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Promised posh living in Pantai Sepang Putra a farce
13/04/2009 NST Streets mail: By M.I.K, Shah Alam

WITH reference to your report "Lake of horror" (Streets, March 25), I am also one of the retirees who bought a small single-storey bungalow fronting a man-made lake at Pantai Sepang Putra in Sg Pelek, Sepang. There are five such lakes in this huge housing estates developed by a prominent real estate developer.

The marketing publicity and strategy by the developer at property fairs, in advertisements and in the website was convincing. Buyers were promised quality properties fronting pristine lakes surrounded by lush greenery. City dwellers, in particular public and corporate sector executives, were assured of a serene, comfortable and affordable retreat just an hour's drive away from the pressures of city life.

The retirees were convinced that this was the haven for them to enjoy the rest of their lives as the Bagan Lallang beach is just a 10-minute drive from the housing estate. The buyers, young and old, were not gullible. They placed their trust on the name of the company which was a renowned one.

Today, the area reeks of the stench from the sewage due to the poorly planned sewage system. Buyers are trying hard to sell off their properties. The unoccupied houses are now surrounded by overgrown vegetation, an open invitation to snakes and rats.

Security has also become another issue. The silence of the developer to the hundreds of complaints from the residents, particularly about the non-functioning sewage system, is deafening.

The member of parliament for Sepang should take the developer to task.


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