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Abandoned project poses risks
31/03/09 THE STAR Story and photo by STUART MICHAEL

AN abandoned apartment project along the main road in Section 20, Shah Alam, is turning into a haunt for drug addicts and an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, in addition to being an eyesore in the otherwise clean and pleasant state capital.

Nearby residents and motorists travelling along Persiaran Jubli Perak feel that the authorities must do something to rejuvenate the project or at least clean up the unsightly condition and place guards there to stop the drug activities.

Work on the Sri Puteri apartments began in September 2003 but was abandoned just two years later. There is a show house unit at the project site but there is no one manning it.

Left to rot: The unfinished apartment block in Section 20 in Shah Alam.

The irony is that just about 50m from the abandoned Sri Puteri pro­ject site, work on another pro­ject is taking place, with the external structure rapidly taking shape.

StarMetro visited the Sri Puteri site and found the car park at the abandoned building filled with water, obviously accumulated rain water over the years, with fish swimming in it.

Although there was no visible sign of aedes mosquitoes breeding at the place, the mere sight of the abandoned building gives the creeps with stagnant rain water almost everywhere in and around the building.

Water has filled up the multi-level basement car park reaching up to the ground-floor level.

Hence, the unguarded project site poses a danger to children who venture into the area to play or even adults going there to catch fish as they could fall into the pool of dirty water, which is believed to be six metres deep at certain points.

If someone falls into the water in the building, no one could possibly hear the cries for help as the nearest residential area is nearly 100m away. One wrong step could get the person into a six-metre deep water.

This abandoned building is also attracting drug addicts and is an almost perfect hideout for criminals.

Several wooden houses at the Sri Puteri project site that used to house foreign workers are now left to rot.

According to the Health Ministry, the PKNS flats in Section 20 are among the 54 hotspots for dengue cases in Selangor and the Sri Puteri abandoned project is located just 200m away.

When contacted, Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) public relations officer Shahrin Ahmad said the state government and the MBSA felt sorry for the apartment buyers and would like to revive the project.

“We had numerous meetings with the developer but due to the high cost of material and financial constraints, the developer is unable to continue with the project,” Shahrin said.

“We are looking for new contractors to help revive the project. The Sri Puteri project comprises shoplots and apartments.

“I believe the project would be revived if we get the right contractors,’’ he said.

Shah Alam Zone 9 community welfare bureau chairman M. Ghanasegaran suggested that the MBSA turn the abandoned complex into a government hospital or a transport terminal.

According to Ghanasegaran, Shah Alam has a population of nearly 200,000 but there is only one government clinic in Section 7.

The nearest government hospital for Shah Alam residents is the Tunku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang, a 45-minute drive when there is no traffic jam.

And, it is usually those who are in the lower-income group and have no cars who seek treatment at government hospitals.

They have to travel to Klang for treatment either by public transport, which is unpredictable, or by taxis, which is costly.

Ghanasegaran said another proposal was to turn the abandoned complex into the city’s transport hub.

“So far, Shah Alam does not have a proper bus terminal or station. It is ridiculous for such a huge city with a huge population not to have a proper bus terminal,’’ he said.

Taman Sri Muda resident Pang Chew Kiat, 56, said the abandoned project was located at a strategic location and was ideal for a government hospital or a transport terminal.

“With a bus terminal set up there, residents throughout Shah Alam need not worry about irregu­lar bus services any more,’’ he said.


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