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Ministry guidelines for improved Alam Flora services
16/04/2009 NST

There have been many complaints about Alam Flora’s services, including the stench of the liquid leaking from its garbage trucks.

KUALA LUMPUR: City folk can now look forward to better garbage collection services as Alam Flora has been placed under the jurisdiction of the Housing and Local Government Ministry.

This move was announced yesterday by Mayor Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail at the weekly meet-the-press session at City Hall.

He said the ministry was in the midst of preparing a set of guidelines for Alam Flora's contractors.

"There have been numerous complaints from the public about Alam Flora's services, including lack of garbage collection, clogged drains and the stench of the liquid which leaks from the garbage trucks.

"We have had a discussion with the ministry and they have decided to take over and look at the overall operations of Alam Flora," he said.

Nadzri Yahaya, director of the Housing and Local Government Ministry's Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Corporation, said the Attorney-General's Chambers was studying the guidelines.

"The AG's office should be releasing the regulations in June. If approved, all Alam Flora contractors will have to follow the regulations. Those who failed to abide by the regulations will be fined," he said.

Nadzri said once the regulations were approved, the ministry would be signing a concession agreement with Alam Flora for 22 years. -- By Noel Achariam


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