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Homeowners want CF issue resolved

22/07/09 The Star Story and photo by CHARLES FERNANDEZ

DESPITE their houses not being issued with the Certificate of Fitness (CF), 140 former Killinghall tin mine workers still moved into their units in Taman Putra Puchong since they were left with no choice.

They had to wait for 12 years for the houses to be completed and were finally given the keys three years ago.

However, they were met with further disappointments when they discovered there were no basic amenities such as water and electricity supply in the houses.

After much running around, they were able to get the water and electricity connection, but they still had to do their own electrical fittings and pipe connections to their respective houses.

But the biggest problem for the owners now is the CF.

According to two of the homeowners, Kannan Chandran, 69, and Abu Bakar Rajoo, the sales and purchase agreement were signed in 1996 after being promised the low-cost houses in 1986.

No occupants: (from left) Kannan, Rajoo and Subramaniam looking at some of the vacant low-cost units in Taman Putra Puchong.

Kannan said the developer appointed by the state did not apply for the CF since some of the requirements were not met.

He claimed he had been running around for the past three years trying to sort out the CF issue but to no avail.

He found himself being directed to various departments but with no solution in sight.

“Most of us were just ordinary tin mine workers and we thought our dream of owning our own homes would finally come true.

“Little did we know that it would be fraught with much problems,” said Kannan, who is also the residents committee vice-chairman.

“We have yet to see any basic services being provided in the area by the Sepang Municipal Council.

“There are no proper road signboards and addresses to the homes,’’ said Kannan.

The houses were priced at RM25,000 but the buyers topped it with another RM13,000, hoping the houses would come with better fittings.

“Many of the buyers are disappointed and some even had put up their units for sale.

“At the moment only 30% of the houses are occupied by the original buyers,’’ said Kannan, adding that some of the buyers had even started renovating their homes.

Kannan brought up the matter with MIC National Youth Social and Welfare Bureau chairman S. Subramaniam recently.

Subramaniam said the relevant authorities must do their part in expediting the CF application process.

He also added that it was a government policy for houses to be built for displaced estate and mine workers whenever mines and estates were taken over for development.

When contacted, Sepang Council Building Planning Unit head Zamsuri Ramli said since the old developer was no longer involved in the project, the onus is on the house-buyers to appoint a new contractor.

“It involves drawing up new legal terms.

“The new developer could then apply for the CF after meeting all requirements with the Rescue and Fire Services Department (Bomba) and the Indah Water Konsortium (IWK).

As for the renovation work carried out by the residents, Zamsuri said they could do it as long as they have sought the approval from the council.


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