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Waive supplementary pact, tribunal tells developer
27/04/2009 The Star

KLUANG: A Consumer Claims Tribunal here ordered a developer to waive a supplementary agreement signed by a couple to buy RM19,867 worth of furniture as part of the RM116,000 price for their double-storey house.

Salesman Yue Ah Peng, 53, told tribunal president Rahazlan Affandi Abdul Rahim that they were told to sign the supplementary agreement or lose their deposit of RM2,200.

He said they learnt the house price covered the furniture as well only when they signed the sales and purchase agreement on Jan 11, 2006.

Yue said, since they did not want the furniture and had made full payment for the house, they should be given the keys to the house that was completed in December 2007.

Rahazlan told the couple that, once a contract was signed, it proved the buyer acknowledged and understood what he signed for.

He said Yue had signed every page of the contract, which meant that he should be bound by the contract.

However, Rahazlan suggested that the developer waive the supplementary agreement, and the company agreed to do so.

Rahazlan then ordered that the supplementary agreement be immediately cancelled and instructed the developer not to seek any further payments from Yue.

He also ordered that the keys to the house be given to the couple within a week.

Meanwhile, a case involving runaway maids was also heard at the tribunal, with Rahazlan informing the claimants that they could reclaim the advance salary paid the maid agencies only after deducting the cost for the number of days the maids had worked for them.


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