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’We are not paying you to pass the buck’
23/02/2009 NST By W. L. J., Vista Angkasa, Kuala Lumpur

ON Dec 3, 2008, the telephone cables at three residential blocks of Vista Angkasa were cut and stolen from their respective cable rooms in the middle of the night.

Because of this unfortunate incident, the telephone lines of the affected buildings went dead. Residents of the affected buildings could neither use the phones nor connect to the Internet. After lodging a report with the TMNet Customer Service, we were told that the phone lines would be replaced within three weeks.

By Jan 1, the phone lines were still not replaced.

A call was made to the TMNet Customer Service. This time, we were told that TMNet was in the midst of discussion between DBKL and the new management of Vista Angkasa on who should pay for the new cables. Wewere informed that this issuewould be resolved by the end of January.

The blame game was very well played. The new management of Vista Angkasa stated that the Kuala Lumpur City Hall had the responsibility of footing the bill since the incident happened before they took over on Jan 1. “Where arewe going to get the profit ifwe replace your cables?“one of the managers retorted.

TMNet stated that the cable theft happened in the premises of Vista Angkasa, a residential area, and so it should be the responsibility of the Vista Angkasa management. As for City Hall, nothing has been heard from them since the theft occured.

It has now been two-and-a-half months since this unfortunate incident, and this issue is still unresolved.

Since TMNet is the sole service provider for land lines, we have no choice but to continue paying for the phone rentals and subscription to Streamyx and other services provided by TMNet. Why should we continue to pay when the telecommunication service has been disrupted for almost three months? When we requested to cancel our phone line subscription, TMNet personnel offered a rebate on our telephone bills since December 2008 with the condition that we continued paying until the cables have been replaced, and telecommunication services restored. How can TMNet offer such a ridiculous suggestion when its service to its customers are affected? They even had the nerve to suggest that we started using their latest technology of wireless telephone service if we wanted to continue enjoying undisrupted telecommunication services.

Although most of us have handphones these days, there are still some of us who rely on land lines to keep in touch with our friends and families.

So, TMNet, City Hall, and Vista Angkasa management, whoever is responsible, please remember that we, the residents of Vista Angkasa are your clients. We are paying tax to City Hall, maintenance fees to the Vista Angkasa management and telephone charges to TMNet. Please do not take us for fools or play the blame game as long as you can. Please, just replace the cables and let us get on with our lives.


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