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Dream homes now nightmare
15/05/2006 NST By By R. Sonia and Regina Lee

TANJUNG MALIM: Disgruntled property purchasers of Diamond Creek Country Retreat say their dreams are now the stuff of nightmares. Protesting peacefully yesterday, they said the project was launched in 1993 but abandoned in 1996, with 60 per cent of the first phase completed. There had been no work on other phases.

The purchasers claimed they had invested in properties worth RM150,000 to RM1.5 million.

They want the project to be revived and properly maintained by developer Golden Approach Sdn Bhd.

All there was, they said, were 20 completed bungalows, an abandoned clubhouse, a larvae-ridden swimming pool, a jungle in place of a golf course, and a half-built equestrian centre.

An orchard was businessman Ronnie Tanís sweet dream. "Now, the plot is overrun with weeds and creepers, and a haven for wild animals."

Valentine Siva, 66, said: "Some of us are still paying off our bank loans, but instead of us staying here, itís the wild animals who do. Itís now a natural zoo."

Thomas Thong said: "My father bought five houses here but never enjoyed the fruits of his investment till the day he died."

Some residents have been slapped with a six-year lump sum maintenance bill, which they refuse to pay.

"We have to cope with the animals and throw away our own rubbish," said lecturer Salleh Daim, 42. "They are asking for maintenance fees, but where is the maintenance?"

An official of the developer said only the directors could comment. However, attempts to reach them failed.


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