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Syabas: Residents' duty to keep tanks clean
26/02/2009 NST

SUBANG JAYA: Syabas Corporate Communications and Public Affairs general manager Abdul Halem Mat Som said the company was not responsible for the maintenance of water tanks.

"We have advised the public and the Joint Management Body that it is their duty to keep their tanks clean. Our responsibility stops at the water meter," said Halem.

He explained that the situation at Serdang Perdana was due to sludge that had built up over the years in the water tank.

"In normal conditions, when a pipe bursts, we will cut the water supply and start work on the pipe. In the meantime, residents will continue to use the water in the tank and as there is no water supply, the water level in the tank will drop.

"When the water level drops, the sludge and sediment will collect at the base of the tank. When water supply is restored and the tank is filled up again, the sludge gets drained out and causes murky water to come out of the taps," he said.

However, Halem said that the murky water would usually last for only a few days.

"I believe that the water is still murky because the tank may not be full yet as the residents continue to use the water. If the tank is full, then maybe the water won't be so murky," he said.


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