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Proper training needed for watchmen
 13/10/2009 The Star

SECURITY guard trainer C. Regunathan is concerned that the lack of proper training is putting the lives of security guards at risk.

The retired army officer also pointed out that the guards are not well equipped.

“They have batons, whistle and torch- lights, but what do they do with these in case of emergency?” Regunathan said.

He stressed that walkie-talkies and pepper sprays were essential in their duties but sadly, most security companies were not willing to spend.

With fellow trainer Mej (Rtd) Abas Hassan, Regunathan said they had been training more than 400 students for an examination conducted by the Singapore authority to work as guards around the world.

Among the topics covered in the training are how to provide guarding or patrolling duties, handling security incidents and services, handling phone calls, fire-related incidents, medical- related incidents and bomb threat related.

“In Malaysia, training is only provided for two or three days, but our intensive training covers 10 to 15 days,” Regunathan said.

The difference affects the quality of the security guards.

He gave an example. “If a man puts up a stern face and tells the guard off, ‘Don’t you know who I am?’, a guard here will most probably apologise profusely and let him in.

“But in fact, no matter who the visitor is, proper registration is needed,” Regunathan said.

He also noticed the difference in the treatment received by guards in Singapore and those working in Malaysia.

“In Johor Baru, a security guard is paid RM700 per month for working 12 hours a day, for seven days a week.

“But in Singapore, a guard will get $1,200 (RM2,924) a month for a six-day week job,” he said.

The low pay is also the reason why ex-policemen or army officers, although equipped with expertise, decline to work as security guards in Malaysia.

Regunathan advised the security companies to provide better pay to their guards.

“Once they feel appreciated, they will work even harder,” he said.

Regunathan said he was ready to share his knowledge with the residents associations of gated and guarded communities.


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