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MPAJ to reassess use of Bahasa Malaysia for names of housing projects
28/03/2009 The Star By Fazleena Aziz

THE Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) is reassessing the use of Bahasa Malaysia fully for the naming of new housing projects.

At the recent full board meeting, the councillors pointed out that the use of the Bahasa Malaysia fully was not feasible as some developers tend to incorporate their names into the project.

MPAJ president Datuk Mohammad Yacob also said the names of new residential areas would incorporate its zone.

“We have five zones under the MPAJ and new residential areas will follow the respective zones.

“We cannot change the old residential areas but from now on, we will be able to tell which zone they are under,” he said.

It was also mentioned at the meeting that the number of dengue cases has risen from 28 (week 10) to 40 (week 11) .

Taman Dagang Jaya has been identified as one of the hotspots.

Mohammad said there were nine areas under the MPAJ with reported dengue cases.

“We will be carrying out the Communication for Behavioural Impact (COMBI) campaign in all the areas,” he said.

“We will also be sending our reports to the Health Ministry,” he said adding that the school holidays could have been a factor for the increase in the number of cases.

When asked about the development near Taman Kelab Ukay, Mohammad said they had agreed to the residents’ objection.

“We have rejected the developer’s application as there were some inconsistencies in it. But they have sent in an appeal which has been brought to the board. Now, it is up to the board to make the final decision,” he said.

On the issue of a foreign school located at a residential area (Taman Ampang Utama), Mohammad said they would be allowed to operate until September considering the school period.

“The girls’ school will be relocated to Bukit Jalil while the boys will be housed near the International School of KL in Ampang.

“As for the kindergarten in the area, they will be relocated to their old premises on Lot 508,” he said.

During the meeting, it was mentioned that a new audit action committee would be set up by May with five councillors on board.

The MPAJ will also be receiving RM5.6mil for road upgrading purposes from the state government under the Malaysia Roads Record Information System.

The money will be used to upgrade the main roads under the MPAJ jurisdiction.


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