taken by the Government to tighten regulations for housing developers. On November 27, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said the number of such projects have fallen drastically following several developments such as tighter controls, better consumer awareness and a healthier economy.

Processing of strata titles may go private 06/12/1994 NST
MENTERI Besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said the State Government was considering privatising the process of issuing strata titles for apartments, condominiums and flat owners. He said the State Economic Planning Unit (Upen) had been directed to study the proposal, especially its implications.

Laws to make developers reduce soil erosion soon 12/12/1994 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Sun. - With lingering memories of the Highland Towers disaster and the recent spate of landslides, the Government is pushing for laws compelling developers to minimise soil erosion before they construct buildings, to be tabled in Parliament in April. Disclosing this today, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said the amendments to the Town and Country Planning Act as well as Street and Drainage Act - aimed at protecting public safety and the environment - were recently approved by the Attorney-General's Chambers.

Selangor identifies services to be privatised 25/12/1994 NSUNT
SHAH ALAM, Sat. - The State Government has identified several services and infrastructure projects to be privatised next year to lessen its financial burden. Selangor Menteri Besar Muhammad Muhammad Taib said those to be privatised were the issuance of strata titles to apartment, condominium and flat owners, the supply of electricity to the fast developing northern part of the State and the Waterworks Department.

90 projek rumah gagal disiapkan 29/12/1994 BH
SEBANYAK 90 projek perumahan masih terbengkalai membabitkan kewangan bernilai kira-kira RM920 juta, kata Timbalan Menteri Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan, Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan.

Bank Negara ambil alih Taman Rampai 29/12/1994 HM
AMPANG JAYA: Projek pemulihan Taman Rampai di sini yang terbengkalai sejak hampir 10 tahun lalu akan diambil alih oleh Bank Negara tahun depan bagi memastikan ia tidak terus terbiar. Projek yang membabitkan 240 unit rumah pangsa kos rendah dan lapan unit rumah kedai itu akan dilaksanakan melalui Tabung Pemulihan Projek Terbengkalai (TPPT) dengan mewujudkan TPPT Sdn Bhd.


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