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BUYING HOMES: Clear stalled projects
11/03/2009 NST CHANG SZE MAY, Shah Alam

It is good to note that in the midst of the economic downturn, the government is putting effort into economic development. However, I am not sure the government is going about it the right way.

What I find strange is that while the (substantial) problem of stalled housing projects remains unsolved, the government is encouraging construction of more new homes.

My mother bought an Andorra apartment at Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam in 2002, and the agreement with the developer was that the project would be completed in three years. The project is now stalled.

I wrote to the Housing and Local Government Ministry several times, only to get a vague answer that "something" would be done to solve the problem. Yet, after half a year, I see no improvement.

Meanwhile, I am contacting the developer almost every day. The same clerk who answers my call would tell me to wait and be patient. Years have passed, and we are still waiting.

My mother is getting old. She can hardly make ends meet nowadays, and with the costly housing loan and interest and rental payments, the problem seems endless.

I wish that the government or other related parties could do something with these stalled projects instead of focusing on their recent policy of building and selling new houses. Abandoned housing projects cause economic loss as well as environmental pollution.


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