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Clear up rules regarding housing
07/12/2009 The Star


IT’S high time the Housing Ministry looked into ways and means of improving the way housing estates are established, types of housing designs, the rules governing their existence, whether they are gated or guarded, and the way houses or units are sold.

To begin with, in most cases housing estates are badly planned. This is evident when several developers develop housing projects next to one another.

Turning a housing estate into a “guarded” or “gated” area becomes a nightmare due to the fact that road planning, not to mention road numbering, ends up becoming a mess.

Definition of what “guarded” means at times sounds ridiculous. A housing estate can set up a guarded estate but it cannot put up a perimeter fence. It cannot put up a checkpoint bar across the road. In short it cannot stop anyone from entering because the roads are public roads. How ridiculous!

In the case of “gated” housing, the whole responsibility of maintenance belongs to the residents or developer.

All these years nothing really much has been done to improve housing design, parking space and even roads to accommodate school buses in housing estates.

The time has indeed arrived to move into the 21st century with a better mindset towards a healthier lifestyle.

Batu Caves, Selangor.


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