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Empat syarikat minat majukan Seri Iskandar 01/06/1994 BH
EMPAT syarikat yang disenarai di Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur (BSKL) berminat memajukan Bandar Baru Seri Iskandar, Perak Tengah yang terbengkalai sejak 15 tahun lalu. Menteri Besar Perak, Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib, berkata syarikat terbabit sudahpun mengemukakan permohonan untuk membangunkan kawasan seluas 1,214 hektar di bandar itu.

PAM chief: Engage certified consultants  04/06/1994 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Fri. - Persatuan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) president Esa Mohamed today advised developers to engage professionally qualified consultants approved by the Board of Architects and the Board of Engineers to undertake design and consultancy work. He told the New Straits Times it appeared that strict measures to ensure "completeness" of the Highland Towers were not adhered to.

Perak to revive several abandoned projects 08/06/1994 BT
SEVERAL viable major development projects abandoned in Perak due to recession in the 1980s will be relaunched, Menteri Besar Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib said in Ipoh yesterday. Among the projects are the Greentown new township which includes development of shopping complexes and hotels. The multi-million-ringgit project was abandoned when the developer, Pan Global Sdn Bhd, ran into financial difficulties.

Strata titles delay: Builders blamed 22/06/1994 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Tues. - The Land and Mines Department has been absolved from blame for the delay in processing applications of strata titles, Minister of Land and Co-operatives Development Osu Sukam said today. This is because despite measures being taken, many developers have failed to provide adequate information to expedite processing.

One-stop agency to expedite process 22/06/1994 BT
A ONE-STOP agency to expedite the issuance of strata titles to common property owners such as flats, apartments and high-rise buildings is in the pipeline. Land and Cooperative Development Minister Osu Sukam said a pilot project on the one-stop agency has been tried by the Penang State Land and Mines office since July last year.

Ban on hillslope high-rise projects lifted 23/06/1994 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Wed. - The Cabinet today lifted the temporary ban on the construction of high-rise buildings in hilly areas and on examining land which came into force following the Highland Towers apartment collapse in Hulu Klang in Dec 11 last year which killed 48 people. It was also agreed that the six-volume report on the tragedy by the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council inquiry team be made available to the public by next week at a yet-to-be-disclosed price.

Pembeli terpaksa bayar faedah 23/06/1994 BH
KUANTAN, Rabu - Hampir 60 pembeli rumah di Taman Bukit Pelindung Satu, dekat sini, yang membuat pinjaman perumahan kerajaan, kesal dengan Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan Perbendaharaan Malaysia kerana gagal menjelaskan bayaran kepada pemaju mengikut jadual. Kegagalan itu menyebabkan pembeli rumah terbabit terpaksa membayar kadar faedah kepada pemaju antara RM150 dan RM500 seorang. Pembeli berkenaan terpaksa menjelaskan dalam tempoh 14 hari bagi mengelak daripada tertunggak.

Ministry blacklists 23 housing developers 24/06/1994 NST
IPOH, Thurs. - The Housing and Local Government Ministry has blacklisted 23 housing developers for various offences including not having a licence, cheating buyers and not completing projects on time without valid reasons. Its Minister, Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh, said seven were in Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, four in Johor, three each in Negri Sembilan, Perak and Penang, two in Terengganu and one in Malacca.

Ting: Preliminary works ruling effective immediately 26/06/1994 NSUNT
PETALING JAYA, Sat. - Developers must, with immediate effect, complete several preliminary works on their project sites to ensure safety and minimise environmental damage before they are allowed to begin construction. This ruling applies to all housing projects from condominiums to low- cost houses regardless of whether the projects are new or ongoing

Ministry gets feedback on strata title issuance 28/06/1994 BT
THE Ministry of Land and Cooperative Development is getting feedback from developers and various professional bodies involving engineers, architects and surveyors, to speed-up the process of strata title issuance. Minister Osu Sukam said, a consultative body has been set up to look into ways of resolving the late issuance of strata title.

Ministry works on strata titles processing method 28/06/1994 NST
KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. - The Land and Co-operative Development Ministry is working out a formula to allow for the processing of strata titles within six months after the Certificate of Fitness have been issued, newly- appointed minister, Osu Sukam, said today. He said the Land and Mines Department would process the strata titles applications earlier if financial institutions, which issue loans to developers to undertake the housing projects, were allowed to hold the titles.


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