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No new home but yet saddled with bank loan
08/07/09 NST

A HOUSEWIFE living in the Skudai Kiri squatter settlement in Johor Baru is calling on the authorities to take action against the developer of Taman Baiduri for failing to complete a housing development project.

Simi Tubar, 47 said her family's hope of moving into a better home has been dashed.

"We still have to service the bank loans we took for purchasing the house even though the developer has not completed the project."

Simi said the developer had recently ceased operations.

She said her family is now in a bind after they received a notification from the bank to start paying the monthly instalment of RM400.

"I do not know what to do since the bank insisted that we pay even after I gave them a copy of a letter from the state secretary's office which stated that the project has been classified as being temporarily abandoned."

The mother of four also said her family is worried over news reports that the squatter settlement where they are staying will soon be demolished to make way for a project under Iskandar Malaysia.

"We are not sure where to go if we are asked to move out.

"This place is not a comfortable place but it is all that we have," she said.


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