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Constant drip outside her condo
03/06/2009 The Malay Mail REENA RAJ FRANCIS C. NANTHA

UMI is tired of complaining to the management at Sri Suajaya condominiums about the pipe leakage outside her unit.

She claims that the water leaking from an overhead pipe throughout the day is causing the place to look messy and the walls to show signs of mould and rot.

Despite many complaints to the management, UMI claims that no action has been taken to fix the problem.

"I am paying my maintenance fees and this is really very disappointing. The outside of my house is always looking messy because of the leaking water."

A SPOKESMAN for the Sri Suajaya Condominium management office says the particular pipe mentioned by the complainant was recently changed.

But, while one problem had been solved, another leak had sprung at the connection point of two connecting pipes.

"We are aware of the problem and we have sent our contractors to look into the matter. We seek the cooperation of residents and would like them to be patient for us to fix the problem," he said.

He added that the earlier problem regarding the pipe was solved and the current leakage at the pipe joints is a much smaller issue.


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