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Measures to be taken to prevent landslip

07/12/2009 The Star

PETALING JAYA: Several immediate recommendations were given in the Bukit Antarabangsa Final Landslide Investigation Report to prevent a similar incident from occurring.

It called for the undersized and damaged drains within the entire Bukit Antarabangsa area to be repaired and upgraded.

This included “installing subsoil drains at areas where water seepage and high ground water tables are located,” it said.

The report also called for all water pipes next to the slopes to be exposed under the Immediate Recommend-ations section.

“All the water and sewer utilities on slopes shall be inspected periodically for leakage and damage, as early warning system at high risk areas” it said.

The report, compiled by a 17-member investigation committee led by the Public Works Department, also urged for detailed inspection and assessment of slopes with signs of distress.

“Areas with prolonged soil creep (slow movement of soil) must be regularly inspected and preventive works must be immediately undertaken,” it said.

Any hillside development must also follow strict development guidelines by the local authorities, said the report.


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