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Homeowners shocked to find houses not issued with CFs

09/03/2009 The Star

BENTONG: Some 24 home owners here had discovered that they have yet to receive their Certificate of Fitness (CFs) from the local authority.

They were also shocked to find that the houses have no electricity and water.

What seems to be a completed housing unit, according to one of the buyers, were defects such as cracks on the floor and walls.

Buyer Aziz Othman, 39, said, he was given the key for his house and found that his unit was not fully completed and according to his purchase agreement, he was supposed to have moved into the house two years ago.

“I have been paying the bank but I am not able to move in,” he said.

Aziz added that when he was given the key for his home, he was told that the key was for him to check on the condition of the house and if there were any defects, he could complain and the developer would fix it.

Last Wednesday, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator T. Murugiah paid a visit to the housing area after receiving complaints from the buyers.

Murugiah, who heads the Public Complaints Bureau, said the local authority was right in not issuing the CFs since he found the conditions of the flats to be unsatisfactory.

“The units in this flat were completed in 2007. However, the CFs could not be issued because the building was not built according to its specification,” he said.

Murugiah said it was unfortunate that the buyers were not able to reside there even though they have already started servicing their loans.

The units, he added, were priced between RM56,000 and RM63,000 each.

He said he would be having a meeting with the developer, buyers and the local authority on March 19 to look into the issue.

“This matter must be resolved immediately,” he said.


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