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Building site posing a health hazard

25/03/2009 The Star By Adrian Phung

IMPROPER sewage management at the One Menerung Apartment construction site in Jalan Damansara has resulted in an unhealthy environment for the residents in the area.

Some of the residents said they had made numerous complaints to the authorities on the problem they had been facing for the past six months ago but nothing had been done.

Dr Steven Chow, who has been living there for more than 20 years, said there should be a proper sewage management system at the site as most of the construction workers were staying there.

“But, since there isn’t any proper system, the sewage ends up flowing on to the road, resulting in a stench and leaving pools of water, making the place a breeding ground for mosquitoes,” he added.

“They can’t have the sewage flowing on to the road just like that.

“They should have a proper sewage system, or, at least, do something to improve the current situation,” he said.

He added that to make the situation worse, the noise from the site had left the residents unable to have proper rest.

Chow said construction work was carried out even on weekends.

Another resident, Datin Paridah Mohd Nor, said she was afraid to open her windows because of the stench and mosquitoes.

She hoped the authorities would act quickly as some of the residents in the neighbourhood had been infected by dengue due to the mosquito menace.


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