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City Hall stops Palm Court AGM
24/04/2009 The Malay Mail By Kharleez Zubin

THE ongoing Palm Court condominium joint management body (JMB) saga has taken yet another twist — with City Hall also weighing in.

Plans by the current JMB to hold an annual general meeting this Sunday to get residents’ endorsement for another term in office has been stopped.

City Hall’s Building Commission has ordered the JMB to postpone the AGM indefinitely.

The notice cancelling the AGM was dated April 17. It was signed by Che Azhar Che Abdullah of City Hall’s Department of Valuation and Property Management.

Residents and owners were elated by the news. M. Sakti Desan, 58, who has been opposing several drastic changes by the JMB since it took over early last year, said:

“I’m glad City Hall has intervened to stop them.

” The JMB has come under fire from both residents and the authorities for trying to curtail the freedom of access for residents and the public.

Apart from the closing of the main entrance, residents were unhappy with the access pass rules and harassment of expatriates living there.

Eventually, the main gate was opened after residents protested and ministers intervened.

Residents’ ad hoc Action Committee chairman R. J. Rajendra said the JMB was supposed to be a professional body.

“But it acts unprofessionally.

It has tried to tarnish the reputation of committee members and has branded us as troublemakers.

He said the JMB had said repeatedly that it was a legitimate body and if residents were unhappy, they could throw them out when the next election was held.

“Now, when their time is up and it is time for an election, they want an AGM without the election. How ridiculous can they get?”


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