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Buyers upset over delayed project
20/06/2009 The Star By MANJIT KAUR

SOME 50 house buyers of a housing and commercial project in Taman Seri Sayang in Balik Pulau, Penang, are crying foul over a six-year delay in the completion of the project.

Their spokesperson Tan Chong Kim said the project started in 2000 was supposed to be completed in 36 months but until today, it had yet to be completed.

Tan claimed the developer promised to deliver their homes each time they raised the issue.

Long wait for homes: Buyers showing documents to Ng at the housing project.

“Each time we complained, the developer would send his workers to carry out construction works and he kept telling us that the project was 80% completed.

“However, work would stop shortly on the excuse that it could not continued because there were problems that needed to be sorted out with the local authorities and so on,’’ he told reporters at the site recently.

The buyers have complained to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s political secretary Ng Wei Aik.

The project located at Jalan Genting comprises of one medium-cost apartment block that has 38 units, 14 double-storey shoplots, 11 double-storey terrace houses and eight double-storey link houses.

The property costs between RM94,500 and RM275,000 each.

There were no construction workers when the residents and Ng inspected the place recently. The housing estate was also overgrown with grass.

Tan said the developer, in their first letter to the buyers, promised to complete the project by May 2007.

He said the developers issued another letter on July 25, 2007,saying that the project would take three more months to be completed.

“All these were just mere empty promises. We are really fed up with the delay as we have to service the bank interest between RM600 and RM800 monthly since 2001.

“We will claim interest for late delivery on a day to day basis from the developer,’’ he said.

Ng said he spoke to the developer two weeks ago who promised to complete the project by end of September.

“He told me that once the project was completed, it would take three more months to obtain the occupancy certificate (OC) and everything should be in place by year- end,” Ng said.

Januari Properties Sdn Bhd director Tham Soon Seong said he was aware of the delay and promised to complete the project within the next three to six months.

“The project is nearing completion,’’ he said.


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