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Sarawak Land And Survey Dept To Blacklist Errant Developers

30/06/2009 Bernama

KUCHING, June 30 (Bernama) -- The Sarawak Land and Survey Department will blacklist errant property developers upon receiving complaints from residential and commercial property buyers for non-issuance of titles to their houses or property.

Its assistant director of Planning Laping Jawa said the department was concerned about their plight as they had no titles to their homes or property despite having occupied completed housing estates.

"One of the main reasons is that the developers fail to pay the required premium and execute the memorandum of surrender and alienation to enable the department to issue subdivided titles," he said here Tuesday during a meet-the-media session which was also attended by Land and Survey director Datuk Sudarsono Osman.

The department has listed 5,298 subdivided lots that have yet to be issued with titles out of 156 completed development projects, including 57 in Kuching and 34 in Miri, with a total outstanding of RM23,327,553 in premium, annual rent and title fee.

Laping advised potential house buyers in Sarawak to check the track record of property developers with the department, which was often unfairly blamed for problems, before investing on any property.

As financial institutions at present would release all the money to the developer once the occupation permit was issued by the local council, he said, one way to resolve the problem was to make sure the sale and purchase agreement was tied up to the issue of title.

Earlier, Sudarsono said he was aware of the importance of the media's role in making the department's work easier, otherwise it could be complicated as shown by recent controversial cases involving land matters, which had put it in bad light.

He said land was a very sensitive issue that was close to the people's hearts and negative comments by certan quarters had raised unduly concerns among the public due to sensationalisation and exaggeration, including the purported eviction of 10,000 villagers in Bekenu, Miri last year.

On maintaining close cooperation with the media here, he said, the department would provide the media access to information so as to give a better understanding of its role and functions as a land administrative and management organisation under the state Resource Planning and Management Ministry.

Under the current Malaysia Plan, the department had between 2006 and 2008, recorded land acquisition costs amounting to RM435,701,337 involving 10,577 lots and 391 projects with a total area of 7,523 hectares compared to RM785,720,295 for 32,810 lots and 766 projects involving 231,571 hectares under the Eighth Malaysia Plan.



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