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Padawan Municipal Council Welcomes Bill


THE Padawan Municipal Council welcomes the Housing Developers (Control and Licensing) (Amendment) Bill, 2009, says its Chairman and Batu Kawah Assemblyman, Tan Joo Phoi.

Participating in a debate on the Bill at the State Legislative Assembly yesterday, Tan said the Bill would empower the Ministry of Housing to establish a Tribunal for house purchasers to make claims.

“There were many cases of purchasers making complaints that the developers had not done a good job. Although the councils has control over the issuance of Occupation Permit (OP), often these defects only occurred after the (OP) issuance. The council is therefore handicapped when dealing with these complaints.

“With the amendment, the council would be able to seek further assistance from the Ministry of Housing,” he said.

Tan also disclosed that there were a few housing projects abandoned by irresponsible developers – one at Jalan Tengah in Matang, another at Jalan Tapang, and one off Jalan Batu Kawa. No OP were issued, and in some cases, OPs were granted after the purchasers themselves have taken up the uncompleted works themselves.

“The council received many complaints from the purchasers but managed to resolve some of the problems at the abandoned projects, and issued Ops to some of them while reserving the rights to seek recourse against the developers.

“Who shall the purchasers seek assistance from in cases where the developer defaulted in delivering the completed houses to them? Who should be blamed and held responsible?” he asked.

With reference to the Bill, Tan said under Clause 17I.(3) which states “...a claim shall be filed at any time not later than 12 months from the date of the issuance of the OP...”, but as stated earlier in some cases, the developers never applied for any OP and the council couldn’t issue OP because of non-compliances with the Building Ordinance.

He also asked of the role the council could play to complement the Bill.

“Can the council file claims against a developer who fails to complete the housing project or make good any defects requested by the council? Very often, the house purchaser requests for assistance from the council in dealing with the developer. The Bill does not mention how the council can assist. The council’s role mentioned in the Bill is only with regards to the issuance of OPs,” he said.


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