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Apartment owners want developer to form a JMB soon
29/07/09 The Star By CHRISTINA LOW

RESIDENTS of D’aman Crimson apartments in Petaling Jaya held a small protest over the weekend to voice their displeasure over the delay of forming the Joint Management Body (JMB) by the developer.

“We are unhappy that the authorities had not taken any action on the developer who had been postponing the JMB meeting since October last year,” said D’aman Crimson Owners Association chairman Tan Pooi Joo.

Tan added that the developer had been given enough time and reminders by the Commissioner of Buildings (COB) to convene the meeting and but they failed to comply to the deadline set on June 28.

In the letter from COB to the developer, it was stated that if the deadline was not met, then the developer could be fined or jailed in accordance to the sub-section 5(1) Building and Common Property (maintenance and management) 2007 Act 663.

“We felt that the owners should be given the permission to convene the second AGM with immediate effect without further delay,” said Tan who chaired the protest last weekend.

The apartment in Ara Jaya, Petaling Jaya, has 1,068 residential and 70 commercial units.

Another resident Lim Yong Hua said they felt that the residents would be heading nowhere if the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) did not take any action against the developer.

All Petaling Jaya Residents Association Coalition (Apac) chairman Liew Wei Beng, who was also present, suggested that the residents should not pay their assessment if no action was taken by the council.

“It is the duty of the MBPJ to ensure that the JMB is formed. The residents should not pay their assessment until the problem is solved,” said Liew.

He added that they would wait till the end of August before taking any action following Selangor’s housing, building and squatters committee chairman Iskandar Abdul Samad directive in May that the state government would give the developer three months to form the JMB.

“If the developer failed to do so, they could face an immediate fine of RM20,000,” Liew said.

When contacted, the developer Crimson Commercial Park Sdn Bhd said they had nothing to hide from the residents.

Its building manager, Yong Kwai Fatt Yong, said the company was in its final stages of receiving the strata title from the Land Office, hence holding a JMB meeting would make no sense.

“We will be getting the strata title any time, maybe in a matter of days, and having a JMB will be useless as it will have to be dissolved to form a Management Corporation once the title is issued to us.

“If the residents are unhappy and want to see our accounts, they can come to our office,” said Yong, adding that they had explained the delay to the council.



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