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Improve our quality of life, residents urge MPKj
06/08/2009 The Star

THE Taman Cheras Permai flats in Selangor have been showing signs of neglect for years but with the timely intervention of the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj), the situation can be improved.

Newly appointed councillor for Zone 2, Eddie Tan, said he will follow-up on the flat dwellers’ complaints regarding the broken roof, uncollected rubbish, poor lighting and lack of security within the three blocks of four-storey flats.

Signs of neglect: The Taman Cheras Permai flats in Selangor.

“The councillor before me, Carmen Leong, submitted their complaints to MPKj on May 24 and soon after, a gotong royong was initiated. We are also asking the flat dwellers to cooperate by keeping the surroundings clean,” he added.

They cannot channel their complaints to a management company as no maintenance fees have been collected since the flats were built. No effort has been initiated to form a joint management body (JMB).

According to Tan, the flat dwellers paid a private contractor RM4 monthly per each household for rubbish collection but the services were constantly below par.

“The rubbish chute is constantly overflowing and the flats are dirty. The blocks are in dire need of a paint job and the roof tiles that have been blown away need to be replaced,” he added.

Flat dweller Tan Kuai Gek, 59, said she hoped MPKj will step in to resolve the problems in the area soon.

“We have a large community here and are seeking to improve our quality of life.

“The overflowing rubbish is a constant health hazard and the leaking roof has not been repaired in years,” she added.

To protect themselves from harm, flat owners on several floors have taken measures to instal grill gates with padlocks along public pathways. This has irked some tenants who want unhindered right of way.

Tan said a committee formed by flat owners would help resolve some of the issues.


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