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Dispute over roads to condominium
26/03/2009 The Star By Tan Karr Wei

RESIDENTS of several areas in Petaling Jaya are involved in a hot dispute over the placement of access roads to a condominium near their homes.

The residents from SS1 and Section 22 had in February registered their protest against the proposed entrance/exit at Jalan SS1/25.

And now, residents from SS1/26 are unhappy that the entrance has been moved to their side of the neighbourhood.

According to resident Tu Ah Kim, they were not consulted when the entrance was moved to Jalan SS1/26.

Busy road: SS1/26 residents say that the road is already congested because of traffic going to and from the Taman Paramount LRT station and using the road as an access to the Paramount View Condominium would worsen the congestion

“It’s not fair to us because our road is already very busy, especially during the peak hours,” he said.

Tu and about 30 other residents had a meeting with Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua and Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San to discuss the matter.

Retired police officer Emily Koshy, 75, said that her house was right next to the proposed access road leading onto SS1/26 and it would be a nightmare for her to get in and out of her house.

“Even now, there are many cars coming in and out of the Taman Paramount LRT station and people also use it as a short-cut to go to and from SS1. I can’t even get out of my house whenever there is a queue of cars,” she said.

Another concern that residents have is that the access road connecting to SS1/26 has to be built on Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) reserve land which has some high-tension cables.

According to several TNB officers present to inspect the site, no approval has been given for the access road to be built on the reserve land.

Datuk Dr Wong Sai Hou, adviser of the Unified Coalition of Residents (Ucor) Petaling Jaya, said that it was unbelievable that the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) could approve a 12.2m two-lane road to be constructed across the TNB reserve land, ploughing through a nursery, parallel to an Indah Water (IWK) plant and joining up with Jalan SS1/26 that is only 7.3m wide.

“Should the new link from the condo to Jalan SS1/26 be allowed, then the queue time backwards to Jalan SS1/36, SS1/25 and SS/18 would be tremendous. The traffic at Sea Park will similarly be affected,” the former Kampung Tunku assemblyman and ex-MBPJ councillor said.

“The drains along Jalan SS1/26 are not uniformly aligned and some portions of the road is narrowed by the drain curbs. The run-off time for rainwater must be calculated as the volume of traffic using Jalan SS1/26, Jalan 21/35 and Jalan 21/27 will be greatly increased and flash flood may become and issue,” Wong said.

He said the original plan of connecting the missing link be­­tween the 12.2m wide Jalan SS1/39 and Jalan 21/1 should be revived.

“The connection was planned in the 1980s but deferred because of financial constraints, the presence of squatters and, later, the conversion of a portion of the land into a carpark,” he said.

Lau, meanwhile, said that the proposed access via SS1/39 would not be a permanent solution but the congestion could be eased by opening up the various proposed access roads.

He said the residents from the affected areas should meet and come up with a viable proposal acceptable by all of them.

A spokesman from Sri Aman Development Sdn Bhd told StarMetro that the company had started to build the missing link between SS1/39 and Jalan 21/1, near the Taman Paramount LRT station, but the MBPJ ordered it to stop work after the residents objected to it.

“The company had spent RM150,000 on the project,” he said.

He said the MBPJ had since given the approval to start constructing the access road on the TNB reserve land.

“We will build both access roads from Jalan SS1/26 and SS1/25 and leave it up to the local authority to decide on the traffic flow as it is beyond our scope as a developer.” the company said.


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