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Scheme plagued with many problems'
02/04/2009 NST

Arutchelvam Kumaran says the stench from the farm is unbearable

KUALA SELANGOR: The lack of security is not the only issue the residents of Saujana Utama have to contend with. The scheme is plagued with many other problems as well.

The residents claimed that the stench from a farm is unbearable and there are also hordes of flies because of it.

"The farm is metres away from my home and every morning we have to put up with the foul stench and the flies," said Arutchelvam Kumaran, a resident of Saujana Utama 3.

The farm beneath the high tension cables has been there for at least 30 years. A check with Tenaga Nasional Bhd revealed that although the farm was under the cables adjacent to Saujana Utama, it was on private land.

Residents also complained about the deplorable conditions of the roads, street lighting and general maintenance of the "exclusive" development project.

Resident Gary S. Shaw said the roads were riddled with potholes, which had led to accidents.

"We paid premium prices for our homes and for promises that never materialised. There is also a problem with the street lights. Many do not work, adding to the security risk."

He said they had forwarded their complaints to the Kuala Selangor Municipal Council (MDKS) but little was done.

A council spokesman said the council could not take over the management of the roads as the developer had not met its maintenance guidelines.

"Privately owned roads in housing projects need to be properly maintained and equipped with the necessary fixtures, such as street lighting, before the council can take over.

"We have told the developer to repair the roads and we have also instructed many of the owners to maintain their lots," he said.

Saravana Kumar said the overgrown weeds had led to clogged drains which were breeding grounds for aedes mosquitoes.

He claimed there were electrical cables running haphazardly from unsecured TNB junction boxes near his home.

Shaw noted that MDKS had improved its rubbish collection and grass cutting services but nothing had been done about the other complaints.

"Because of the problems, the property value here has dropped by 45 per cent over the years. The owners will incur huge losses if they were to sell, provided they can find a buyer in today's market."


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